June 13, 2019

See the link below to take action against lawmakers who intend to prevent everyone except Nutritionists from empowering people through Holistic supplementation and talking about health benefits from vitamins, herbal remedies, oils etc. We need to show numbers folks. Walk your talk!  We only have until 1 PM tomorrow!! 


April 3, 2019

It's Spring!  And with the new elements in nature also comes the new elements we have been planting in our lives, hearts and souls.  Are you happy with how your planting and harvesting has been going?  Are you ready to let go and awaken the new, powerful and untamed visions of freedom, authenticity and direct manifestation of your dreams, passions and desires?

Much has changed throughout this past year. We are witnessing the unveiling of all that has been hidden in the world.  At the same time, those who are here to awaken to truth and assist others in doing the same have been experiencing a very painful and rapid transformation.  Living "the truth" is not an easy accomplishment because it means uncovering and letting go of old and outdated illusions and lies we carry within our belief sy...

Happy Love Day 

I received this transmission from the Galactic Brotherhood of Light in February 2005.  At the time, the information had yet to be experienced and understood.  The words describe the rebirth in a prophetic way.  The unfolding of this truth has been profound and intelligently ascribed by our heart, soul and the All.   The message is about the sacred energy of our Evolutionary Birthing Process, the expansion of the Universal Light Languages and how we on Earth are meant to integrate these new energies as experience in Oneness.  

As we proceed forth in our own way, we meet ourselves in every shadow, every turn of our conscious mind and unconsciousness reasons for why we are who we are.  However, the message of the rebirth is to recognize the PAST is gon...

December 22, 2017

Happy Solstice & Happy Holidays!

Dec 21st is the Solstice, and is a powerful time energetically. Worldwide there is so much happening, that I truly hope that you can remain in your heart and stay grounded in love and peace. I send you a big heart hug and thank you for your loyalty, referrals and support as a member of our Universal Family of Light.

This year has been a very heavy one for many.   The dreams and heart inspired happiness didn't happen for everyone...yet.   We chose our path, stayed the course, left it a few times and returned to it again.  Our metal was tested as was our strength and commitment to our vision.  An individual and transpersonal quest for most, never easy to walk the path.

Today, we mark The Winter Solstice, the longest day of darkness this year.  T...

According to the Evolutionary Guides time is irrelevant to our Soul Journey.  That means our cellular information, or trauma is also unaffected by time.  Our cellular information is in fact called to itself, or magnetized to itself by frequency.  So all of our trauma experiences associated with abandonment would gravitate together on a very low frequency creating an entire language of "abandonment".  This is why the pattern of being abandoned repeats itself over and over again.  It doesn't always have to happen in the same way, like through a partner. It can happen in jobs, friendships, children, etc. 

If you were to try and understand and pull apart the patterns of why and how you became abandoned, it would feel like walking backward through a maze of insanity.  This happ...

September 20, 2017

The Gathering of Souls who wish to participate in this Launch is a priority at this time.  We are looking for others, especially Women who have walked the sacred path of Initiation, and have developed a more authentic connection to the self.  Men, who are transforming and awakening the heart chakra are also welcome in this group.   Those who wish to create a heart centered relationship, and step into the "new" paradigm of true empowerment.  

For some time now I have been preparing to launch the Science of Truth into secular humanity.  We have come a long way in our awareness and gathering of insight and frequencies which can and will benefit masses of people.  At this time, The Sacred Feminine identities are in need of deep healing, transformation and awakening.

For thousands of...

July 31, 2017

"Dear Ones

We have reached a NEW PHASE in these most challenging and rewarding times on Earth.  As of today, July 31, 2017 ALL Master Energies coming through must be harnessed and aligned within the NEW STRUCTURES of consciousness.   

We have put the call out for all LIGHTWORKERS, HEALERS, MASTER PLANNERS AND THOSE WHO WISH TO AWAKEN NATURAL GIFTS AND TALENTS. And those who wish to live a life based in truth, integrity and unconditional love.  And those who wish to be healed. 


Addressing the EGO BLINDNESS is most critical to your healing, transformation and awakening at this time.  The purpose of this rebirth process is to...

May 26, 2017

Yesterday we passed through another level or dimension of new consciousness.  This portal is the activation of the 9th wave of consciousness which declares authentic heart awareness and right  living from the heart.  This trigger is like a wave energy and will continue moving the Universe toward a greater and greater expansion.  It will also move us all as individuals in the same direction.  Quantum expansion begins as a contraction, much like a Tsunami, then a sudden expulsion of energy and a thrust of forward movement.  If we try and hold on to old patterns, and behaviors, the contraction and expulsion will tear us apart and destroy everything we try to control.  Much like a Tsunami does.  It is already happening, just look at the world.  It is out of control.  Nothing is safe or sacred and peop...

May 22, 2017

According to the Mayan Calendar, we are approaching another unprecedented event on planet Earth.  Although this reality check began in October of 2011, very few people noticed the subliminal changes taking place in their cellular structures.

The event carries planetary activation waves, leading to the 9th wave Activation of Unity Consciousness and ultimately Ascension into Heart Unity Consciousness.  Most people will experience this event through left brain duality, meaning they are still unable to grasp the core elements associated with this event.  Although not a singular event activation, the intensity depth will continue throughout the next few months with significant activators in June and August.  The Event was seen as part of the "Epoch End Times" prophecies. 

As you know, I ha...

March 30, 2017


I am absolutely THRILLED to present the newest member of our healing estuary, Spirit Wellness Pro.

Spirit Wellness Sessions incorporate all of the individual processes of my work with The Universal Brotherhood of Light, The Kryon Group, The Starborn Creators, Ascended Masters, Angels, Faeries, YOUR guides and loved one into one very special session format.

Never before has there been a body of work like this.  Your Spirit Wellness session allows access to WHATEVER is needed for your healing and your life RIGHT NOW and in the future.  Coming through the abstract, all of the universal consciousness shows up to honor you and bring through all that is needed.  Additionally, we can address illness before it becomes manifest, heal broken hearts through Spirit connection with loved...

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