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Evolutionary Astrology

Astrology is the oldest Science known in our current awareness.  Astrology is based in Sacred Geometric Light Languages which are provided as a “guide” throughout our life.  Our Natal Chart never changes, as it is set in motion by our moment of birth.  However, as the transiting planets move and change interacting with each other over time, new information emerges.   Astrology doesn’t tell us who we are or who to be.  Its primary language is telling us what time it is in our evolution, both individually and transpersonal.  Through this evolutionary window, we can access growing and infinite healing, transformation and understanding of ourselves as Creators.


The 12 signs and houses of Astrology were designed by the Creators of the Original 12 Star Tribes who came to Earth to provide us with evolutionary science and seed energy as a means of growing and thriving as a new civilization was taking hold.  Unfortunately other factors became involved and all of our wisdom and knowledge was hidden from us.  The languages of Astrology became the link to our past, and therefore our authentic origin.  The process of divination is vast, deep and enlightening, providing the tools for change.

For me, the chart becomes a myriad of energy languages, and begins to open up and speak to me.  The chart, which is the geometry of your soul, tells me what it wants to reveal, what you need to know.  The idea is to create a deep connection of awareness and conscious connection to the truth.  We are breaking free from the past, and with that, we need new information.  Astrology can provide information on every level giving each person what they need in the moment.


Evolutionary Astrology is not like other forms of interpretation.  Some Astrologers believe the Natal Chart is set in stone and never changes.  This is not a valid understanding.  Everything can and does change; it is our perspective which never changes.  If we can be open minded and allow our perspective to be based on abstract thinking, we can know everything we need to know now.   Evolutionary Astrology is a prism of the abstract, a myriad of past, present and future opportunities and experiences, each with its own revelation in now time, all time.


Having an Astrological Consult may be the awakening and resolution you are seeking.

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