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The Intensive is beyond mental and emotional understanding of our behaviors.  This facilitation goes where conventional therapy and medicine cannot reach.  It is done is a group format of 6-8 participants who are well on their way to truth.  The process is more defined within each group.  Each person receives individual assistance, furthering the depth of the process is the combination of all core trauma issues from every participant.  So, each person benefits from what every person brings to the group.

The Intensive requires preliminary preparation and a check-in with the Guides is often required to assure participant is ready for the process.

We facilitate Intensives on 3 different levels: 


Touching the outer rim of the deeper core trauma and fear patterns, bringing to consciousness the connections necessary for clear understanding of personal behavior and how that behavior attracts similar behaviors in others.  A clear understanding of Energy as a language is taught and assimilated into the body/mind.  Participants will leave with a greater sense of contentedness to core truth and an understanding of how physics (water will always seek its own level, as does energy) works in their energy body and daily life experiences.

Additionally, a deeper more satisfying way of thinking and healing begins.  This transformation continues long after the Intensive has been facilitated.


Incorporating all of the above understanding but to a much deeper level of clarity, healing and awareness.  Those in the Intermediate level have already learned and applied the most fundamental benefits from Level I Intensive, and therefore will have assimilated the basic connection to the energy languages which authentically create healing, transformation and truth.

At this level, the Guides will require more participation and responsibility from participants.  This is usually where the victim/hero/martyr mentality is dealt with, freeing each to have a more conscious understanding of true self-empowerment and freedom from binding behaviors, belief systems and species trauma.


This Intensive, Level III is only for those who have successfully completed and accomplished advanced awakening, understanding and deep trauma healing.  And where the Guides promote the release of all markers, patterns, belief systems:  basically all of the old ways of thinking, living and creating.  This is where the Starborn energies come through and awaken souls to their Organic and Authentic history, that which came before the con.  In doing so, one has access to extraordinary gifts, talents, and truth which comes from future-past knowledge.  We hold nothing back and the Guides will not tolerate any sense of victimization at this level.  Any victim mentally automatically destroys the language of true self-empowerment.  These languages cannot co-exist in an authentic way.

The Level III is the most advanced, radical and future science adaptation of the New Paradigm for the New Humanity.  The combination of elements which create this opportunity are unmet by any other.  This is an opportunity for wholeness and advanced awakening into authentic creator consciousness, never before available on Earth.  

The idea behind all Intensive experiences is to bring what is necessary to each group for freedom and authenticity.  Each group is brought together though the guides so we have connectedness to one another and relatedness to the core trauma patterns which come up.  And, all participants are on a relatively similar energy vibration.

The transformation, awakening and healing which comes through the Intensives will continue for about 12 months, individually and within the group.

And, periodically I offer Intensive follow-up Groups so we can check in and see how progress is being made.  These follow-up sessions can also be done as an individual session. 

Intensives are done in person.  I will also facilitate at your location if all criteria is met.

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