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The Science of TruthSM Body Scan (Divine Alignment Restoration Process)

Angela Nicastro

The Body Scan is done energetically, in a zero gravity space.  The Starbeing Creators have perfected the essence of this scan, using future Science and Technology.  Along with this highly sophisticated and unique technology, the Guides have the ability to “bring it here” into our dimension.  This scan takes Etheric Surgery to a completely new level, as ALL bodies of one’s essence are addressed, healed, transformed and restored during one singular process.  A truly amazing body of work, a new technology for the new times, this scan must be experienced to fully capture the completeness with which it serves one.


Done absentee and recorded, all energy and information is provided as a “tool” for continued healing and restoration.  These Scans are so powerful we cannot fully reveal all elements of its facilitation.  It is truly a modern marvel, coming from all time, and easily accessible to those who wish to move forward from all dis-ease and entanglements without the need to delve deeply into a pool of knowledge searching for explanations.  When our vibration is out of alignment, we become physically, emotionally and mentally unwell, and disease begins to form.  We can prevent many illnesses from becoming manifest if we take care of it energetically; before we see the symptoms develop.  And, because our DNA carries memory from the beginning of time, we have unmet trauma which eventually develops into pain, sadness and illness.  This scan works directly with the energy bodies so these trauma and disease ridden messages in the DNA can be destroyed before they become illness.


And, those who already have symptoms of illness can also benefit from this process.  We have witnessed many miraculous healings after the scan was facilitated for clients.  It unfolds within 6 months and touches every part of one’s being.  There is nothing else like it!

The Body Scan restores wholeness, alertness, Divine Alignment to one’s Essence, physical, mental and emotional health and awareness.

The Body Scan is one of the most advanced session practices we facilitate and highly recommended as a way to begin your healing process, and a way to complete your transformation.

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