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Happy Solstice and Merry Everything

Happy Solstice & Happy Holidays!

Dec 21st is the Solstice, and is a powerful time energetically. Worldwide there is so much happening, that I truly hope that you can remain in your heart and stay grounded in love and peace. I send you a big heart hug and thank you for your loyalty, referrals and support as a member of our Universal Family of Light.

This year has been a very heavy one for many. The dreams and heart inspired happiness didn't happen for everyone...yet. We chose our path, stayed the course, left it a few times and returned to it again. Our metal was tested as was our strength and commitment to our vision. An individual and transpersonal quest for most, never easy to walk the path.

Today, we mark The Winter Solstice, the longest day of darkness this year. The darkness provides us with the energy to remove ourselves from the daily stress we constantly encounter in this new world. We all have to adjust to life in these new times, bringing along just our Spirit to guide us forward into what lies ahead. We also need to allow this night to provide us with sacred ascension into the depth of the soul where we will meet our authentic self one last time before we once again move forward. Meeting the soul, asking for the tools needed NOW more than ever to show us the way of the New Human in the New Times. Not an easy adjustment for any of us, but the new times call for new understanding of who and what we are. Have the willingness to let go and leave behind all that binds you to the old, the outdated and untrue. Freedom is upon our Spirit!

Personally. The Winter Solstice is my favorite day of the year. It brings back memories of ancient times past, when virtue and sacred truth were marked by the same beliefs. And, feelings of walking into a portal transporting me to places I remember with love. Winter Ice and Snow, blanketing the sleeping ground for months to come, allowing those who keep the warmth and light all year to rest and realign with the Inner Soul. I feel so close to Earth and Sky, Father and Mother God, those who have brought us light and truth for thousands of years. This day feels no veils, no boundaries, only the dark unconscious energy I crave to find myself after a long year meeting life. Being with my Spirit Ancestors who guide me onward and heal my being with Love, the warmth of celebrating me home once more, meeting the true vision for the next phase of my Earth journey.

We all take on energy every day. People, problems, the world and all of the new challenges we face each day. The energy of fear and stress is destructive to our Spirit and our body. We've lost our natural ability to live from the Sacred Truth within. The same truth which has guided our Ancestors for thousands of years. We are a world of lost and disappointed souls, turning outward more and more each day trying to survive or deal with life. If we remembered to be Spirit in Earth instead of always trying to achieve more and more, we will have a much greater chance of being what we organically are and need to be. Looking outside is not the answer for any of us. Every problem we face in our individual lives is created through what we believe and hold onto inside of us.

The world has certainly grown rapidly in the last 100 years. At times I think technology has caused too rapid of a growth and it seems we are not prepared to handle or live with what we have allowed to be created. So many have lost touch with truth, perhaps because of anger, resentment, or simply feeling unloved or unappreciated. But when was the last time you stopped or slowed down enough to honor yourself? Always putting off the self love until a more convenient time, it will never happen. When will it be the right time for you? We give so much to others but rarely think of unplugging from life and just being alone with our Spirit. We hold onto people because we don't think enough of ourselves to have the "right" relationship, things because we think we can't live without them. Clutter in our minds, hearts, homes and lives. The Message from Spirit is "SIMPLIFY LIFE". Remove it all. Find a sacred space for yourself, and return to it often.

The Solstice is a portal which can transport anyone to a place of peace and prosperity if you believe it can. For me, it has always been Magical no matter what happens to be going on in my life. I love the Magic and Sparkle of Now, and I do my best rely on it when things get rough. We are what we believe we are. But we don't always know what we believe inside the power center of creation until it becomes manifest. Then we struggle to change it. Why don't most people get it? It all happens energetically. If you don't know what kind of energy you carry, then you won't have control over your destiny.

For those who don't know much about Astrology, the Winter Solstice, Dec. 21 marks the annual ingress of the Sun into Capricorn. Always exactly opposite the Summer Solstice on June 21. BUT this year, we have a new player at the Solstice point as Saturn moves once again into it's home sign of Capricorn. Saturn has not been in Capricorn for 28+ years. Mercury turns direct just after the Solstice, moving things along speedily. As we prepare for this 2.5 year sojourn of Saturn in Capricorn, be willing to take stock of what needs resolution, resource, time and energy. Saturn is the planet which makes all things REAL and VISIBLE on earth. We are accountable for what we create and failed to create. Usually a time of looking back and realizing now what we couldn't know then, we sometimes relate to Saturn in terms of failure. But on a more Spiritual note, we can perhaps begin to see our last years of hard work manifest into something tangible, or alternately,we will choose to leave behind people, ideas, dreams and goals which did not work out for us. We are being challenged as Souls and as individual creators now. The Ascension and Rebirth is in high caliber orbit, making us dizzy with fear and unrest as we navigate the changing waters of our lives. Hold on, 2018 will definitely bring new energy to us,but we must use it carefully and desire what we have from the heart. To keep it, manifest it or lose it will all be desire from the heart. If we don't respect, honor and cherish what we have, it will disappear. We are living in dimensions never experienced on earth, those same ones we are learning to navigate. If we truly wish to create a new experience, then that creation must come from the heart's desire to make it so. Thought does not hold up in these waters if the body is not clear. Water will always seek its own level, the laws of physics are the only laws which govern our Earth journey. We must be the vibration inside which creates or attracts what we want in life. But if you do not understand the language of Energy, then how can it be so true? The body has its own mind and the brain cannot translate that information into thought, only into matter.

Speaking of the body, those who have read some prior posts know that we always teach the Body/Mind is the true intelligence center of the body. It stores all of the recorded information we have. From that information, we create our life. We find our identity, our belief systems and all that is truth. Past and current trauma, unworthiness and disillusionment can be truth, and therefore become a way of life. One who lives a life of constant struggle carries a belief system that life is a struggle, and therefore creates such. Of course, we have many variables in these imprints not all belonging to us individually, But, this doesn't mean they won't show up in our lives. Ending the year on a higher vibration is the best way to start the new year off and meet yourself in a new way on the path. Think of having a vacuum come in and clean up the clogged particles and stuck energy in your body, giving you a free zone to play in.

We see so many people leaving the planet often in quick and unexpected ways. This because the Spirit cannot maintain itself any longer in a body not freed of dense magnetic energy created from fear or failure - simply one does not have "enough" to survive through this shift. And, more and more people are symptomatic of illness manufactured through unhealed trauma. How often do we think of these people, feel sad for them or wish we could have helped in some way? And, yet we rarely think to help ourselves until we actually have an illness to heal or a challenge threatening to take us down? We all need tune ups, energy check ups to see where our vibration is actually at. So, if you don't want to risk waiting for something challenging or worse to manifest, get an energy clean up and start the new year Energetically Healthy. As time goes by it will become very apparent these Ancient Energy Healing Techniques have and always will be the ONLY true and organic healing we will ever need. But, most people don't seem to think prevention is the best medicine. And, the Guides have told us all many times to clean up our fear and unworthiness. In these new frequencies we are manifesting almost immediately what we think and believe from the body. We can counter anything good if we let fear take over. Earth is a very messy playground at the moment. And, We didn't even mention the Galactic Soul (this time).

2017 has taught me more than I could have imagined about physical illness and energy healing. I have been part of miraculous and amazing healing and life altering transformation with people. And I am grateful for each of those experiences, as I now pass them along to others in session work. This time is the most exciting and opportune moment humanity has known in thousands of years. Our potential awaits just in front of our eyes, but we don't recognize it. Could it be your heart or mind is not open enough? Or you are stuck in the past and cannot meet the vibration? In either case, you can change it all.

My gratitude for my clients, friends and loved ones runs deep. It has never been an easy path to travel being who I have been (so far). Without the love and support I have received from those who believe in me and what I bring forth this work may not be alive and well on Earth.

I would like to give you one more gift this year. If you find it a gift to give a gift of Love and Light, Healing, Heart and Truth to a friend or loved one, I will gift you a 30 minute session for each 60 or 90 minute session you give. Its like a beautiful Infinity Circle, moving love forward, giving and receiving, never ending. Give a gift of healing which will last for Eternity, We all like beautiful, sparkly and shiny gifts,but image, you can give such a gift which will make anyone's Soul sparkle and shine from within, spreading even more light around the planet. This offer is good until the end of 2017. But Christmas is just a few days away.

On that note, I believe I will close this message. I wish everyone a Sacred Solstice and a Magical Holiday Season filled with sparkly, shiny love in many beautifully wrapped moments of delicious contentment and joy. Celebrate those who matter with heart felt gratitude and love. Love costs nothing to give,, but returns to us abundance in our hearts and souls. Share yourself with those who love you. We never will have enough time to make life enough, so make amends, share your story, open your heart to a stranger in need. Be yourself, and love who you are. Feelings matter, and those who love you surely would like to deepen the bond of love you share. And, be sure to ask yourself what YOU need most from YOU right now and each day. Be Happy, Dance, Sing and Celebrate the Love that You Are!

Merry and Magical Christmas to All

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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