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Quantum Recognition

So, we made it through the heaviness of last week's Full Moon. It was an interesting event if seen with new vision. I personally witnessed several souls leaving the planet in totally unexpected ways with immediate transformation. Because I am a Medium, my relationship with those who choose to cross over can be quite intimate and deep. I have been told by several souls lately, who seem to suddenly leave Earth, the reason they are leaving so unexpectedly is they have been "called" to fulfill a mission elsewhere. After all, Earth is not the only planet with civilized life forms on it.

The quantum changes we are experiencing here on Earth are happening throughout the entire universe. Everything is shifting octaves, slowly at first and now almost at warp speed. We are catching up to our light form. I know many have not awakened yet and for some who have, the understanding of the transformation and rebirth is still not conscious or clear to them. What purpose does it provide for those of us taking the quantum leap? What is the objective and the goal? Does the process have a sequence or an end point? Many questions, and the answers are very complicated.

What is purpose vs purposeful anyway? Purpose is what we decide it is or what we make it, like most other things here. Purpose on the trans personal level can be something else altogether, depending on your level of awareness. Purposeful can also mean control, deceit and a meaningful push toward something not natural. Its all perspective.

I find myself being asked the question I have asked many times of my guides? Is there a purpose or a point to all of this transformation? Why are we really doing it? At first, it seems all of the change comes through the internal awareness we collect along the way. Secondary seems to be the change in how we think, or even more deeply, the aspect of us doing the thinking seems to be of a new origin. And, eventually, with consistency and true willingness, one comes to learn all about the true creator within, and this is where the real magic begins.

The journey of logic and sustainability becomes one of curiosity, imagination and magical experiences in non-physical language and manifestation. This is the pure joy of transformation - the moment one realizes every boundary has been pushed and the new reality being explored is one far out and away from the old edges of who you are, or were.

And - in flows the fear - the old fear which says - "its not possible" or "don't believe it", or "my religion forbids me to acknowledge myself as a Creator" And, the magic fades away like those gorgeous sparkly sprinkles melting off of an ice cream cone on a hot August day......the feelings, thoughts, images and newness blend together in one messy, sticky pile of goop--you know, once you blend it all together, its impossible to separate it again. And, this is where consciousness fades into confusion, and fear gets a tight hold on us - and CHANGE cannot happen.

The acknowledgement you are waiting for is coming from you - whether your inner voice acknowledges the fear or the truth is entirely up to you. But if you are pushing the boundaries of life as you knew it, then why in any universe would you succumb to fear? Fear is what they want you to believe, not the fact you are truly empowered to create anything you desire.

Let it go, let yourself believe in Magic, and go get a new ice cream cone.

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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