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November Class Information

On to Class:

Friday we have the Advanced Class at my home in Little Falls ($60). This is where the Ascended Ones, the Light-beings, Star Creators and ancestors take us all on a wild and amazing journey into truth and transformation. Not always pretty, but definitely effective. We release the binding chains as a group, sort of like a mini-intensive. RSVP Mandatory. 7:30 PM Friday November 4th and Friday November 18th. Mark your Calendar.

And, another NEW offering teaching us how to be in the New Times:

Sunday, November 13th - 10 AM to 4:30 - Level I Awakener's Class:

I am VERY excited to finally introduce this amazing new experience

This is a NEW PROCESS- combination Intensive/Teachings/Training and Attunements (with completion certificate through The Science of Truth)

The Attunements provide essential upgrades to the awareness and energy bodies, allowing those who successfully receive these attunements to "awaken" others without effort.

The attunements also awaken and/or enhance one's natural intuitive and healing abilities, helping themselves and others move through crisis and awaken to a path of authentic healing. This provides a powerful opportunity to those who suffer and do not have spiritual history or any connections to authentic types of healing to awaken and understand their suffering. If you are on the path of deepening your own gifts, these attunements will help you find your place among those who are seeking. Additionally, the Guides will offer training for the group to assist in understanding and utilizing the Attunements.

If the Guides identify ego blocks in the group, these will be dealt with before any attunements will be given. So, expect some critical transformation to be done. Ego blocks come in many sizes, shapes and flavors so don't assume you don't have any. And could also include Survival Fears..... This process will be done PRIOR to attunements being given, so if you decide not to be willing, the attunements will be held back until further notice.

The advancement process within this Level I is greater than the old Intensives. WE WILL NOT be facilitating the old Intensive energy. This is why anyone coming in must be willing to trust the Guides' information and move forward rapidly. This is rapid transformation and advancement into the new.

The Fee for the Level I is $250. And, a check-in is required by the Guides. Just a simple yes or no from them. Please RSVP immediately if you wish to participate, we have limited space open. Payment can be made in advance with a credit card or cash/check the day of.

These types of events will be the new paradigm in these new times: Addressing all bodies at one time, on every level, with multitudes of energy languages. formulating a cutting edge process for authentic creation. You may also invite others to this event.

And, finally, the Web Series"

Beginning next Wednesday November 9th, we will reconnect with the Web Series. 9 PM ET...topics to come.

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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