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Tribal Marker Release Session

Releases people from obligatory patterns and behaviors which upheld Earth Family and Star Tribe agendas.  The agendas are old, outdated and no longer valid or necessary in the modern times.

This is a new paradigm, a new understanding and discovery which came through the Starborn Awakening work.  What we have learned is that these Tribal Markers WILL force people to unconsciously choose and live experiences which are not right for them now.  These Markers will also control one’s life focus, purpose and expansion, causing pain, restriction and overall sadness in life.

Some Marker’s will prevent or prohibit one from fully opening the heart and/or finding true happiness with another.  So, love becomes a life long struggle, and questions of “why” will form again and again, as one tries in vain to understand the lack and deficit one feels and experiences in life.

The Tribal Marker Release offer’s TRUE freedom and authenticates one’s Soul Purpose as the freedom ripples through time.  The session often relieves confusion and the inability to “know” true purpose and self-love.

People experience these Markers as caretaker or servant energy.  Everyday life struggles, giving all and not receiving much or anything at all are indicative of a strong Tribal Marker.  Owing a lot of “debt”, financial or otherwise is also a strong indicator that a release is necessary.  And, failure, restriction along with illness which “attacks” the body/mind, physically or emotionally indicate the soul’s need to be free from these old ways.

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