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Launch of The Sacred Feminine Initiative Sept. 22, 2017, Autumnal Equinox

The Gathering of Souls who wish to participate in this Launch is a priority at this time. We are looking for others, especially Women who have walked the sacred path of Initiation, and have developed a more authentic connection to the self. Men, who are transforming and awakening the heart chakra are also welcome in this group. Those who wish to create a heart centered relationship, and step into the "new" paradigm of true empowerment.

For some time now I have been preparing to launch the Science of Truth into secular humanity. We have come a long way in our awareness and gathering of insight and frequencies which can and will benefit masses of people. At this time, The Sacred Feminine identities are in need of deep healing, transformation and awakening.

For thousands of years, the Feminine Aspect of the Divine Creator has been subjugated, abused, outcast, put to death and has been rendered powerless by those in authority.

The organic healing abilities possessed by women have been labeled "against god" and women who have been brave enough to bring forth these natural abilities have suffered untold horrors, losing family, children, belongings and worse. Women have suffered for thousands of years with loss of identity, crippling fear, resentment, rage, abandonment, unworthiness, on and on. Our Divine Birthright is FREEDOM, freedom to be as we are, freedom to express who we are, and freedom to live as we are meant to love. As I write this short info post, I think about thousands of women I have met and worked with over these past 25 years. I think of the unending pain they were living in, the absolute crippling fear around leaving a spouse who is mistreating them, the number of women who feel "punished" each and every day of life simply because they are women. The horrors of on going injustice. And, I remember my own personal journey of loss, trauma, abandonment and fear.

This information is REAL. I lives in the DNA, the cellular memory of all of us. We all carry species and ancestral trauma, along with our own Soul experiences. The majority of these memories are seeded in fear. It is time we all face the truth about our lives. They won't get better, relationship patterns won't change, and the dream won't come true unless we forever CHANGE the messaging in our DNA.

The science of Epi-genetics has substantiated the idea of DNA patterning taking over mainstream behaviors. These trauma memories create patterns which start as energy and at the peak of manifestation become physical. Once the physical manifestation happens, it is much more difficult to change the behavior messaging of the cells.

Women typically end up with some form of CANCER, due to the FEMALE GENERATED FAILURE MESSAGES IN THE DNA. Being empowered does not begin in the mind, it begins and ends with the energy languages in the CELLS. As does authentic healing and truth.

This DNA work is a new science. It is a Life Science. It is A New Paradigm for the New Times. We all need tools which are authentic and thorough. We need to transform and have access to preventative care also. Our natural way is to live organically in our Light Body, guided by and through our Spirit with a clear connection to our Co-Creators. Most people have left this way of life behind long ago. And for those who chose to uphold it, the confusion, pain and conflict associated with organic living on Earth is exhausting. Our minds, bodies, organs and spirit are compromised, as is the likelihood of reaching our true potential.

We who have walked the path of The Sacred Initiate are now being called to assist those who cannot or do not know how to awaken themselves. We have the skills, information and opportunity to walk a new path of TRUTH. Rising from the ashes of our ancestors, our past experiences and allowing the wisdom to guide us, we now know FEAR is the true destructive emotion in our bodies. All fear must be destroyed, as we move into a new paradigm of authentic empowerment.

Over the past 25 years I have personally walked through and transformed each and every single element of our genetic barriers. I have awakened the Starborn DNA and brought for a new seed language which is now ready to speak the language of the uninitiated, secular humanity, and to those who are still weakened from their own trauma. This project will become a huge opportunity for us as healers to reach far beyond our edges and soar into the new vibrations of light. In doing so, we will access and create through the highest of light energy, desperately needed on earth. The rebirth defined speaks to this opportunity. And, we now have all that is needed to awaken, heal, transform and assist those women and children who so desperately need authentic empowerment. Away from fear, trauma, oppression. Bringing into the light the most authentic Sacred Feminine Dialogue, Energy and Truth we have ever witnessed as a Humanity.

I invite you to join in this Sacred Initiative with me and the Divine Creators, who have called me to initiate this on their behalf. All contributions of time, energy and interest are welcome.

As I announced a month ago, we are having a preliminary meeting on Friday, September 22, 2017 at 7:30 PM. This meeting will be held at my house in Little Falls. I am just looking for people who think they are a good fit and interested in some way. After this meeting we will begin more formal gatherings, and connect people with roles. During this meeting, I will explain the objective and the possible ways in which it can be achieved. And, this is a great networking opportunity as well. I would like to establish a fundamental tenant for the objective and begin putting a structure in place. Most likely we will have a small group of board members, along with administrative rolls. Once we launch, I think events which include healers, business owners, etc.,, will become common.

As I said, this is preliminary. I want to hear from you. Tell me about your life, what you need(ed) as a woman, and where you stand today. You will benefit greatly by helping others. It is our time to shine.

We also have a Gathering with Mary Magdalene on Friday, Sept, 29th, 7:30 PM. This is a healing class, as per her request. ($60.)

If you are joining us on Friday, please RSVP. The Meeting begins promptly at 7:30 PM.

Absentee Status: If you do not live locally and would like to know more about this Movement, please call or email me. A digital download of our upcoming meeting can be emailed to you with in depth information. You will be included in all correspondence from the group. Since I will be taking the classes and Intensives on the road, we can discuss scheduling in your area. An Incentive program will be established. You will be my guest at any event we co-host, and a percentage of the event will be given to you in appreciation of your time.

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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