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Tools, Transformation and TRUTH

It's Spring! And with the new elements in nature also comes the new elements we have been planting in our lives, hearts and souls. Are you happy with how your planting and harvesting has been going? Are you ready to let go and awaken the new, powerful and untamed visions of freedom, authenticity and direct manifestation of your dreams, passions and desires?

Much has changed throughout this past year. We are witnessing the unveiling of all that has been hidden in the world. At the same time, those who are here to awaken to truth and assist others in doing the same have been experiencing a very painful and rapid transformation. Living "the truth" is not an easy accomplishment because it means uncovering and letting go of old and outdated illusions and lies we carry within our belief systems and our DNA. This includes traditions, ancestral and species trauma - all that can no longer serve our highest potential on Earth.

We are standing on shaky ground as a humanity. All that we have chosen in the past has brought us to where we now stand. Collectively and individually. As a Soul group, we are awakening to our greater birth, our rebirth, our ascension. Bringing our Soul completely into our body and living from the awareness the soul brings forth. This requires TRUST and trust can only come when one is out of fear. Fear lives in our DNA. Fear comes from experiences already lived with outcomes of abandonment and loss. If we fear something, most times we will avoid the experience altogether, unless of course, our soul has other plans for us.

Making it work in this world is difficult for most people. We choose to believe those we recognize as "authorities" even when our intuition tells us something else. If we can't make sense out of what we intuit, then we think "I must be wrong". How can I see/feel/think/believe something which is totally opposite from what the majority of people believe - as a way of life..... BUT if we logically stood back from what everyone believes is right and really, truly asked ourselves what is true, we would be astonished at the answers we receive. This being said, it is time to come to terms with what we organically are.

We are Starborn, we are magnificent light beings who have been hiding under rocks for millennia because we are too smart to be fooled again. However, hiding underground has also cost us plenty! We have lost our identity, our tools, our truth and our ability to live without fear. We are also part of a slave race. One that has been controlled and forced into slavery to the "PTB" for thousands of years. Although we have come to free those who are trapped, disillusioned, ill, powerless, etc., WE have fallen victim to the same patterns of fear as our fellow humans. BUT, those who are here, now to empower and free their StarTribe are struggling to find their truth and personal empowerment.

It has been about 25 years now I have been bringing, teaching, and using Starborn technology in my work, thus freeing thousands of people who are now living productive, healthy and empowered lives. My work has a life of its own and evolves as we evolve. So no matter where or what, the work is there to heal, transform, awaken, enlighten and empower those who are truly willing to shed their costumes and stand in the truth. Nothing is more liberating and heart empowering than truth.

So, I have created some new experiential workshops and individual session work for those who are ready. As I said above, truth is not for everyone. We must all be ready to unmask ourselves and be brutally honest with the answers we use to create our life. And if you are ready to live authentically, then this is the opportune time to jump in with us!

How do you know if you are ready for truth? Are you stuck, invisible, yearning, empty, disillusioned about relationships, love, career, etc? Are you feeling stuck in a stream or pattern which is holding back your life or your ability to believe in yourself? Do you recognize how "different" you are from peers or others in the world? Do you believe a different "truth" but are rejected or afraid to make it real? The list goes on and on!

If you are ready for rapid transformation and a new direction leading to Soul Potential, then join me and others who are saying YES to truth.

Our new workshop series is being kicked off on April 13 with " Aligning to A New Life", Expansion, Rebirth and lnfinite

Creator Potential"

A profound experience including channeled teachings, learning tools, attunements and a no holding back kind of intensive. During this event the guides will often give individual clearing and information to help the attendees get on track for truth. You will leave feeling light, bright and confident in who you are! This powerful class is also perfect for healers who wish to be more empowered in helping others heal also.

The Keys to Transformation and Truth are already within you, the live in your DNA. Unlock this amazing and brilliant potential and start living life free of pain, fear, unworthiness and confusion.

Did you know physical, mental and emotional illness and disease come from the roots of fear? We must align ourselves with truth to live energetically well, thus eliminating the illness which could develop from our past remnants of loss, grief, failure, abandonment and fear.

For complete workshop info, click on events tab above. This workshop is being held at Core Wellness in Little Falls, NJ. Seating is limited so sign up today!

As always, if you cannot make this event, a digital copy will be available. You can also schedule a private session or body scan to address fears, blocks and illusions.

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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