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A Special Transmission From The Galactic Council on Love

Happy Love Day

I received this transmission from the Galactic Brotherhood of Light in February 2005. At the time, the information had yet to be experienced and understood. The words describe the rebirth in a prophetic way. The unfolding of this truth has been profound and intelligently ascribed by our heart, soul and the All. The message is about the sacred energy of our Evolutionary Birthing Process, the expansion of the Universal Light Languages and how we on Earth are meant to integrate these new energies as experience in Oneness.

As we proceed forth in our own way, we meet ourselves in every shadow, every turn of our conscious mind and unconsciousness reasons for why we are who we are. However, the message of the rebirth is to recognize the PAST is gone - not just in words to live by, but in the way those past experiences have lived within our Cellular Memory and our Soul Expansion energy. If WE CHOOSE to do so, we can now recognize the core of our fear and allow it to be transformed by THE REBIRTH ENERGIES OF HIGH INTELLIGENCE AND TRUTH. Light is powerful because it is intelligent. Energy knows what to be, as it is organic to our core Spirit. If we allow ourselves to be moved forward without resistance we will experience the pleasing effects of the rebirth, the freedom which comes from letting go and true empowerment of a life lived without fear.

The Highest Intelligence of our Essence, our wholeness is to become once again what we once were. The goal of our lives lived on Physical Plane Earth is to see ourselves as pure love. For this to happen, we MUST first live from SELF-LOVE. This is organic language in our Essence but has been destroyed through evolution, fear and belief systems which are founded on unworthiness and fear. None of which are now or were ever true. The problem with moving away from old patterns and fear happens when we lose touch with the internal, organic truth of Light. And, so, during a rebirth (unprecedented) we are able to meet with the HIGH LIGHT frequencies which touch and illumine our Spirit, bringing a new awareness and connection to LOVE. BUT WE MUST CHOOSE IN EVERY MINUTE TO UPHOLD THIS SACRED CONNECTION OF SELF-LOVE AND TRUTH. To do this, we must also recognize fear as illusion and grant our willingness the power to let go, walk away and open to a higher truth, a most expanded self, and meet our true potential. Leaving behind people, belief systems and situations which bring us pain and cause us harm. Space must be created for the new to come in. And, painful trauma keeps our bodies stuck in lower vibrations. These low vibrations cannot allow our expansion into love.

Healing can be a very heavy and painful process for us because our Fear is powerful and our inability to see the difference between the truth and the lies is less than adequate. Our true North is buried beneath billions of layers of information coming from our ancestors, species trauma and our own past life experiences. We need a way to find the true structure in the random chaos of that information. That is what I provide for people who are ready to release and thrive in this life and in future lives. The freedom from that debris which enslaves us to a way of life no longer acceptable or viable. NOW we have a new way to meet the Love that we Are, directly from the vibrations of joy and happiness. And immediately uplift bringing each individual to a vibration where the heart essence can know itself as love and move forward from that place instead of upholding fear. These patterns can take lifetimes to understand and change. You have other choices now. Serious people need serious solutions to the problems and struggles presented from this DNA information. We offer direct access and THE ENERGY necessary to move you forward in accelerated ways, Into Truth and Love.

The new sessions, focused in Heart Expansion are now available to those who are ready. They are short, direct and packed with tons of energy, which is the language of truth. Nothing is higher or more powerful than truth. And, when you are living from truth, all is potential and love. These short sessions are currently being introduced for $90.00 because we are serious about Healing the Human Heart Through Divine Love and introducing a Soul to its Organic Self. The sessions are now called Heart Expansion Sessions, focused only on Love. You can schedule anytime by contacting me directly.

To gain maximum benefit from the transmission, please read it slowly and open to receive the energetic heart expansion which is embedded in the words. Each word is written as it was given to me. Specifically so the languages of energy will be received by the heart, soul and consciousness in the way intended. It needs to be read more than once for deeper understanding. Although it is written for all who are awakened or ready to awaken, I recognize a specific message for true Healers ready to step forth and meet the humanity who is yet to awaken and know, but who are in Spirit ready to do so. This is also why the Guides brought for the DNA Healing and Transformation. To help healers who are ready to step forth into potential. Humanity needs us all. Enjoy!


A Transmission from The Brotherhood of Light February 25, 2005

The Divine centerpiece of life can be found at the root of all existence. At times before, the elements of the earth existed in the shadows of the light, and therefore created an energy that has been unknown to human man. It is the time and within the existence of the One that we bring forth the energies contained within the elements now present on the earth realm to assist with the healing that is now called to be HEALING THE HUMAN HEART THROUGH DIVINE LOVE and SOUL TRANSFORMATION. In now time, that is ALL time, it is a presence of love that has generated enough life and light to become unto itself an element of healing that requires nothing more than a willingness in order to be awakened and effective within the structures of the body, aligned with the energies that permeate the ALL of the universe. The understanding and the depth of this healing energy is notwithstanding its' beneficial force related to the unknown now becoming the known. It is for this seer the energy to maintain a continuous outpouring of love from the white and open heart that resides within, and a continuum of healing that will be the result. It has come to pass that we are now generating enough light to see into the darkness without fear, and to transmute that darkness, and once again integrate the particles that are contained herein into the ALL.

Be it not for the trials and tribulations of man and his civilization this would not have come to pass. Heavenly in stature, Divine in energy, and Human in existence, from the ALL into the ALL lives the omnipresent. Be it so that we are ONE. Those that shall seek this momentum and understanding shall be those pioneers of love ever-present. So shall they be the ONES who will go forward, ever traversing this universe in its' vastness, walking through the halls of darkness, eyes wide open, heart beating and pulsating in resonance with the One Heart, the keepers of life, the bestowers of Heaven on Earth. So shall it be in the Eternal life force beating within every living thing, the same life force that would stream forth as teaching from the heart so that the ALL shall benefit. So shall it be the Healing of the Human Heart, aligned with the true mirror of the Internal Soul, once again emerging with consciousness at the fore. This is the new, the now, the necessary energy of healing that will guide and allow the next step in the forward evolution and togetherness of humanity. Be at ONE with the Heart and HEAR the Music of the Spheres, feel the Alignment and Expression of THE Passion, the Divine Will expressing through the Heart as it is open and Aligned with ETERNAL truth, the truth that is upon us, the truth that is here to teach. We are but mere shadows of our true selves, the remainder residing within our own darkened hearts. It is time for the awakening of life to take place, the rushing once more of the Divine in the coursing of veins within. It is time for the Divine to Align with the Elementals, the Forces of Nature that have patiently awaited humanity's slow and laborious birthing process. Be awakened to the Glorious Day that awaits - do not hesitate a moment longer for the Dawn is upon US and the LIGHT is shining within, ready to stream forth as a rainbow into the life of man. Angela Nicastro

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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