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The Evolution of A Soul Outside of "Time" Last Call Intensive 10.29.17

According to the Evolutionary Guides time is irrelevant to our Soul Journey. That means our cellular information, or trauma is also unaffected by time. Our cellular information is in fact called to itself, or magnetized to itself by frequency. So all of our trauma experiences associated with abandonment would gravitate together on a very low frequency creating an entire language of "abandonment". This is why the pattern of being abandoned repeats itself over and over again. It doesn't always have to happen in the same way, like through a partner. It can happen in jobs, friendships, children, etc.

If you were to try and understand and pull apart the patterns of why and how you became abandoned, it would feel like walking backward through a maze of insanity. This happens because in your current state of awareness, you are unable to reason away the true cause of the trauma. You are living the symptoms or in the illusion of the symptom. The confusion about why these patterns repeat is maddening. Without clarity and true understanding of WHY it happened in the first place, the BODY/MIND is virtually unable to CHANGE how the experience happens - and time does not change it either. I have said many times energy is intelligent and knows how to be what it is - in other words, one who has been ABANDONED knows how to be abandoned, and the energy imprint of the experiences continues to exponentially expand itself through more of the same experiences. This same scenario is true for ALL trauma memories as they become an embedded frequency of language in your cells.

We have many different spiritual and conventional remedies for what ails us. But, if we do not get to the source or cause of the trauma, then we cannot fully and effectually heal the causal moment and collapse the exponential experiential language which creates the patterns in our lives. Not just change how the body/mind exposes us to reality, but collapse the fear patterns completely and return to our organic language of truth. In this truth lies all potential, including the elimination of disease and illness.

So, what "time" in life is the right time to stop searching, digging, trying things and get the point of actually healing something through core transformation? Energy is intelligent, and as the frequency or vibration becomes higher, it becomes more intelligent. So, higher frequency languages such as grace, love, truth are vastly more intelligent in their ability to create unconditional love than fear, rage, resentment, etc. Remembering that each of these emotions is unto itself a language of exponential value, it is easy to understand why, if we are living through fear or lack, we continue to create more fear or lack, simply because the truth is fear and lack are not love. Regardless of how much you desire truth or love as your core language, FEAR, ABANDONMENT, REJECTION, and all other fear based memories will continue to overpower the lesser understanding of love as a language.

We spend countless hours of our precious lives 'doing'....we invest our time and money in 'things' and other people. We are consumed with technology which puts us all at risk of further losing our connection to what really matters most - ourselves. How do you measure what is most important to your life and by what standards are those measurements taken? Why do you always seem to be the last investment of time, energy, money willing to be made? When will you choose to commit to a dedicated path of learning, transforming and becoming? Why do we all spend our lives trying to fix people and things which seem to be broken, instead of truly empowering ourselves and moving away from the old ways? It isn't hard at all - we are just conditioned to believing the old ways of life are the only ways. We still haven't gotten it yet - it is "time" for a new way, the true way of living, being and creating to emerge. And when I say time, I mean Evolutionary Opportunity.

If you truly desire and choose authentic living, change, then a true commitment to yourself must be made, now. Otherwise the "things" and experiences you choose to invest in will bring only partial awareness of what needs to change and for the most part not provide you with actual tools for that change to happen. Still wasting valuable time trying to understand, where taking the direct path to change will bring about desired results in a much less period of "time" and provide you with the tools you need, now.

I find most people don't take the transformation very far because they fear being unmasked, which means inevitable change. But, wouldn't change be necessary for something new to emerge? The bigger question to ask yourself is why you fear change in the first place? I bet somewhere in your awareness is the word "exposure". This wouldn't be the causal moment of the fear. Again, being exposed is a symptom of something much deeper and more painful. And, surely the reason it is easier to hold on to the mask, the fear and the illusions. But this is NOT freedom and it never will be. Nor is it truth or love. The quickest way to the heart is a direct path of unmasking the truth within. As the Crow Flies.....

A few things:

IF you are ready to do some deeper work and find out why and what you may be hiding or hiding from, you are called to attend the Intensive on Sunday, October 29th from 10 AM to 5 PM (Little Falls). The fee for the Intensive is $260.00. Participation Approval required and credit card payments must be made prior to Sunday. If you wish to participate, contact me asap.

The Sun is in Scorpio bringing to light hidden energy of old darkness - rage, resentment, hatred, and all which belongs to the Scorpio world. Jupiter in Scorpio for the next 12 months will further expand on these feelings, behaviors and tendencies, whether coming from you or at you, same difference. Old patterns of resentment and revenge could surface and provide you with a year of unpleasantness - but remember, Jupiter is the planet of truth and enlightenment, in Scorpio can provide you with a path for the Phoenix to rise, triumphant and "exposed: for all of its goodness. Scorpio is a very powerful energy but likes to hide its true motivations. Be warned, you will see in people and yourself things you prefer not to see or know. But, you can do something about it. The Brotherhood and I have made it much easier for you to know what lies hidden deep in your cellular consciousness. Those things left unattended WILL surface as reality in your life. (see above). The best path to change is to address what lies dormant in darkness before it rears its painful and unwanted experience in your life. Ask yourself if you have suffered enough, or if you still believe someone else is causing your suffering....... Are you done with the lies?

The Power to Change your reality lies within you. You just have to make the commitment and show up. Taking responsibility is part of creating change. Leaving fear behind is MOST POWERFUL. As a creator of your own reality, being brilliant means you are no longer creating from fear. Nothing is more powerful than the Truth. Truth is Love - no questions asked!

If you cannot make this Intensive, you can make similar progress through a private session. The difference is the Intensive provide you with the opportunity to clear ALL core issues which come up for the group gathered that day, which is usually 6 people. It is a deeply transformative experience which continues to unfold long after the day has ended. You will not find anything which provides you with a deeper, more powerful experience of truth.

As you can see each day, the world is spinning faster and faster making it more difficult to stay grounded and connected. This is true because something of a false nature lies between you and your grounding core truth. Lifetimes of pain, madness, fear, separation, rejection, confusion, unworthiness are sitting in that unconscious space between. Why wait for gravity to pull it into reality and have to deal with the loss, grief or abuse of the pattern when you can make a true commitment to yourself NOW and be done with it.

How many times have you said, "If only I knew then what I know now, I would have done it all differently"? Then you sit and ponder how it could have happened, turned out the way it did, then you blame yourself for whatever it was. And, in spite of what you may have thought you were choosing, something totally different showed up instead? The years go by, and still you seem to have no real power to make yourself happy. Well, once again I remind you that ALL of what you create comes from what lies hidden in your DNA. If you do not address the fear and the trauma, the way your life is created will not change. What is it going to take before you finally stand up and say NO MORE! And begin the unmasking of hidden information which will ultimately lead you to empowered vision and unconditional love? Start by asking yourself why FEAR is more powerful than taking a stand for loving yourself...... The truth you are seeking already lies within you - the recognition, the acknowledgment that you are worthy and you are a Divine Source of Love - a Creator of the Highest Esteem - only, you are the one who doesn't know it. You tell yourself its true, but do you "know" it in your heart and soul? If you did, then you would also know FEAR and ILLUSIONS are not love, nor are they necessary.

I know DNA transformation and direct healing is still a new and little understood concept on this planet. But this is true for all great things which come into reality. Each invention was nothing until it became what it was, and its purpose and usefulness were established through regular experience. The Science of Life, DNA Transformation is such a thing. New and directly empowering, it puts our past to rest and awakens new and uncharted territory within our cellular energy. We all 'have information in our cells from the beginning of time. And, as the frequency of Earth expands, we too have the opportunity to expand. We are moving away from fear and into the heart of love.

You already have the power - are you ready to unveil it to yourself? Being the BEST you can be starts by knowing what lies within your DNA. The only authentic path to empowerment is exactly that: Being Authentic and choosing to love yourself over being disabled by fear. YOU must become the partner you wish to have in life, and by the same token, you must become the love that you are if you wish to live a life established in love. Let today be THE day for change.

The Universal Brotherhood of Light, et. al

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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