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Advanced Soul Retrieval Classes

As a Teacher for the New times, I hold this process in the highest esteem.  So much enlightenment and information which has never been understood before is channeled in these  groups.  Profound truth and advanced science of life are frequent conversations as we are often visited by the likes of Einstein, Tesla, Mary Magdalene, Jesus, Master Artists and Musicians who understand well the Science of Harmonics and Energy,  and many others who have come to share their wisdom. 


These classes are facilitated in small groups.  All information is based in channeled teachings, guiding each individually toward greater truth, assimilating group mind energy for a deeper and more acute experience of awakening and healing.  Often we are visited by the Ascended Masters and Great Minds of our world who come through with new information and revelations for a new way of life on Earth.  Nothing is held back or diminished in these classes, as healing and alignment with the highest vibrations is facilitated as well.  Not for those who are closed minded or prefer to be in denial.  We break every rule of Science as we begin to learn and understand unlimited access to the infinite truth.  We succeed as a group and individually.

The Ascended Masters who conference with us in these advanced classes recognize each has a unique soul path.  The group energy is designed to meet each individual AND modulate a group mind connection which serves all.   

You can provide healing for others simply by hosting a group, class or mediumship circle. Accessing others and connecting groups is a beautiful way to spread the light of healing and truth.  

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