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Opportunities for Happiness and Healing

Awakening The Heart of Divine Love and Expansion

Yesterday we passed through another level or dimension of new consciousness. This portal is the activation of the 9th wave of consciousness which declares authentic heart awareness and right living from the heart. This trigger is like a wave energy and will continue moving the Universe toward a greater and greater expansion. It will also move us all as individuals in the same direction. Quantum expansion begins as a contraction, much like a Tsunami, then a sudden expulsion of energy and a thrust of forward movement. If we try and hold on to old patterns, and behaviors, the contraction and expulsion will tear us apart and destroy everything we try to control. Much like a Tsunami does. It is already happening, just look at the world. It is out of control. Nothing is safe or sacred and people are falling hard beneath the weight of their burdens in life. Freedom is being taken away right in front of our eyes. And, most believe they are powerless to change what is happening. The truth is we all have power to create change. Live in the world but not of it. Awaken to a higher truth and live from a new place. We just need to choose and do the appropriate things for ourselves. It isn't going to come out of the sky.

It is time to awaken the Divine Heart Within. To be in Alignment with the heart of the Earth and the Universe. As souls, we belong in the center of the Divine Heartbeat to be one with the All. It is upon us to choose the path of right action, that which opens our eyes and our hearts. Now is the time to step on the platform of enlightenment and higher consciousness. The Universe has presented us with brand new opportunities for truth and change. Those of us who are ready have taken the first steps. We have walked the path of the Initiate and now we are being asked to put down our past and trust the bridge into true enlightenment which now lies before us. We must trust completely in what we believe is real, regardless of what the world and those who are creating the illusions tell us is real.

Each of us need to go inside, listen and hear what is being brought forth by our Soul. It is time for the Spirit to ascend fully into body, and the Divine within to emerge as creator in truth. It is up to those whose mission it is to raise the planetary vibration. The first wave must cross, so the bridge becomes visible for others. This is our current mission as Starborn Souls. To cross the bridge and go before, so we may assist others. It is our Spiritual Responsibility. We are a Community and as such, are bringing the future HERE, now. Our Starborn Home is here, now on Earth. Allowing it to emerge from within our hearts makes truth real for all who wish to leave behind the path of the old ways.

Together with the Universal Brotherhood of Light, we have a few pending opportunities to fine tune our clarity and our empowerment. Many who are hiding in shadow are simply afraid to take the steps in front of them. We can help. In fact. that is what we do.

We still have some opportunities to ignite true happiness and peace in our lives. But we must all take ACTION for that to happen. Surrendering the old is one way to move forward. BUT if your real vibration is one of resistance or fear, then you are not effectively surrendering. The true enemy to our freedom and happiness lies within us, not outside. IF we change our internal language, then we change how we live and experience life.

This would be an ideal time to access deeper core issues stored within your cellular memory. These could be from past lives or even from your childhood. The core isn't your thoughts or even your feelings. The core is the ENERGY which serves as the beginning of that trauma. The energy which attracts the experience of trauma in the first place. Change your energy, change your life. Without assistance, trying to understand the true vibration of your awareness and experiences could take lifetimes. We no longer have the advantage of time. We must be sure where we stand, where we live within ourselves and if our belief systems offer us support, love and freedom. 1 or 2 out of 3 doesn't work. We must be free from fear if we want to be empowered and be done with struggles in all areas of life. It is not written that we must suffer and live in pain. Surely, we understand the laws of physics by now which govern our Earth. We, as part of this Earth, are responsive in the same way to the laws of physics, cause and effect. WE alone have the power to choose and transform what no longer serves us and allow for the love we are designed to uphold.

Why an Intensive??

Within an Intensive lies a magnified power of change. The gathering of a small group of like minded individuals, with an eye pointed toward a higher goal can achieve in a few hours what several lifetimes couldn't change. The gathering of focused energy, transformation and awareness is most beneficial, timely and accelerated healing and transformation. Not all transformation is healing. And not all healing is transformation. But, in an Intensive you get all of it. Each piece brought through by an individual is transformed, healed and cleared in every person. When something negative or traumatic is transformed, the cells are open to taking on more light, a higher frequency, truth. This is the desired result, and the recipe for true and lasting happiness. We don't always need to focus our intent or try to create things. We need only change the language of our energy, and the laws of cause and effect will bring forth those things we truly desire in the heart. The Universe always meets us where we are.

Humanity needs to wake up and look past the illusions of freedom and perceived power. None of it is real and we cannot be authentically supported by illusions. In the end, all we have is our Spirit. And, what will the Spirit know and be in the end? That is entirely up to us as individuals. But, we are always supported and assisted by Spirit. But, we must have the right knowing and be receptive for this to happen.

Currently, we have an Intensive on June 4th, from 10 AM to 4 PM. Limited to 6 people, an opportunity for accelerated awakening and truth, change. We are focusing on heart trauma, healing and awakening. This means we will leave behind those things still binding us to fear, grief and the like. True freedom lives within. The fee for this Intensive is $250. I only have a few spots open. so sign up asap if you're interested.

And, for Healers and Awakeners, we have some exciting events for training, activating, accelerating and awakening coming very soon. All things to help you help yourself and others.

Other Opportunities for you:

I am taking bookings for "Messages from Above and Beyond", which is our brand of Message/Healing/Awakening Circles. Sometimes the guides ask for a themed circle, for healing or for healers, or simply to put you in touch with your loved ones in Spirit. This is Mediumship with a Healing twist. And, it is a great way to introduce your friends and loved ones to the idea of deeper healing. Some people just aren't ready for the big hit, and I find these Healing Circles to be so beneficial and the beginning of a new inroad for deep transformation. Many people suffer from sadness, grief, lack or "poverty" and don't know where to find the authentic help they need. We all need a support system and a way to belong. Hosting a circle or class event for your group can be just the thing needed for healing to begin. And, for the host, a new way to assist others and possibly awaken your own healing abilities, to help others heal. As the host you are my guest, and your gift can be a message or a 30 minute session, just for helping out.

It is time for all who have chosen to awaken at this time to walk their true path of enlightenment. Not everyone wants to or chooses to be a hands on healer. Some Awakeners do so by being a facilitator and gathering groups together for healing. If you are ready to be an Awakener, contact me with some dates or ideas for your group, and we can discuss possibilities!! These events will be held at your home or other venue.

These new times do not have to be difficult and stressful. With the proper care, your life could be amazing, magical and filled with joy. It is truly up to you.. let's have some fun!

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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