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If at first you don’t succeed: Why failing is a must - but is it still necessary

We all know what failure is. We have all experienced the endings brought about by "failure", relationships, death....we know it well.

If we contemplate our selves, just for a moment, we recognize that failure has a counterpart in the emotional and energetic body - unworthiness, oh hell, let's throw shame in the mix too.

So now we are conditioned to experience ourselves through the relative standard of measure - success or failure? How we see it all depends on our past, our ancestral language, and of course, species trauma. We didn't just wake up one day and find ourselves here - evolved, conscious and capable. In fact, the opposite is more likely to be the truth. And if we listen to the "chorus of abandoned and enlightened souls" who sing the praises of suffer to be spiritual, then we of course fall into the concocted mess of "stuff" which defines who we are.

Someone told me long ago that Science believed 97% of our DNA was junk. Just a mess of stuff lying within us taking up valuable space. If I were one of those people who took information at face value, I wouldn't be writing this blog right now. I would still be miserably married to someone I wouldn't trust if he were the last human on the planet and stuffing my face and my life with Krispy Kremes in the form of anything to keep myself blind and unconscious.

Fortunately, I don't take information, or people for that matter at face value. Underneath my compassionate and pleasant exterior, I am a scientist. Truly. I am one who dissolves and rebuilds those particles of information, or junk, in the DNA and places them in an alignment for truth. I happen to be a Starborn, the original scientist. All in all I think most people would love to know inside of them in that 97% lies history. Their history, their ancestral history, and the history which evolved and created this luscious planet we call home. And with the proper teaching, transformation and clarity, we each, all, can call upon that information to aid us now. The problem is, most people are living in survival mode, whether they realize it or not. Most likely because their ancestors were pioneers when it came to learning to survive, and every moment was spent "surviving".

And the process of awakening is bringing to the surface for many, "the need to survive", when we are way past that point. If it weren't true then people wouldn't be working in jobs which don't resonate with their truth, and worried constantly about money.

If we learned to understand words are energy, and just dive into the energy of the word "survival", then we could and would feel the actions we are taking which support the belief we are all here just to survive. Well, that indicates a version of being powerless, being forced to succumb to "the way it is",, and does not allow most people to go beyond the idea of needing to survive into a place of truly creating from the heart. FEAR comes to mind - stay tuned for that post.

So I ask you this - if every breath, word, action, process and evolution you walk though toward success is measured up against the "need to survive", then what success is there? It seems to me if we uphold this idea that we are on this planet doing whatever, but our whatever is always anchored to this fear around survival, then we are just set up to FAIL. Yep there it is again, FAIL. Every pattern or belief has an opposite belief, and the impacts of opposites is the same.

So, from now on, if you remove the particles of information created in the fear of surviving, and realize you already have the wisdom from your ancestors, you will be free to create your joy. YOU are the proof at least one ancestor survived, and therefore the wisdom is available within your DNA. Its not junk, its you.

The other arguable truth is that Failure is necessary to perfect the journey. Our past lives tell us we have already failed miserably at many things. But think about this, if we took the word failure out of our minds, hearts and experiences, what would the sensation or feeling be? It feels like, oh, ok, I tried that, it didn't work, so now I will just try something DIFFERENT. See, failure causes us to keep repeating the mistake until we figure out what went wrong the first time. Without the existence of failure, we are just creators, open to experimenting to get it done better.

One more thing about failure - it is the most common theme in past life readings for "spiritual people" - Failed Initiate, Priestess, Heretic, on and on. Crusaders, knights, ......and the place where reincarnated souls are blocked and stuck in the past.

Move on.

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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