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Who I am


I am a very unique Being, I am a Starborn.  It took me decades to fully understand what this really meant.  I suffered most of my life being an Outcast, feeling abused and abandoned and never really understood by anyone.  I searched and searched everywhere for the reasons why this felt so true and I never really found anything substantial or authentic enough to heal my pain.  


During the time of my searching I came across some information which led me to seek answers from my own DNA.   Little did I know this moment of awareness would become a NEW language with the power to change the lives of thousands of people.  That was in 1998, and since that time the work has become its own language, a symbol of long needed truth and authenticity, and of course change.  


So, I am an extraordinary visionary, a one of  a kind Master Spiritual Teacher.  I have the ability to penetrate the deepest, darkest and most difficult illusions about who we are, the lies, and the information stored in our DNA, which no longer serves a necessary purpose.  I work individually and collectively to awaken souls to their brilliant potential, using the Ancient Light Language of  Truth.  


I am also a Medium, and practice Evolutionary Astrology.  But, my most unique contribution to humanity is The Body of Work aptly named "The Science of Truth and Starborn Awakening."  These are my creations in partnership with the Ascended Ones and Starbeings in hyper dimensions, who have come to assist us during this most  unprecedented time of humanity's rebirth.  We are ushering in a new age, and we need a new paradigm for the new times.  


I have been an uncomfortable Mystic all of my life, since childhood actually.  My gifts have always been VERY real and very powerful, but unfortunately caused me tremendous pain.  The key for me was understanding the "why" - and once I understood, I realized the entire world lives in a darkness they cannot awaken from alone.  And so, the story began......


Why I do this


I facilitate this work as the natural outcome of my personal path of transformation, as it is my Soul Potential in this Lifetime.  I do it because I can help end the suffering of abandonment, fear, addiction, unworthiness and abuse for anyone who is willing to take the journey and do the work on themselves.  I see so many people suffering each and every day and I know they do not need to suffer - if only they knew the truth.   The truth lies within our DNA and if it is awakened and met with, then the suffering is gone.  It's like treating a disease, if you only treat the symptoms, then the disease never goes away.  In this process, we address the cause of the pain and fear, and the symptoms disappear.


Love is the objective we all strive for but most people do not and cannot love themselves.  


And, I do this because I know what deep, traumatic emotional suffering is all about.  And, I know what it feels like to be free from it as well.  And this I can tell you is something of a miracle. Once awakened into truth, we can never return to ignorance.  So once we learn how to know and become the Truth, that is Authentic, we cannot ever return to the darkness of the lie.  And that means we are no longer victims but are fully empowered with truth. 



What I can do for you


This work is all based in a process of Radical Intensive Transformation.  Each facet of the work has been created and designed to meet each individual where they currently are in their journey, taking each on their individual path to freedom, expansion, soul alignment and transformation.  The work is symbolized as the caterpillar ready to transform into a butterfly.  As a humanity we are at a turning point, ready to rebirth into a new human living the new paradigms.  We carry so much old and outdated beliefs in our DNA, we cannot move forward in this process without help.  I work with the Ascended Masters and the Starbeings who are here to assist our rebirth and awakening at this time.  They provide the insight and energy necessary for us to awaken, heal and transform until we finally reach the point of authenticity.  


The TRUTH is in our DNA as it has been since the beginning of time.  We carry within our cells an incomprehensible amount of powerful information and truth.  We are not all of human origin, some of us are hybrids, both human and Star Creator DNA.  It is this language of truth which is awakening and providing us with the NEW - all that we need to live as the New Human, Homo-Spiritus.  


We do this work through various sessions, classes, web classes, Intensives, Body-Scans and much more.  All of which has been seeded on Earth through this process over 2 decades.  This is authentic language of transformation, powerful and radical.  

Angela is the Channel and Founder of "The Science Of Truth", and Starborn Awakening, her premier work in DNA transformation.


 Together with the White Brotherhood, Ascended Masters and Starborn Creators, this work has become the most necessary body of healing for humanity's new times.


 Based in Ancient Star Languages and Advanced Science, it has far surpassed any other healing opportunities on Earth. 

Angela has extensive experience and qualifications in Mediumship.  Her first experience with her natural abilities came at the age of 3 years old, after her father had suddenly passed on at the age of 45.
Shortly after his passing, Angela who was very close to her dad, began "seeing" him sitting in his favorite chair.  She would relay conversations with him to her Mom, who also had psychic gifts.  Not capable of understanding death at 3 years old, Angela experienced dad as living and continued these conversations for several years, until she was able to understand he had 'died".  Unfortunately this understanding changed her , confusing her,  until a few years later when she began "seeing" spirits again.  Although unrecognizable to her, she lamented and began speaking to them.  Most wanted a connection to the living, to someone who could still see them.  Others were stuck and needed help moving forward.  And, still others who did not know they had passed, looked for family and other familiar people.
And the story continued as many years later, Angela and her gifts evolved.  Today, she is still revered as a powerful medium and healer.  Her later work includes The Science of Truth and Starborn Awakening, both new languages brought to Earth to awaken and evolve people away from fear and trauma, bringing them to organic process and rebirth.  
Deeply varied and unique, Angela continuously uses her Mediumship skills to enlighten, assist, heal and transform her clients. 

Angela does amazing work and has helped me in ways I can hardly explain. It has always been a challenge to confront life within an understanding of the mystic and to not be accepted, at times, even within myself.

It was 7 years ago now; there was a time of confusion for me. This state had become normal at that time, to live such confusion in body, mind and spirit. That feeling I carried around was a well-worn path and I had known only this for a very long time.

I found myself on the phone with Angela and the work began in earnest. For me the results were dumbfounding. Realize that I had only just met Angela; I had no idea what to expect. To this day I cannot adequately explain what actually happens when working with Angela, except to call it otherworldly or even magic.  What I do know is that it was part of an energetic shift in my entire life. It happened over time and is ongoing still today.

I am eternally grateful for her help and encourage anyone offered her help to engage with it and take it very seriously. It will open your consciousness to an understanding you may never encounter elsewhere.

Jeff G.


I am very thankful for the work we have done thus far. It has been transformative.  I feel the shifts in my vibration and my life.  I wanted to tell you I created a vibrational herbal tincture based on our talk yesterday to assist in my DNA reactivation and cell activation the guides are working on. I just wanted to reach out to say thanks.   



Hello All, writing in to echo your comments about the life changing effects this body of work has. The webinar this past Wednesday was so, so powerful and illuminating. There was such a depth of connectivity to the themes of rage, fear, resentment, feelings of unworthiness all tied to self-worth and ultimately, lack of self-love. Angela, what you bring to us, and how you translate this body of work for us so that it is relative and accessible is so incredible.



I love Ang INC. She rocks


Nutley NJ

I would like to thank you for the profound healing I have experienced over the last session and group work that you have done. 

The work you are bringing through is unprecedented, and healing beyond. 

The best way I can describe this for me is that I am finally free to live, and know that I will be ok. 



With Angela's guidance, I have achieved levels of conscious, energetic awareness that would have probably taken me decades/centuries to achieve on my own.  I now have a core knowledge and self-awareness of who I am, who I have been, and most importantly the thrill of defining who I want to be and a genuine appreciation for why I am here.  This understanding at the soul level has well- prepared me to navigate through all aspects of my life. 



In seeking healing and truth from a myriad of traumas as well as discovering my authentic spirituality. I was guided by my intuition and destined to discover the work for deep soul growth and transpersonal healing. My life path changed at 20 yrs old for the better, blessed to have met Angela Nicastro.
In beginning a refined spiritual journey it shaped me as a person and clarified my values.
It only requires one appointment for the awakening to begin.
The shift was immediate and I knew in my heart there was no turning back. I have unearthed the truth of who I am through Angela's commitment and dedication to the teachings and the potent frequencies of transformation that is the Science Of Truth.
This is an organic and natural process of transformation that has taken on an authentic, raw and mutable form in my life.
The three key components are willingness, awareness and choice. This path requires sincere effort and commitment. The rewards are priceless and the gifts are beyond words- the greatest being the love of self.
The wisdom that emerges can be likened to a lotus seed that can lay dormant in the earth for hundreds of years and can blossom at any point renewed as a lotus flower.



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