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Special Message from The Universal Brotherhood of Light and Ascended Masters

The Greatest Opportunity of Our Times

"Dear Ones

We have reached a NEW PHASE in these most challenging and rewarding times on Earth. As of today, July 31, 2017 ALL Master Energies coming through must be harnessed and aligned within the NEW STRUCTURES of consciousness.

We have put the call out for all LIGHTWORKERS, HEALERS, MASTER PLANNERS AND THOSE WHO WISH TO AWAKEN NATURAL GIFTS AND TALENTS. And those who wish to live a life based in truth, integrity and unconditional love. And those who wish to be healed.


Addressing the EGO BLINDNESS is most critical to your healing, transformation and awakening at this time. The purpose of this rebirth process is to heal the heart centers and allow divine unity consciousness to be integrated into awareness, thus, every day life. Ego serves only itself, and is not always easily recognizable.

We have spoken many times on this topic. We have spoken much on the topic of FEAR and all of the root causes of fear carried within the DNA or cellular memory of humanity. Addressing and clearing these causal or root elements of fear is mandatory for those wishing to live in true unity consciousness and oneness with the Divine authentication of unconditional love.

While we recognize the spiritual and ego blindness associated with souls on Earth, we have also provided a rapid solution to transforming these fear based illusions, making it a simple and shortened process allowing the languages of truth to be consciousness.

We also recognize many who have the necessary Spiritual Marks to take on more powerful elements during this rebirth process, and many of these souls are blocked by fear stemming from ancestral or past life trauma. We tell you again, within the universal harmonics, one cannot stand empowered and also live in fear.

As you currently stand between two worlds, that of the old and the new, know that residual fear can and will hold you back from stepping fully onto the new paths of consciousness. And as a result, many will not heal or awaken to their highest potential in this lifetime.

"If you are seeking a desired change in your life, then you must change what lies within your current cellular consciousness. THIS information is the true vibrations from which you attract experiences and create your life. Archangel Metatron"

Many of you are already familiar with the "laws of attraction". But should you ask yourself "why" you are not attracting those things and ways of life desired by your heart, even though you "practice" daily things for attraction, look deeply into your own soul, into your true thoughts, feelings and "fear" around survival, being alone, expressing your self, and the many other countless fears carried within your cellular memory, or body mind. These are the true basis or foundation principles from which the "law of attraction" actually work. You cannot be unworthy and worthy at the same time. You cannot be an outcast or one who has been banished and acknowledged, loved and accepted at the same time. You cannot be abandoned and immersed in intimacy at the same time. You cannot have one foot in and one foot out, believe one day and not the next, you cannot remain unsure about your beliefs and choices.

The laws of attraction work from polarities as well. This polarity energy can also be found by looking at astrology. One is not merely their sun sign, they are also the opposite of their sun sign energy. The empowerment lies in learning about both, balancing and integrating those aspects which awaken the true worth of a soul., and evolving it into the next phase or progression. Nothing is stagnant or remains the same unless we make it that way. And working around the entire network of Astrological data, one learns there is not separation, but an integration of the whole of the natal energy, creating a diverse and malleable life of immense depth and opportunity.

However if one does not also uncover and address the deeper root cause of fear and blocks in the soul, then the life journey is spent learning how to overcome the past. We have much to say on these topics, but our purpose today is not to lecture. Our purpose is to alert you to what is coming it the next few weeks and give you ample time to work through your patterns and pain. Change is on the horizon in the most unexpected and unaccounted for ways.

Again, we cannot stress ENOUGH the relevance of fear to restriction, or the opportunity of clearing the root cause of your fear and unfettered freedom. If you wish to be truly empowered in life, you must CHOOSE to remove those things which cause you to struggle, waste, fear and desperately try to create a more fulfilling life experience. Additionally, know that Spiritually, we cannot allow anyone to take on what they are not prepared for. It is our role as Emissaries and Master Teachers to ensure all is as it should be. We put out the call, and wait for those who are serious, ready and willing to answer that call. As we give instruction, those with true willingness will surrender and allow us to guide them toward their highest potential. We can only do this if part of that willingness is letting go of all fears, unworthiness and grief. Illusions are powerful!

Our gratitude and appreciation for your efforts and investment of time, energy and attention will be greatly rewarded as the awakening takes place in full consciousness. Much is coming and all must be prepared to receive and align with the NEW.

Angela is a Master Teacher, part of our Creator Line and our voice on Earth. She has agreed to put aside blocks of time from her regular schedule to accommodate those who hear our words and wish to sit with us for a "soul session". In this time we will walk you through your soul journey, allowing "it all" to make sense to you, giving you the advantage of being aligned and clear. We will offer you insight, guidance and transference of energy patterns into light, realigning your organic DNA structures. This is a monumental opportunity. A simple clearing session is also appropriate and complete.

We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity as you are now standing in the doorway of these most powerful eclipse energies. Eclipses shake the very foundations of all which stand upon them, foretelling change and the imminent future. These particular eclipses will no doubt shake the core of your foundation. The energies contained within them are meant to catapult humanity forward into the new. But, if you are still holding on to the past or clinging to the old ways, this will most definitely be a painful and difficult time in your life. The sensations of being pushed forward while still tied to an anchor making it almost impossible to find your footing. Being rooted in the past is not where you want to be right now.

Additionally, those with Starborn DNA will feel the effects of these Eclipses most directly and powerfully. Either experiencing complete freedom if the past has been resolved, OR feeling the constraints of insanity holding them back if the past has not been resolved. NO pain is more debilitating than the memory of going insane.

We have said enough - if you are ready then this simple message will be empowering and move you into action.

It is so"

From Angela:

As I sat to channel this transmission, I noticed a distinct change in the delivery of the message brought through by the Brotherhood. It is as if they have "let go" in a way, serving each of us by allowing us to decide how serious we are about this rebirth process. Also, I noted a letting go of the usual way they speak about the rebirth - allowing each of us to stand alone and feel it , decide if we truly believe in the reality of our ascension process, or if we are merely "playing" with these words, ideas and energies (which is part of ego blindness). And, finally, I definitely know they are not "playing around with us". I feel after these eclipses on August, 7 and 21, life as we have known it will change permanently. We will be fully unable to go backward and if we do not choose to go forward, we will always feel trapped between, eventually falling into our old behaviors and belief systems because the new will not have been grounded into our cellular energy. I believe the game is over all the way around, truly.

I have been working with the Universal Brotherhood of Light (inclusive of Ascended Masters and Starbeing Creators) for well over 25 years. A very long time for sure and being inside of that energy, I am a witness of the process and the transformation and conscious evolution which is taking place on Earth right now. I have been through much in my personal life due to the commitment I made to be a teacher and healer in these times, taken to task many, many times to learn and understand the psychology of a soul. I have also had to reaffirm my commitment to humanity during the most trying times of my life. Having done so, I can also see the changes taking place and the relative opportunities we all have to heal and have lives created from love. From my personal vantage point, it is obvious that we cannot live any other way but the way of truth, upholding respect for our Divine Birthright, and living from true worthiness. Nothing else is true. Yet everyone is being caught up in the traps of lies and illusions showing as fear and pain. Many gifted and special souls are leaving the planet because they don't know one simple truth: All that lies within us can be healed, transformed and awakened into truth. THIS is freedom and allowing. Truth needs no words, as it is, it is organically aligned with the ALL of creation, and therefore, capable of creating from within itself the experience we are born to live.

Many people come to me because they cannot find an equal love or ask about what blocks their success in life. Others because they do not know "why" they feel such deep pain and abandonment which doesn't match up with who they are. In one simple answer, it is because they are afraid of THE truth...of course individually they have different trauma memories which carry this fear of truth into each life they live. Especially women. And BTW, we are ready to launch the Women's Initiative, so if you are in a position to connect women with the healing they need, please speak to me about possibly working with me on these projects.

Living in pain, sadness, grief, abandonment, restriction, insanity, fear and abuse ARE NOT the lives of a soul living from love. It is not love in these new times. Now, if we choose to live from truth, we are living from love; all else belongs to the old ways of abuse and punishment on earth. Believe what you want, but know that truth is the only way to freedom. And, the empowerment for that truth and freedom lives within you. It just needs to be awakened and represented through your free will and choice. Just turn around and look behind you - recognize those times when you made choices from fear and the outcome of those choices. The consequences of those choices can reverberate for lifetimes, if not corrected.

Success has taken on a new virtue and definition: Living your Life Organically will guarantee success in this and every other future life you life. Organic means from the TRUTH.

Additionally, the Guides send an urgent message to deal with these things in the next 7 days. before the Lunar eclipse rolls in on August 7th. This is just the beginning of the rumbling and "ripping the foundation out from under us" which will become more powerful as we roll into the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21. I have agreed to keep flexibility in my session schedule to accommodate you if you are ready to move forward. You can contact me today to set you your appointment. I will be working through the weekend to help everyone who is ready and willing to know their truth.

As the light moves through us now, pay attention to your body and where you are feeling things sticking...those are the places (emotionally, energetically and physically) where the light cannot move and gets stuck.

Everyone seems to be struggling with stress and an overwhelming amount of responsibility in life right now. Yet few realize they need to step out of that vision and see a new vision for their life: take the time to make it about you - if you don't correct the imbalances in your foundation, then everything you create in life will be built upon those imbalances and fears. It doesn't take much time or energy for a session, but the results will be worth whatever you need to do for it to happen. This is for YOU not for those who drive you nuts, take up all of your time at work, make life harder for you or causes you to feel lack - this time is for YOU so those things can be changed.

Please share this information. We must gather ourselves together as a soul group and open our hearts to awaken others. You can help in many ways. Listen to your heart and you will know the way.



Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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