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The New Experience For Profound Healing ,  Conscious Expansion, Freedom and Authenticity 

Love Expanded

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“I am an extraordinary visionary, a one of a kind Master Spiritual Teacher.  I have the ability to penetrate the deepest, darkest and most difficult illusions about who we are, the lies, and the information stored in our DNA, which no longer serves a necessary purpose.  I work individually and collectively to awaken souls to their brilliant potential, using the Ancient Light Language of Truth.”  

The Science of truth

“The Art of integrative Healing has Awakened in New Language. The Science of Truth is THE definitive body of work comprised of ALL Energy languages.  Language is primarily made of our experiences.  This includes our ancestral information, our own past and current life information, and the information of our species.  Inclusive of how we evolved and the horrors we experienced in the process.  Our Star Origin, which has been largely hidden from our consciousness is also part of our language.   These experiences have become energetic imprints in our cellular memory, and contain wisdom and fear.  Much of the time the wisdom is completely blocked by fear.  The fear, relating to survival, will always take precedence over the wisdom in our "languages", our experiences.” 

Starborn Awakening

“What does all of this mind blowing information mean for people?  It means we can FINALLY understand why we are abandoned, why we suffer with such deeply rooted and cataclysmic trauma, and why we are so afraid of dying.  It means the information taken away from us over 50,000 years ago is now returned in its organic state of undiluted truth.  It means we can now reconnect with our Star Creator origins and awaken within us the TRUE and EXTRAORDINARY NATURE OF OUR ESSENTIAL BEING, OUR ESSENCE WHICH IS NOW ENCASED IN A BODY.  ALL THAT HAS BEEN HIDDEN IS REVEALED AS WE TRIUMPH OVER THE DARKNESS AND LIES WHICH HAVE REDUCED OUR HUMANITY TO A GROUP OF LOST, WANDERING, CONFUSED AND POWERLESS SOULS ALWAYS SEARCHING FOR AN IDENTITY WHICH WE COULD NOT FIND.......BEFORE NOW.”

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