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Classes, Seminars and Intensives 2021

The schedule for 2021 is being worked on. Check back for updates to our new schedule or you can join our newsletter above to stay informed.

What Happens in Angela's Classes?  

Exploring the hidden imprints behind the illusions of pain and fear, Angela, receives clear and powerful Guidance from the Benevolent Tribe of Ancient Creators,  You know them as Celestial Beings, Angels, Ascended Masters, and now through the window of opportunity Angela has created with the Starborn Awakening work, the Starbbeing Creators have joined in the group of Master Teachers and Healers.  With them has come incredibly advanced science and physics, further expanding humanity's platforms for awakening and change.  Core recognition is a gift we receive from these Beings.


 Recognizing that each client has a personal and unique need for specific guidance, Angela delivers information and awareness at the level of core truth, in language accessible to all.  The Guides loving presence provide the trust of a sacred space, as each person is freed from blocks, pain and trauma.  Each person leaves the event with a renewed sense of spirit, truth and confidence allowing continued growth and expansion.  Angela has been a leading expert on the unprecedented shift and rebirth which allows each to transform individually and as a group.  

Many have referred to these classes as a "Modern Day Shamanic Journey" which once took lifetimes to experience, can now be experienced through one event.   Because of her extensive background Angela calls on her many experiences and gifts such as Evolutionary Astrology, Medium-ship, and her role as an expert in DNA transformation, an Energy Science which is new to humanity to channel newly unfolding spiritual teachings.  These teachings comprise the class work, creating a new paradigm for the new humanity.  All who attend leave unmistakably touched, healed, transformed and restored. 

Below is an example of one of our classes from last year.

April  2020 

April 13, 2020  Event At Core Wellness, Little Falls NJ

“The Beginning of Infinity Lies Within Your DNA”

Angela Nicastro on Expansion, Rebirth and Infinite Creator Potential

Saturday April 13, 2020

10 am to 4 PM

Class Fee $150.00


Aligning to a New Life:  A Channeled workshop to Reach your Highest Potential

Presented by Angela Nicastro

The Science of Truth©

Starborn Awakening and Transformation©


Work with Angela Nicastro and Her Star Guides to make trans-formative breakthroughs on your life journey.

In her widely experienced works of channeled material and teachings, Angela creates new and exciting paradigms for Authentic living in the New times.  Included in her work is deep and trans-formative teachings for personal and trans-personal expansion and rebirth.


“This type of transformation is directly and powerfully done through DNA transformation.”  DNA Transformation is a new life science, brought together through Angela and her guides.  This is a direct approach to identifying and clearing emotional trauma and fear, stored in the DNA.  We use simple yet advanced physics in this process for thorough results lasting beyond this life.  This work is for anyone who needs healing and/or is in search of truth.


This workshop introduces the new Life Science of DNA Transformation, complete with insights, tools and direct guidance for healing, awakening, transformation, rebirth and stepping into potential.

Everything begins as energy.  Before it is emotional, before it is physical it is energy.  Energy awareness crosses time and space because in truth, we live in “all time is now”.  Embedded information from past lives, species trauma and ancestral imprints are energetically imprinted as “patterns, belief systems and fears” in our DNA.  We cannot change what we are in the mind, we must change it in the body.  Rather than taking lifetimes to accomplish, Angela provides tools and channeled teaching from the Ascended Beings for true, trusted, here and now energetic transformation which gives immediate results to her clients.  The awareness in the body is constantly expanding and transforming as a result of her work.  This process leads one to “step into potential” and awaken to their greatest self.


In this program which includes channeled lectures, attunements and energy activation's for Starborn DNA you will also have the opportunity to:

Receive individual instruction from Angela’s Guides, the Starborn Creators

Attune to higher frequencies in ways you can trust and feel

Awaken and develop your natural healing abilities as a medium. Empath, channel and more

Free yourself with the “clearing energy” given in the class.  This energy provides continued opportunity for self-healing, awakening and transformation.  Once it is integrated, you will have it forever.


Gain additional tools (specific to the group) to awaken authenticity and love within.


Start on your true path to empowerment, freedom and authenticity today!  Seating is limited.

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Event Address:

Core Wellness Centers

2nd Floor

27 E.Main St.

Little Falls NJ  07424

(928) 440-4708

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