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7 ways of getting closer to yourself

Think of the most beautiful thing you have ever seen...what comes to mind? Can you smell it, feel it, taste it? Which sensations alight in you when you have the memory?

Now, ask yourself what takes the beauty away from you? Become aware of your thoughts, what is happening in your mind. What is the message you are receiving ?

No, seriously do it, now. Don't just read about it sit down and do it. What are you running from. All we want to do is help you to feel love, so you can get closer to yourself.

Maybe I should call this post: 7 things NOT to do if you want to get closer to yourself.

Let's see:

JUDGEMENT - This is the #1 process we feed into keeping us from truly loving ourselves. How can we love ourselves unconditionally if we continue to judge the way we live or the things we do?

Please consider changing the way you live if you feel compelled to judge. Judgement only creates separation which is obviously counter productive to the goal of self-love. If you don't like things about yourself, your hair, how you look or how you treat people then just make changes and create behaviors more aligned with truth.

BLAME Well, how in the world can anyone find unconditional love within themselves if BLAME is even a thought? How about we take responsibility and learn from our choices and actions, and decide to make a different choice in the future? One word comes to mind, forgiveness.

Of course, escaping responsibility through forgiveness is not what we mean. We mean soul searching forgiveness, and understanding the path which took you to the behavior in the first place. Forgiveness is not an excuse to continue in the wrong behavior and say you're sorry. If you are truly sorry, then you won't repeat the behavior again. Don't you just hate that, when people say they are sorry, and then just keep doing the same thing over and over? take a lesson from that.

SHAME: Again, how in the world can one know love if they carry shame ? Some people carry so much shame, even from other incarnations. Shame blocks the receptive energy and does not allow us to embrace our true self-expression. Shame is always attached to guilt and worthiness, read on.

GUILT: Another powerhouse of a word. Go ahead, walk into the word GUILT. How does that feel? Not like love at all...not good at fact, like shame, guilt makes us want to run and hide ourselves away. In some cases, its so bad that we cannot even look ourselves in the mirror. Imagine what vibes we give off when we are steeped in guilt. How about, others cannot trust you, because their bodies "read" the guilt in you and recognize the sense of wrong doing. This would be true even if you have consciously done nothing to provoke this. Energy is a language kids, go back and read that post.

RAGE: Focusing rage on the self or on anyone else is a definite indicator of something deeply disturbing in people. Rage hides a wound. Rage comes from unhealed trauma which created great pain. Its usually a betrayal of some type. Rage is one of those behaviors which needs very deep discovery to overturn. People like their rage. It makes them feel powerful. It gives them a false sense of control and safety. After all, people with so much rage are insane and can't be trusted. So others back down and away, giving the person with the rage a false idea of control and power. Not true at all. Pushing people away is not love.

ABANDONMENT - All of the above create the need to abandon the self. This includes the need to live behind illusions, fears, masks and a life which requires your heart to be closed. Not love at all. One major reason we abandon ourselves is because we don't feel worthy of love at all. Growing up with abuse or experiencing past incarnations filled with abuse, spiritual and otherwise equal abandonment. We will get in spiritual abuse at another time, but I will say it is more widespread and powerful than people know. All abuse is powerful in the sense the person being abused is compromised on every level and consequently lives in a victim mentality.

VICTIMIZATION - Living in a victim mentality is the absolute worst thing we could do to ourselves. Equally, victimizing others is just as bad. Being a victim clearly indicates a sense of powerlessness, even if one is inherently powerful. Sometimes people choose to remain in a victim place in life so they do not have to face the reality they have created and walk the path of change. I will write a complete interpretation on victim.

Of course, we need to delve more deeply into the victim pieces. Usually, we carry something in our DNA which draws victimization to us. Think dark ages....or self-victimization, abuse, abandonment, addictions. More to come on this topic.

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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