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Losing a loved one is a devastating experience.  And, most people never really heal the grief produced in the heart as a result of the loss.  Providing an opportunity to meet with your loved ones in Spirit can be a profoundly healing experience.  This connection is validation of life after death as the heart and mind begin to understand a new truth and the heart can heal.  Sometimes it is a matter of unfinished business or guilt which can stop the living from actually living life here.  Closure is important in the healing process, especially if the death was accidental or unexpected.  Many parents lose children, sometimes in circumstances they cannot understand, leaving them devastated.  And, unfortunately, the rate of drug induced deaths and suicides are on the rise, many due to planetary changes we are currently experiencing.

If we can understand the bigger picture around “death” and the afterlife, we can alleviate many of the symptomatic emotional responses and pain which is carried after a loved one leaves this world.

Having a mediumship session can give you the peace necessary for you to understand and heal the entire trauma associated with a loved one’s passing.

Mediumship sessions can be done in person or telephonically.  I also offer Message Circles monthly.  You can also host a Message Circle for friends and family at your location.  Call to schedule. 

Angela has extensive experience and qualifications in Mediumship.  Her first experience with her natural abilities came at the age of 3 years old, after her father had suddenly passed on at the age of 45.

Shortly after his passing, Angela who was very close to her dad, began "seeing" him sitting in his favorite chair.  She would relay conversations with him to her Mom, who also had psychic gifts.  Not capable of understanding death at 3 years old, Angela experienced dad as living and continued these conversations for several years, until she was able to understand he had 'died".  Unfortunately this understanding changed her , confusing her,  until a few years later when she began "seeing" spirits again.  Although unrecognizable to her, she lamented and began speaking to them.  Most wanted a connection to the living, to someone who could still see them.  Others were stuck and needed help moving forward.  And, still others who did not know they had passed, looked for family and other familiar people.

And the story continued as many years later, Angela and her gifts evolved.  Today, she is still revered as a powerful medium and healer.  Her later work includes The Science of Truth and Starborn Awakening, both new languages brought to Earth to awaken and evolve people away from fear and trauma, bringing them to organic process and rebirth.  

Deeply varied and unique, Angela continuously uses her Mediumship skills to enlighten, assit, heal and transform her clients. 

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