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"The Single MOST valuable and important thing we could ever know is where we have come from.  Inside of this knowledge lies the most authentic type of healing possible.  That which speaks directly to our Authentic Self, and bypasses all fear, trauma and illusions.  By eliminating this fear and illusion, not only can we learn to cure all disease and illness, we can prevent those things from becoming real.  

THIS is the process of The Science of Truth and Starborn Awakening. Energy is intelligent and knows how to behave and it is contagious.  We don't become ill and die because we get cancer.  We get cancer because we carry multitudes of fear memories in our bodies, and as we go through life we re-experience these things which make us sick and die.  Curing them is a matter of understanding energy as our organic and primal language, and using it to restore ourselves."
Angela Nicastro 

The Art of Integrative Healing has Awakened in New Language 

The Science of Truth and Starborn Awakening are two of the most important and necessary discoveries of the 21st Century.  So much so, they are registered with the Library of Congress to ensure the longevity of the work and its process for many centuries to come. 

Ancient Astronaut Theorists uncover and discuss abstract theories around our origins.


Proof that Starbeings have visited Earth has been collected from many places on Earth.  Most without definitive explanation, suggestive at best.  It is all theoretical, until now. 

The proof that we are Hybrids, made of both Star Origin and Earth Material is in the DNA.   Experience this profound awakening for yourself!

The  Science of Truth  ...

A New 



Starborn Awakening...


The Call Heard Throughout The Universe 

The Science of Truth is THE definitive body of work comprised of ALL Energy languages.  Language is primarily made of our experiences.  This includes our ancestral information, our own past and current life information, and the information of our species.  Inclusive of how we evolved and the horrors we experienced in the process.  Our Star Origin, which has been largely hidden from our consciousness is also part of our language.   These experiences have become energetic imprints in our cellular memory, and contain wisdom and fear.  Much of the time the wisdom is completely blocked by fear.  The fear, relating to survival, will always take precedence over the wisdom in our "languages", our experiences.  

Life on Earth is much like physics.  A science of energy languages which rely on each other to form experience.  The basic law of physics is that "water will always seek its' own level", meaning we will always attract that which we are innately. And if our internal language is based in survival fear, our primary response to unexpected and planned experiences will be an outcome of this fear. 


If one has any energetic memory imprint which speaks a language of abandonment for example, then one will always "feel or experience themselves as abandoned in life"  And, no matter what the mind chooses, the language of the body will always override those choices, because the true use of will comes from the body-mind.  The body mind experiences itself based on these energetic language imprints.  While the mind is a receptor of information and not capable of translating energy into language.  

So the journey of fragmentation happens and the sense of being powerless to understand what one is experiencing, or the actual source of the experience occurring.  We are a humanity of confused souls living in illusions which come from within us.  The soul does not live in time, so it cannot separate a traumatic experience which happened 3,000 years ago from a choice you are making today.  


We are energy fractals.  We live expanded in all time and experience ourselves in multi dimensional parallels.  Which means we CAN access all time now, in these bodies, and this accessibility allows us to heal past and present simultaneously while creating opportunity for a new future as well.


The Science of Truth is a Light Seed.  An energetic body of integrative truth coming from all time.  I have personally brought and seeded this language here, one fractal at a time.  It has taken me 20 years to finish this, as it was a work in progress for many of my lifetimes.   The process came through thousands of personal DNA transformation sessions, which expanded into hundreds of Channeled Teachings done in class format.  These teachings were given by The Ascended Masters and the Starborn Creators.  All of the work is built into an energetic framework which provides immediate clarity, healing, transformation, restoration, and emergence of truth based in light.  It is nothing short of Miraculous.  


The efficacy and immediacy of the healing is profound in itself, but the expansion of the energy fractals which provide the process still leave me speechless.  One would need LIFETIMES of therapy to achieve what just ONE session or class provides.  


The Science of Truth is an ever evolving language, which expands throughout our known Universe.  It became more than just session work and channeled teachings.  It became THE answer to why we suffer but also provided the radical transformation into truth we were always lacking.  After a while The Guides decided we needed to expand further into Intensive format.  This because the Rebirth was taking form and everyone was feeling the fear, pain, loss and grief being awakened by the physics of universal expansion.  


As the years went by, I was constantly expanding also.  Being the creator of the body of work, I was personally feeling, experiencing and clearing EVERY single piece of the trauma we have ever experienced in our lives.  Not just now but in our 50000 year history on Earth.  The constant inner torment and pain are indescribable, even now.  The depth of understanding still not something easily articulated.  But, let's just say, I get it all in one single BLIP of energy, which unfolds within me and within the session and class work as it is needed in that moment.  And through this connection I have, all things are revealed as TRUTH, understood, cleared, and order restored, hearts, minds and souls healed and transformed.  And, life lived in joy as it should be.  Gifts awakened, choices made, birthing of the Christic Energy from within as the Soul emerges from the illusions and fog.  One is restored to TRUTH, not Earth Truth, Organic, Cellular Soul Truth. 




And,  Starborn Awakening and Transformation emerged out of the Chrysalis of the Universe, bringing with it LANGUAGE from outside of our KNOWN UNIVERSAL EXPANSE....all that was once unknown or incomprehensible about who and what we are, and why we are....was now visible and extracted.  The understanding of ADVANCED physics and zero gravity came through the seed energy of Starborn Awakening.  I had returned to origin, an advanced state of being with extraordinary truths, gifts and capabilities.  I learned quickly that MY GIFTS and CAPABILITIES are of Starborn Origin, which is why they are still incredibly unique to this planet.  I also learned my true purpose in this life was to bring through this language from beyond our known universe, making these Star languages visible here.   This, to change the way we think, live and create, returning each to heart centered knowing, as Creators, awakening to our true potential as Starborns, here to uplift and enlighten those who wish to rebirth into authenticity.  The Game Changer.   

But, what does all of this mind blowing information mean for people?  It means we can FINALLY understand why we are abandoned, why we suffer with such deeply rooted and cataclysmic trauma, and why we are so afraid of dying.  It means the information taken away from us over 50,000 years ago is now returned in its organic state of undiluted truth.  It means we can now reconnect with our Star Creator origins and awaken within us the TRUE and EXTRAORDINARY NATURE OF OUR ESSENTIAL BEING, OUR ESSENCE WHICH IS NOW ENCASED IN A BODY.  ALL THAT HAS BEEN HIDDEN IS REVEALED AS WE TRIUMPH OVER THE DARKNESS AND LIES WHICH HAVE REDUCED OUR HUMANITY TO A GROUP OF LOST, WANDERING, CONFUSED AND POWERLESS SOULS ALWAYS SEARCHING FOR AN IDENTITY WHICH WE COULD NOT FIND.......BEFORE NOW. 

Starborn Awakening is the MOST advanced state of living we can have in our times.  It creates direct access for us.  We access FUTURE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY WHICH DOES NOT EXIST ON THIS PLANET EXCEPT FOR STARBORN AWAKENING LANGUAGE.  The pathways to truth are incredibly expanded and reformed from the origin of truth as each makes their way through the darkness of lies and illusions.  This information is encoded in our DNA but has been dormant for eons of time, only now awakening because the vibration of Earth and the Universe has expanded taking us all into higher realms of awareness and consciousness.  The heavier, denser material of fear and its ilk MUST be left behind for one to uphold these Starborn Frequencies. We can no longer live like victims putting our power outside of us into illusions, lies and outdated belief systems.  To be authentic we must live from our Divine Birth Right as Creators. This means taking responsibility for ALL that lies within us and our part in what lies outside of us. 

And so, the Starborn work was a natural birthing (expansion of the fractal of truth) from the Science of Truth, progressing through various Star Languages and Frequencies which emerge as truth in our awareness and our lives.  Of such advanced understanding the work encompasses full essence healing techniques such as The Divine Restoration Body Scan.  Alone, this process touches on every single bit of encrypted energy which comes from inside and outside of our known universe.  Facilitated through our Star being Creators in zero gravity space, ANY and ALL ailments can be addressed, healed, transformed and Divine Alignment restored.  This means we can heal something before it manifests on a physical level.  By addressing ALL trauma on energy level particles, The Creators  see where you are out of alignment because of fear or trauma, bring in whatever is necessary to heal and transform that piece of you and bring wholeness and vibrant health into physical form.  

What our Science seeks to learn and know about our bodies and advanced physics is already here and operational through Starborn Awakening.  It is ADVANCED HUMONOLOGY gone viral. 

STARBORN AWAKENING AND TRANSFORMATION IS OUR STARBORN CREATOR LANGUAGE.  An immediate and recognizable knowing, the long awaited assistance for real life change.  THIS makes our Origin Real, NOW. 

Fractal Image for The Science of Truth and Starborn Awakening 

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