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This is an event designed for you personally to help you realign, reacclimate and rebirth. You can ask one personal question and receive an answer from your Guides, loved ones or my Star Team who are here to help us all walk through these transitions and personal changes.

The event is limited to 16 people. Grab your ticket from the link below.

I will ask each of you to consider your question carefully based on what is most important or timely for you now. Please keep your question personal and about you. The purpose of this live channel session is to help each of you get back to your path or help you to go further.

We are in unprecedented times. As of January 21 2021 our opportunities to choose will no longer be available. Not to worry, if you are reading this then you already chose. This date is fortuitous for all of those who recognize and honor their Starborn DNA - it is an awakening like no other, one long awaited since the Age of Leo, and the time of Atlantis. We are now fully into the Age of Aquarius, opposite polarity of the Age of Leo. Vibrationally we are reaching the same polarity with a much higher platform for conscious awakening and freewill. Nothing like this has ever happened before and won't again for thousands of years.

All who bear the Starborn mark are being called out, as in "water seeks its own level" such is life on Earth. It is all physics and in the end we experience, manifest and become what we truly believe is real. Based on the worldly events of the past 2.5 years and most recently 2020, no further proof is required showing we are in a world of awakening, transition and change. Fear will not be a factor if you are aligned and on the path that is right for your soul leading to your potential in these new times.

What governs these new times? Certainly NOT the old ways that have run our world through fear for 80,000 years. We, the Starborn creators will herald in these new times presenting new leadership, opportunities and medicine. This energetic medicine is true to our origin and what is needed to heal ourselves and our humanity.

If you have been participating in the Channeled classes I have facilitated over the past 20+ years then you know something huge is afoot. The guides have been lovingly guiding us to walk our path to potential by teaching the nature of this rebirthing process and providing the necessary information to heal, transform and awaken our Star DNA. In addition they have provided the way to enlightenment, awakened consciousness and authenticity which also means freedom. AKA TRUTH.

On January 21, 2021 the Sun will join Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury in rebellious Aquarius, the sign of the Star Energy, humanity's origin and the revolution of humanity. Those who are consciously rebirthing are the rebels of Earth no longer willing to live in fear or allow themselves to be silenced. Your truth is the truth needed by those who cannot do for themselves what you have chosen to do. Even those souls still silenced by the lie have chosen to rebirth, and they are awaiting their teachers and healers to assist them in their process. It is OUR time, so get up, shake off the dust, remember who you are and get acquainted with your team in Spirit if you haven't already. Ask and you shall receive. The entire universe is expanding in Octaves including your (former) guides. They are waiting for you to show up.

Everything will be illuminated. And, your experiences with illumination will depend on your individual frequency. Meaning you will see/hear/know exactly what your frequency is capable of receiving. If you feel like you are not rebirthing (living in the past with fear) then you still have pieces of old fear to transform and release. FEAR is the only thing preventing you from stepping into your new life, your future self. Our rebirth process is creating this future with each old trauma we release. Stepping into the new self means being absent of fear and trauma, essentially embracing the love that you are without conditions. No one can rebirth unless these pieces of fear are healed and transformed. Without doing the work it would be just another death and reincarnation.

This past year people have been at a standstill. Afraid, confused and unable to stay their course. But for us it was a necessary time of cocooning. Now emergence will come, such as the butterfly from his cocoon. All things must change for this process to conclude. Fear prevents change. Let go, evolution is natural and cannot be controlled. Any attempt to hold yourself back will be explicitly painful to the degree of forcing surrender.

January 21st is the beginning of recognizable emergence, showing up in a different way. Do you have the awareness? Is it based on something you read or heard? Are you now "looking for something" to see showing you "proof" based on what you heard or read? The rebirth emergence is inside of you already and will come from within if you allow it to. No fear, just surrender to your soul. It is bigger than you are. If you ask the guides for help or guidance they will work 200xs harder than you will but you have to show up and be brave, do your part in the experience. Show up with the desire to live your potential. Don't whine and complain or look back as if your past is still real. It isn't. Its gone. When energy expands it changes reality and the old is gone. You can't hold on and let go at the same time. Its time for total TRUST. Put the trust into your soul and emerge being the best you possible. Look upon the new horizon.

Some people don't want to do the work or feel like they are owed something because they "did" their work. Still, let go and allow. We are not all in the same spiritual boat. As souls we become what we are willing to invest and that is not just inclusive of spiritual or physical work. It is all about loving the self and trusting. Fear is not real. It is a remnant of something already experienced in another time and place and appears real, including unworthiness and self doubt. Trying to stay on top or hold on is more pointless now than it ever was. You will never experience a new life if you fear letting go of the old one. Go with the Soul Current and meet your potential.

Just a word on rebirthing. If you are to experience a rebirth in this lifetime, it means ONLY your Spirit can go through into the new. Accomplishing that means all old issues around fear and trauma must be resolved, otherwise you cannot go through. Remember it is in the past so trust in letting go and stand in the NOW moment. Not the future but right here, right now. It may be absent of feeling, more of a neutrality or nothingness inside of you.

I will only say this in short. The PTB have always used fear to hold us back from our brilliance and power. As you currently see in the world the war of light and dark is at its' peak. They don't want you to have power, knowledge or truth so control can be maintained by using fear. Remember they became so powerful by using illusions and lies which they sell as "good for you". The big plan was to disempower humanity, as it began long ago, Don't trust what you see and hear, rather trust your gut, your inner integrity and your own intuitive power. Stay out of the war and focus inwardly. In your rebirth comes ALL POWER. Say yes to your soul. It is why you have come and why you have struggled Now is the time, take the final steps.

Remember fear allows you to be controlled and unconscious, away from your truth. IT IS OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE IN THESE TIMES NOT TO LIVE IN FEAR. You have no idea how empowered you are without fear. Are you truly living what you believe? And what are those beliefs? We are self-fulfilling prophecies, all of us. We will become what we believe we are. Think on that a bit.

The Event:

  • January 21, 2021 at 7:00 PM ET. One question only please. You must email your question before January 18th. When it is your turn I will prompt you to ask your question out loud for all to hear. Also since this is a channeled and energetic event everyone will be receiving healing and benefit from all questions asked. Please make it a personal question which means it has to pertain to you and your life. No questions about family, friends or things like "what happened to my father's watch after he died"? And everyone must remain present until we finish. We are planning on about an hour total. Please listen to all questions and answers, they are for you too.

Also if you are unable to attend after you have grabbed a ticket please let me know.

Click on the link below to grab your ticket at Eventbrite. The Zoom link will be emailed the day of the event. I would appreciate everyone being on the call about 5 mins before 7 PM ET. My friend Ken will be assisting with facilitation and will instruct before the event begins.

If you miss this event stay tuned for one more date.

Email your question to me at by January 18th. Include your full name, thanks.

I look forward to seeing all and reconnecting on the 21st.

Click here to take you to EventBrite to get your ticket

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Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
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