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The truth of our times

Hi All

The truth of our times is this:

As souls, we are being challenged by fear and darkness in ways we cannot comprehend in consciousness. The "war" of dark and light on this planet has become much more than a battle of illusions and control, it has now reached maximum platforms for destruction. Just take a look at the simple process of living and how difficult and painful it has become for so many people. The "blindness" is increasing and people are become more and more locked into the blindness, unable to understand or figure out how to save themselves from living in survival mode all of the time. Those who live in fear, or as victims, blaming anyone or anything outside of themselves will feel the repercussions more than they have ever felt them. Good, hard working people are losing everything, their jobs, homes, financial security, partners, a way of life. The drug companies are making billions of dollars because so many people are falling victim to the lie. We must all wake up and step away from the belief system of being powerless and find the true language of eternal love within, thereby replacing the idea of being a powerless victim with being fully empowered within ourselves.

How does one prevail in these dark times when war rages all around us? It happens on so many levels we cannot even see through the illusions of where or how these battles control our lives. We live in a dimension of duality, meaning whatever the light is doing, the dark will continue to create the opposite - pulling us and the world apart, dividing light over and over again until it becomes diluted into a huge illusion, constantly confusing even the best intentions.

The lack of financial security comes from power - plain and simple. Either the fear of or lack of power - belief systems and patterns we carry in the DNA, from past experiences, much like what is happening on Earth right now. Life is a series of cycles and evolutionary journeys recording history as it evolves. Our DNA holds the key to understanding, unlocking and moving forward.

As I discussed in previous e-mails, March 2nd was a turning point. And, fear is heightened as well as the stakes for all Light Workers. One cannot live any longer with duality or conflict within if they are to remain powerful in these times. NO DOUBT or RESENTMENT, FEAR or its ilk can remain. TRUTH is TRUTH - fear, resentment, grief, etc is not TRUTH, it is FEAR. If you trust 98% and doubt 2%, then the TRUTH is YOU DO NOT TRUST, and ARE LIVING IN FEAR. The darkness can penetrate any structure, body, life or soul which is living in fear, being a victim or belief in powerlessness. YOU and only you hold the key to moving out of fear and completely into love. We have no more time to think on things, play around with dangerous illusions or pretend we don't know what our bodies are trying to tell us.

I can tell you first hand - I have witnessed the truth of these wars for my entire life and many before this one. Being a Starborn now comes with serious consequences for upholding any lie, including allowing yourself to be a victim. People can energetically hold us back if we allow it. The gig is up and its a new game now. No stone will be left, you cannot hide anywhere IF you are one who is here to bring TRUTH in these new times. You cannot tell others to live in truth, and then you still hide from it. No more duality can exist within you and nothing can separate you from living in the love - except your fear. If you have any pieces of fear or betrayal, you will continue to experience setbacks and deliberate attempts to prevent you from bringing the truth out to humanity. Take a closer look at the events in your life, they are not random, they are caused by what lies within you.

NOW the INTENSIVES will focus on overturning every piece of you remaining in the darker vibrations of fear, resentment, victimization and the belief in powerlessness. These Intensives offer immediate and radical transformation and restoration. We are out of time and must take back our power as souls, and as soul groups. Otherwise, we will face more serious consequences as time goes on.

The Intensive of April 3rd still has a couple remaining seat open. Time is of the essence for ALL Light workers. I can give you what you need to be safe from the increased fear and pain being created on this planet. Illusions must fall and TRUTH must be seeded. We have nothing else to consider, all truth or everything else.

If you wish to sign up, please e-mail me asap. The fee is $375 and includes an additional "session" in the form of a written transmission, which is energetically encoded with YOUR light languages. The transmission is equally as powerful as the Intensive itself. It will continue to feed into the light awakening in your DNA, giving you more and more opportunity to mutate and transform unwanted fear as you go forward. The Intensive runs from 10 AM to 6 PM.

This is no joke, as you can clearly see. Just look at what is happening in the world all around you and the personal struggles you face every day. What do you think is really causing these things? Does it make sense in a the 21st century we appear to be evolving in many ways, but people's live's are sliding backward? Does the word duality really strike you in any way? I know so many people who are "spiritual", yet they hide behind entitlement, fear, ego blindness and such judgment on the "non-spiritual" world. That is duality. You cannot be spiritual and turn your nose down at those who are not initiated, those whom you are here to teach and assist. In truth, it is your own self-doubt, unworthiness and fear, causing you to live in spiritual arrogance and ego blindness.

One more thing, this e-mail is a channeled teaching, brought through as a call to truth and awakening. The Ascended Ones and Star Beings are not messing around anymore. It cannot be.

Please think about these words and where you are in the illusions of fear, shame and powerlessness. If you don't feel comfortable doing an Intensive, which is a small group of energetically connected souls, then have a private session on the subject manner of your own transformation into truth. This work is being provided as the way to that truth on the deepest and most expansive frequencies, encapsulating the "whole" of all time and fractal of your soul experiences. Even though your guides do what they can to provide you with insight and protection, they must always defer to your free will, even if it is an unconscious choice to live in fear or hide from the darkness. In that way, you will draw to yourself those things you innately fear, leaving yourself exposed to the consequences. Again, this is no joke. It is most definitely real.

And, we also have the Wednesday night webinar and a Friday class this week. Both will provide insight, transformation and healing necessary to support us during these times of change.

Infinite Blessings


Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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