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"Spirituality - Priest/Priestess" Archetype

Part 2 of the "Spirituality - Priest/Priestess" Archetype tonight.

We will discuss, among other things

How do you know if you are blindly living through this matrix - identifying residual fears, blocks, belief systems which impair ore prevent the truth of your gifts from opening up and being used consciously and productively in this lifetime.

Are you "hiding: your light out of fear and past life trauma?

Do you feel "safe" in the world and trust in yourself and others?

Do you feel like you have an unidentified mission? Something more than an "ordinary" life?

Do you judge or feel judged by the non-spiritual community?

Healing the Separation within and between you and the world

The need for perfection

The suffering priestpriestess

The initiate

Illness such as cancer, HIV, auto-immune disease and these things can be a result of unhealed fears and trauma from lifetimes focused on Spirituality

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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