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The 9th Wave Activation May 24 2017

Two Worlds - Lower and Higher Consciousness

According to the Mayan Calendar, we are approaching another unprecedented event on planet Earth. Although this reality check began in October of 2011, very few people noticed the subliminal changes taking place in their cellular structures.

The event carries planetary activation waves, leading to the 9th wave Activation of Unity Consciousness and ultimately Ascension into Heart Unity Consciousness. Most people will experience this event through left brain duality, meaning they are still unable to grasp the core elements associated with this event. Although not a singular event activation, the intensity depth will continue throughout the next few months with significant activators in June and August. The Event was seen as part of the "Epoch End Times" prophecies.

As you know, I have been preparing people for this Ascension and Rebirth process for over 2 decades. It is imperative we all recognize our body/mind consciousness if we want to free ourselves from fear based struggles, grief and pain in our lives. Not many people take seriously the variables involved in a rebirth or the uniqueness of an opportunity like this. A rebirth is NOT something common on Earth or for a Soul evolving into a new paradigm. This opportunity to raise and activate core vibrations of LOVE will not come again for a very long time. In fact, thousands of Earth years.

The May 24th Event is already here, and very few people are positioned in the higher vibrations to access this 9th wave activation. Although the Universe does not differentiate or judge and does make everything available to everyone, fear will keep separate one's life from authentic and unconditional love. If fear and low vibraitonal trauma has not been transformed, it would be impossible for one to meet this high of a vibration. It is simply Physics. Energy can only seek its own vibration. So, if we are still unworthy, living in the past, fear, pain or grief, then we will continue to attract only those experiences from the vastness of the Universal languages of creation.

What happens if one does not choose a higher platform for their life? If one does not adhere to the Spiritual Directive which governs our Soul and life on earth, then a greater risk of untimely death due to illness or events which cause the psyche and heart to breakdown completely. If this happens, the Spirit can no longer stay in an unhealthy or exhausted body and illness will materialize as a result. The world around us is shifting and a separation of light and dark will appear clearly in a short time. All who wish to live in the New World, created and sustained from Divine Love need to decide NOW. More importantly we need to take ACTION. Seeking words and meaning will do nothing if those teachings are not applied and the ENERGY body is not aligned with the quantum shift happening in the Universe. We, as inhabitants of this planet must be aligned with the Earth's Heart Beat. Otherwise, we cannot remain here.

Those who deny what the heart and Spirit is asking of them will continue to suffer as the Universe around them expands into higher frequencies. Once cannot claim the Spirit and continue to ignore the promptings coming from within. Humanity can no longer live with a foot in two different worlds. The separation of those worlds will rip apart from inside. And, seriously, everyone knows when they are living a lie or denying themselves what the heart wants and needs. Waking up exhausted every day is a sure sign that you are out of alignment with your Spirit.

The thing about a rebirth is the past is no longer the road we travel. An entire evolutionary period has come and gone. So, the obvious thing is that change has to happen. We cannot continue to live now the way we lived even 50 years ago. We must free ourselves from the chains of our past, our comfort zones and what we "think" it is all about. The best advice I can give is to "be willing to give up all to gain all, we don't know the plan, it is not up to us. Ask for what is your best and highest good each and every day". In doing so, you will surely come to yourself and any control or fear you still have,

Adjacent to this event is the evolution of LOVE, unconditional and divine; this is where we are all going and all meant to be. LOVE is awakening within us BUT we must be willing to accept it, receive it and understand the language of LOVE if we want to evolve. Times have changed and the TRUTH of LOVE is upon us. More than what it is, we can clearly see what it is not: sacrifice, pain, fear, resentment, lies, control, unworthiness, powerlessness, shame, guilt, holding back......need I say more. It is now and has always been up to us, as individuals to choose how we live and what experiences we create. This is always and only done through our vibration. Inclusive of this is our Spirit memory, belief systems and unconsciousness fear and trauma which lowers our vibration. Unworthiness is the hidden weapon of the Ego and is fed through fear and power issues in life.

It is imperative that we take heed to the messages provided us by our Guides and the Brotherhood of Light. For the past few decades their combined mission has been to prepare us for this Ascension process. We must question our CORE beliefs....ask ourselves if what we are holding onto is real, valid, supportive or shows itself as LOVE. We cannot deny any longer what is happening in and around us. We must let go. Surrender what is not giving us joy, support, tenderness and the ability to feel passionate, alive and purposeful.

Many still do not or will not open their eyes and BELIEVE this is really happening. So many "spiritual" people are in denial of what needs to be done internally, and think they have a handle on this process. The Brotherhood has said many times, if you are walking through a rebirth and you are not feeling the pain of abandonment, abuse and the overwhelming desire to give it all up, then you are not effectively transforming your Spirit into Love. Resisting is like swimming upstream in a river of rapidly moving water. In a very short time you will be exhausted, out of breath, and have no choice but to let go and give yourself over to the natural direction of the current. This is that moment.

One last thought on this:

One of my personal guides Ernest Hemingway, often makes his presence known in my writing. Usually, it is in a general way. But, today, as I sat down to write this post (and since I have been physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically unable to present myself for 2 months) he thought to lead me on a mission. This mission was a guided journey into the psyche of so many great Artists, Actors and otherwise important celebrity types, who have committed suicide...himself included.

As I visited this with him, I did not need to ask why he was showing me all of this. I understood immediately: So many brilliant souls on this planet, Star Born Creators suffer and live in so much HEART trauma, they cannot physically remain in a body. The people he showed me had no one to help them; not a single person who could see their core trauma, bring them the truth they needed to free themselves from their pain. The darkness was a living hell for them. And, the world lost such beauty with their passing. Like most artists, many were true visionaries. Living in a painful world which did not provide them with the LOVE they were seeking. Gone too soon and understanding too late. Living in tormenting and unending madness which eventually cost them their lives. The price we pay for being misunderstood or feeling as an outcast. The price we pay for not forgiving ourselves, understanding or loving ourselves. For putting everyone and everything else first, and being afraid to answer the call of our heart. Screaming out in madness with no where to go, no place to hide or find help. No one to hear our cries for freedom. And, those who do know have a responsibility to own their wisdom and provide it for others. It is the way of the evolved Spirit. They also have a responsibility to uphold those truths in their own life - not in words alone, but in conscious right action.

Eventually, I think all Starborns will go mad in some way IF they do not heed the all and open the door for their own salvation and freedom. Madness can come in many ways, but the darkest of that madness comes when we realize we are trapped within ourselves with no way out. The illusions we created to fool ourselves turn out to be prisons where madness can live forever without a connection to anything. And so it is, the awakening of Starborn Potential aligned with the 9th Wave of Consciousness. Coming to a theater near you...very soon.

Helping yourself is very simple. Start listening, hearing, applying and surrendering...your body/mind always knows the truth, It is already within you, Transform your fears and all else which is not love. TAKE IT SERIOUSLY! It is truly all about energy. By releasing your negative and lower vibrational thoughts, beliefs and habits, you are creating an opportunity to change your future and raise your core vibration. This attracts new and more love based experiences and opportunities. Staying the course is a continued spiraling into light BUT if you clear trauma and then return to negative thoughts, you have essentially done nothing.

You must know what your true beliefs are and you must trust and believe this rebirth is real and powerful. All else will fail you. Get out of your head, away from the distractions of life (and technology) and learn how to live in your feeling body and your heart. Your Spirit will thank you for it!



And, The Brotherhood of Light, et, al

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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