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Welcome back to your rebirth journey. The past 3 years have been similar to "three days of darkness and three days of light". We are standing on the bridge of awakened consciousness, moving toward the "new world". I have recently returned from a Spiritual Sabbatical, enforced by my Spirit team in order to complete my personal rebirth process. Aside from world events, which are in fact directly responsible for the push we needed to move thru the haze into truth, I was going thru my own personal hell as I know many of you were. Waking up each day, wondering where you are and why you feel so off - no answers coming from the Cosmos. I know the feeling very well. While continuing to do private session work, teaching had to take a side bar so my energetics would stay aligned. And, recently, The Ascended Ones nudged me into channeling classes again, all designed for our growth, enlightenment and above all else our alignment with the truth. We are definitely in a very pivotal place in our journey both here on Earth and in the other dimensions where our Higher Self is working tirelessly in assistance to us.

In many ways we are being threatened with the "unknown" based on current world events. Many wonder, what will happen today or what will come tomorrow? Will I make it through, will I have the resources to continue my life - so many veiled and obvious threats to our lives and our world. Clients coming in with intense depth of fear, waking up and having a very difficult time getting through their day. Depression along with the fear can put thoughts into one's mind that wouldn't normally surface. The Guides are here to tell us all, that we can no longer "BARTER" spiritually for what we need. As we have grown into our personal empowerment, so have they shifted into a newer vibration while aligning with our soul. NOT BARTERING means each and every day one must spend time with their personal and transpersonal spirit team even if it amounts to no more than 10 minutes at a time. AND - conversation - is a MUST. WE MUST BE CLEAR AND DIRECT WHEN SPEAKING TO THEM, AND LETTING THEM KNOW EXACTLY WHAT WE EXPECT FROM THEM. THOSE WHO ARE HERE TO ASSIST THE COLLECTIVE CANNOT DO SO IF THEY DO NOT HAVE THE RESOURCES AND SUPPORT NECESSARY TO DO THAT WORK. - THIS MEANS THEY DO NOT WANT TO HEAR THINGS LIKE:



If this type of communication makes you uncomfortable, or feel guilty or angry, then you need to ask yourself why that is. Do you not deserve their help? Are you not worthy of their assistance? Or, are you afraid to empower your words because repercussions may come about? We are done with old Archetypical energies. Take the wisdom and move toward the Empowered Creator you are and have always been. That is the new awareness in the new times. Old energy, belief systems and control habits need to be released in order for the new awareness of who you are to come through. EGO BLINDNESS IS PART OF A SAFETY MECHANISM. LET GO AND ALLOW YOUR GUIDES TO LEAD THE WAY. OUR SOUL KNOWS THE PATH AND WE DO NOT - THESE ARE NEW TIMES, NEW JOURNEYS AND NEW BLUEPRINTS. STOP TRYING TO FIT INTO YOUR OLD ONES! IF YOU CONTINUE TO DO SO YOU WILL REMAIN IN A PAINFULLY STUCK PLACE IN LIFE UNTIL YOU SURRENDER AND ALLOW THE LIGHT TO SHINE FOR YOU. WE MUST ALL TRUST IMPLICITLY IN WHO WE AUTHENTICALLY ARE. SPIRIT CAN DO ANYTHING, BUT WE MUST CHOOSE TO ACCEPT WHAT IS PUT BEFORE US! OFTEN THAT MEANS CHANGE.

I realize everyone has their own personal way of doing their spiritual work and connecting. However, we are in new times and new protocol that matches our Divine Blueprint must be integrated and aligned. If you are still struggling in any way, you must look deeply at why you are afraid, and realize fear is an illusion like so many other things. And, yes, we have all had our share of crap in this life and many others, but we are evolving rapidly and must let go of what holds us back. You can only be afraid of something already experienced, otherwise you wouldn't know to fear something. AND fear is a blocking mechanism, put in place long ago by the OTHERS who have always wanted humanity to be powerless and unable to know their own truth. FEAR is not a causal trauma, it is a symptom, usually of ABANDONMENT, BETRAYAL... You Star DNA is calling for truth, authenticity and awakening. Letting go of the past is the only way to access it fully. Fear and Love cannot co-exist in us, fear is all consuming and is not love. ENERGY CANNOT SEPERATE ITSELF, BRINGING FEAR IN ONE PART OF YOUR LIFE AND TRUTH IN ANOTHER. We learned plenty in our past spiritual journeys, and most of what we learned was false and fear based. Going back to origin and beginning again, having come full circle with integrated wisdom and no trauma is the only way we can authentically rebirth. This is the time, what you have come for, why you are here.....


Pluto has an orbit of 248 Earth Years to make one revolution around the sun. Which means that it has been that many years since Pluto has been in Aquarius. Once in this lifetime and for around 20 years we will be in this Pluto Cycle - all who are here for the NEW AGE will be shown their path. Between now and January 2025, Pluto will dip in and out of Aquarius at the early degrees and back in to Capricorn at the late degrees. Check where this is in your personal natal chart to see where the heaviest energy and greatest awakening will take place.

Also know that this is the birth of the new human, what we as hybrids have come for. We are here to create our own reality and assist with the new earth. The energy of these times is calling our Starborn out into the light because we cannot continue into the light with old energy and old paradigms. WE are the bringers of the NEW DAWN, and it is most certainly upon us. You are stuck because you fear this idea of having an identity not of earth, even if you have known yourself to be a hybrid. It is one thing to know it, hide it and stay safe, another to awaken it and allow it to be visible. We are in times of heightened wars between light and dark, the peak, the end of a battle which began in Atlantean times. We all see what happens to those who are brilliant and bring the truth out into the world. However, if you DO NOT UPHOLD FEAR, you will be safe in these times. FEAR is what allows the control to happen - and I understand how real it is when you are in that state of being. You must work through it and allow it to clear, do NOT justify why you are afraid. If you trust in your spirituality, then you KNOW spirit and your guides are always with you. If you do not trust 100%, then in truth you do not trust. Trusting and fear and always interconnected. So work on it and realize you are re-experiencing something of great consequence from your Atlantean lifetime. A witness to the war of light and dark and all that ensued within humanity as a result of that war. You body remembers and is reacting to not being safe. It is time to choose and allow your inner truth to emerge. We all hold back power to stay safe, but now that action has become a prison for many souls who are suffering with multiple systems of depression and confusion. The time has come for you to shine, but are you truly ready?? TO DO SO YOU MUST BE FREE.


Yes it does exist, everywhere. Earth is a planet of duality, so where the light shines, darkness hides. This is real. Lower vibrating entities are always around us trying to confuse and manipulate us into being afraid and powerless. AND SICK. If you do not believe this, then it is possible you are very stuck in trauma. We all have had experiences lately which don't make sense; how did this happen to me, again; why aren't my words manifesting what I am choosing and much more. Spirit has always said "in no uncertain terms, you must address this issue by being very clear and direct toward these entities - tell them to leave, f... off and never come back. You do not belong here and I have a life to live which doesn't include you" BE DILLIGENT and if things seem amiss then they are. Light attracts darkness.

Also you may be experiencing narcissistic relationships or behaviors in yourself or others. Again, this is the darkness either in your soul or the other person or both. Another sign of advancing awakening - deep in the core of the ego. Narcissism has many faces, including wanting to control or win. Recognize it, take responsibility for your part of it and release it. You may have to also end the relationships to become free of these energies. This is all part of twin flame energy and separating yourself from the fear of being held back. Honestly, most of the time this has to do with money or love.


While you may not always know who your guides are, you can still address them, they know you are speaking to them. ALWAYS ask them for help and don't be shy about it. Our universe is changing, expanding and is filled with satellites causing constant disruptions and energy interference. We must be loud and clear to move past this. And change is happening in the time-space continuum which can be very symptomatic for us. Restlessness, inability to sleep, feeling stretched thru or between dimensions, not feeling present, forgetful, exhausted and more. ALL OF THIS IS PROVIDING US WITH THE OPPORTUNITY TO REBIRTH SO WE MUST NOT FEAR IT.

Additionally, use sage and palo santo regularly, every day to clear yourself and your space. It does help. Taking baths in Epsom salts also clears the negative and toxic energy in the physical and the energy bodies.

You can have a DNA session or BodyScan to clear out residual energy, fear, blocks and trauma. This will also realign you and your soul energy to be unified on the new path. Sessions and Scans also awaken truth within and the DNA ORIGIN you carry. This is where your true empowerment lies dormant and it is needed now to create the new. Be in the world and not of it - stay out of the goings on in the world around you and focus on the world you personally wish to create. Creating fear and scarcity for humanity is the mission of those who wish us to be powerless, therefore we must not give our thoughts, energy or power to it. It will be real if you make it real. Instead focus on your own desires, needs and wants; work with your spirit team and bring it into reality as a creation for your life.

We will have on going classes beginning later this month via Zoom. The classes are energetic languages designed to meet each participant where they are and can be intensely healing. The Star Guides bring new information through in each class helping each to move forward. I would also suggest if something less intense is what you want, visit my son Joe's work at He is continuing the work and has created a new version that works well for those who are a little hesitant or just aren't ready for the intensity of transformation that I offer. I am very proud and excited to have him on the team. He is very gifted in his work. Right now he is offering new client specials so check him out. And remember to subscribe to the mailing list so you will be notified of new posts and offerings. You can also email me directly at to be included in the class email list. We do not sell information.

In closing I would like to thank each of you for being here during these unprecedented times. We are together a powerful force of truth, a collective of soul's whose time has come on Earth. WE ARE A STAR TRIBE REUNITING. Do not take yourself or your life for granted, you are a gift, a much needed instrument of light for humanity. You have not gone unnoticed even if you have felt invisible and unheard. Perhaps it has been all of us who have not honored ourselves, as we have let others take advantage of our kindness or open hearts. Spirit has one final message today - for you to know that your life here has always been about self-love. And when you truly understand that gift, you will be free from all that has plagued and held you back. Remember my soul tribe, fear is not self-love.....and change is the doorway, do not fear it......and so it is.

Be well and nurture your beautifully divine spirit. You matter so very much to those who do not understand or cannot do it alone. They need you ....



Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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