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Astrology and Evolution..Is It Time for Change?

I have been practicing Evolutionary Astrology for over 30 years now. Since I was a young teenager, I had a sense of "something more in the stars". I was that kid who would lie down on the grass late at night and just stare at the sky, amazed by the light of the stars. I would talk to them and wish desperately the stars would communicate with me.

Of course, at 7 years old, I was unaware of the gifts that would emerge as I grew. Yet, something in me had a deeper sense that I could communicate with the stars and the Beings I imagined lived on those stars.

Some years later, I met a woman named Phyllis. She was a Psychic Medium. She looked like a beautiful Gypsy woman and smoked long, dark cigarettes...I was fascinated with her from the moment I saw her. As our relationship grew into something way more special than just an adviser and client, I recognized through her something brilliant, amazing, and of course fascinating. SHE was the person I wanted to be. Several meetings into our journey Phyllis introduced me to Astrology. And, I would never be the same again.

Once I saw my own "Natal Chart", something old and familiar woke up inside of me, the more authentic person was starting to emerge. I took my natal chart and deliciously took it apart, piece by piece until I had a strong sense of who I came here to be. I recognized my Sun in Aquarius was responsible for the inner restlessness of the "outcast" I had always known my self to be, along with my Mercury sitting right beside Mr. Sun, I knew I could never really get away from myself, no matter how hard I tried. And. believe me, I tried...and still do sometimes.

This was the beginning of my love affair with Astrology. You see, I never really practiced text book astrology, although I did initially learn the language that way. Right from the start I knew something about how I "saw and heard" the information was very different from how most Astrologer's read. For me, the chart just opens up and tells me what the client needs to know about their journey of evolution. And so the language is Evolutionary, it is about movement forward and recognizing the past, old lifetimes or belief systems which hold people back and confines them in the box. In hindsight, I recognized that I came into this life speaking the language of the Stars, as I had done it many times in past lives. And, now, as the language changed and grew I speak directly to the Star Creators who gave us the languages as well.

Astrology doesn't really define who we are, it gives us information about who we can be if we allow ourselves to evolve.

I have come to know the language of Astrology as the only true measure of real time we have. This is true because Astrology is a language of Evolutionary Time, showing us the opportunities at hand in this moment, and giving us information about why we do or do not make the appropriate choices to propel our lives forward. After all, life is never stagnant, and neither is energy. Energy needs a force to move it, and even if we choose to do nothing, take no action, that is the force which will move energy, right back into the past, the pattern we try to get away from, the things which we fear and our demise. What we hold inside creates the world we live. Humanity's time is here and change is imminent.

So, what does the Current Astrology tell us now? Is it in fact time for change? Since Uranus moved into Aries some time ago, the signs for change came rushing into our world. Not only externally, but also internally. Those who are here, now, to be part of the Great Changes are awakening to pieces of the self which have never been seen in the light. But, as with all new things, this change is very difficult and requires a strategy beyond anything we have ever had before.

It requires a language of TRUTH. After all, there is no religion higher than truth. And Astrology gives us that evolutionary path to truth if we are willing to say "YES" to change.

We are in a momentous time on Earth, in the midst of unprecedented change and rebirth. For years I have been using Astrology as part of my language to awaken and rebirth those who are ready for the truth. Truth is not a knowing, it is a way of being, a language unto itself. And, if we are filled with fear and belief systems of old ways which block us, then we cannot honor truth.

Astrology is just another way to measure the "time" on Earth so we can move forward into truth and walk the path of authenticity we were meant to walk. Isn't it time we remember the Ancient languages with respect and sacredness, using them for the purpose they were given? To stay aligned with truth and not lose ourselves in "the world", and move forward into change with clarity and open hearts.

More on the Astrology of Change coming soon...stay tuned!

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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