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Change The World, Energy and Free Will

What day is it today? On the calendar of our lives, how far into the journey are we right now? Of course that is an individual question, and one we should address from within. How do we measure the progress of our journey? With things, job titles or mortgage rates? Do we measure the journey with "time", years, birthdays? How about grief? Time passing, loss of loved ones or cherished belongings? Or, through the windows of how our world has changed, ....when I was a kid.....?

The real question is "what time is it" in our journey for this lifetime? How many opportunities for change do we have left? Do we know yet what it feels like to live from the heart? Waiting for some day to come? When will life really begin, retirement? How about that relationship you've been wanting? Tomorrow, perhaps?

We exercise our most powerful option of determining our life course each and every day, several hundred times in fact. What is it? FREE WILL..... And for some who think their life is already determined, think about all of the opportunities for choice you have every day, including the one you don't take. Free Will. Making no choice, is making a choice using our free will to not change something, resulting in a holding back of what could be....and people say, if only I knew then what I know now, I would have chose differently. Well, if you know it now, then you still have a chance to change it.

In my estimation, most people truly fear change. They know enough to recognize the fear, but rarely go beyond the fear to see what causes the fear. I know three reasons why this happens: The information from the past stored in our cells; not having the clear insight into the problem or issue, resulting in insufficient empowerment to actually recognize the true cause of the problem. The THIRD and most empowering aspect of recognizing the underlying cause of fear AND having the ability to transform it is ENERGY. WE lack sufficient information about the language of energy, which is our only true organic language. And, how can we possible know the self, if we are unaware and unable to speak our true language? No answer, right?

So, the logical next step, now that we have identified the three phases of the problem, is to begin planting seeds for a solution. Waking up the natural language of energy within provides us with such empowering truth, we can no longer possibly live in fear. That simple. But, sometime we need some help doing that, simply because the organic nature of energy is unrecognizable to us, and we have not been aware of our truth in so long, we have forgotten how to be authentic. So, here I sit again, trying to explain to people something they cannot identify in a real way, something that is still difficult to get people to see. Cause and effect? The lies within us create the pain we live in. Simply put. If we understand the cause we change the effect. We do that by addressing what lies within our "information body" and use energy to change or diminish the old patterns, making way for the light to expand, which is the energy language of truth. I still get frustrated when I see people suffering, I want to scream - "just open your eyes and see the truth" but that doesn't work. How do you help someone recognize a truth they have never seen? Energy. And, we have it. all of us. We just cannot access it without help.

So, here we are, back to the beginning. People live in pain, and I provide the remedy for permanent transformation and expulsion of that pain, catapulting people into the authenticity which will set them free.

We cannot avoid change, it is happening in the world, to the Earth, and we must stay in a vibration which aligns with the Mother, or we can't exist here anymore. That simple. So, if you are concerned about the weather, the air quality, the water shortages, the food issues, then you should ask yourself what are you doing about it? What is your part in the changes which need to happen? Blaming everyone is not the answer. Starting change within is the answer. We all have a responsibility to our planet, and to our tribe. If we aren't healing ourselves and contributing more light and expanded versions of ourselves, then we are being irresponsible as creators. Stop talking and take action. Look deeper inside and see who is in there using your free will, and have a talk. Find a new vision, a better version, and shoot the arrow with directness and clarity. WE are all we have, so make the best of whatever opportunities are here. Now.

And, if you are interested:

We have a MINI INTENSIVE on Sunday, May 22 - 10 AM to 2 PM - the heels of the Full Moon in Sag....the truth is here, now..

The Mini Intensive is a pared down version of the Full Day Intensive. It offers the directness of truth, healing and transformation, with less time involved. The Fee is $220.00. And, a short transmission is also included. We are only taking between 4-6 people, so contact me ASAP if you are interested. Time is only this moment, so things are being done in the moment now. No long term planning is expected.

Remember, some of the deeply rooted CORE issues which may come up include: abuse, addictions, abandonment, fear, lack, unworthiness, inability to meet one's soul potential, awakening and aligning Healing and creative gifts, childhood trauma, past life versions of the self, etc. We do not limit cause and effect response, emotional outburst or have any restrictions on healing. This is a safe and secure environment, and the Guides ensure we all reach our goal for the Intensive, providing we are willing and take responsibility. We are not alone, we do not walk alone though life. We do suffer though, and sometimes we are victimized. But, we can still heal the separation inside which is caused by these issues. Living in pain is NOT NORMAL or need be acceptable.

If you have never had an Intensive before, you may want to consider the Mini. We also have a VIRTUAL MINI INTENSIVE scheduled for Sunday June 5th - 10 AM to 2 PM. Same protocol but virtual.

Also, this week our Friday evening class is our 3rd Astrology with Master Kathumi...we are doing this one Virtual as well. (NEXT week at my house 7:30 PM) 8 PM ET ($60.00). We use Natal and Pre-Natal Astrology to help people move forward through the initiation and beyond. Its fun, powerful and informative. Join us if you can. This service is part of our RADICAL PROGRESSION PROGRAM.

And, our Wednesday Web Class : Last week we were blown away with a visit from Albert Einstein, the Scientific Sage who discussed the 7 levels and their purpose. Amazing information for us all. This week, I am preparing to work with Master Elijah and the Christic Energy. I do not know the message or subject yet, only that the class will be channeled though him. You may also know him as John the Baptist. If you wish to join us Wednesday evening, 9 PM ET, go to, web class, payments, $29.00 I will send the sign in information Wednesday by 8 PM.

Be the TREE, beautiful, rooted, majestic and natural. We all gravitate to nature, the tree stands in love and freely gives it to all who come for it.

Infinite Blessings


Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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