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Are you hearing the CALL to Truth? Is your potential knocking on the door to your Soul?

As we herald in the rebirth through the Official Age of Aquarius our heads are spinning and at times we feel totally ungrounded or unable to intuit what is happening in our world.

Accessing evolutionary information and support energies has been a consistent process since the beginning of time. The Ancients knew the power and value in reading the stars and seeing pathways to their future. Much has been written by these Ancient tribes over thousands of years describing the use of planetary activity as the basis for their wisdom, knowledge and tools for navigating change in their worlds. This information is always available to us if we know how to "see" it.

On that note, please join me and my fellow astrologer Jeff Gerlach as we channel and intuit the current astrology shaping the changes in our world. We will take a look back at the past few years of heavy duty Capricorn energy as it relates to the failing structures and preamble to the changes heralded in through the Age of Aquarius. Upon us is the advent of a long awaited and much predicted time period marking a rebirth, awakening of true soul consciousness and recognition of the Star energies within our DNA. By recognizing these evolutionary pathways we can foresee and understand what the future may hold for those seeking true connection with self and alignment with their Star origin. The importance of this time in evolution and the opportunities being represented should not be understated or discounted in any way. What are these astrological signatures indicating and how can we use them to our advantage? Possibilities or probabilities? Destiny or fate? Exciting or fearful.....more to come....

THIS TIME IN EVOLUTION is why you have come. This is your greater birth and you may hear the answers to the questions you have been asking as we gather the forces who are here to teach and show the way...speaking their language of the stars through Astrology.

Jeff and I have had many powerful and insightful discussions on Astrology, often presenting various insights and viewpoints through our individual experience and interpretation. We want to share this knowledge with those who are open and interested in Astrology and the information it provides. IT IS A CHOICE to CREATE YOUR DESTINY. Using Astrology as a guide is an absolutely BRILLIANT plan! Astrology is the only true measure of TIME on our planet, as it measures EVOLUTIONARY TIME. Knowledge is power........

Those who have been with me a long time may recognize Jeff as a recurring guest on the "Into The Void Show" which I did for many years with my friend Ken Frazza. Jeff is the creator and contributor of "Podcast for Peace", at least 15 years running as the #2 Podcast on the internet. Largely based in transiting Astrology, the information has helped thousands grow in consciousness and gain wisdom for their journey. We are so much looking forward to bringing the new information into the hearts and minds of those who truly uphold light and "want to know" the truth.

February 10 is the eve of the new moon in Aquarius when the energies will be most fortuitous. Have some fun with your new seed planting and watch you intentions grow into a new reality. Students of Astrology bring your charts and follow along!

This is a FREE event but tickets must be claimed to reserve your seat by clicking here and going to this link:

Seating is limited and the deadline for reserving your seat is 7 PM ET on February 9th.

The day of the event you will receive the ZOOM LINK to join in. If the situation presents itself, we will take a few questions. Please sign on 10 minutes before 7 PM ET to get settled in.

Starborn Awakening is on the Horizon folks...enjoy the ride!



In case you missed the Event, here is the link for the recorded version.

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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