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You ARE LoveExpanded

Today is a very special day for me. Today is the official launch of LoveExpanded, the Blog. Actually, its not a blog at all. It is a living, breathing portal of truth in energy. The words which appear in this portal contain the frequencies for transformation. A connection point between the unconscious and conscious, between the hyper-dimensions and the earth dimension, a connection between the most expanded you and conscious you.

I was so excited about this project and couldn't wait until it was ready to go public. And, this morning, knowing today was the day I became very uncomfortable as I was revealing a knowing of such truth. This is an enormous step for me. I am revealing the knowledge I have about the Starborn, the hybrid DNA we carry and what that means for all of us now.

The concept of "other" truth is not so unfamiliar anymore, but for me, to actually possess what is necessary to know that information, to know how to awaken it inside of people's DNA is enormous. The world isn't ready for radical change or truth for that matter. Or the idea that a person can actually read and transform DNA. I'm sure I will get lots of flack for saying I can transform DNA. This is the new way. So many are Awakeners and healers but afraid to step out and claim their potential. I see it all of the time. I was once that way but have learned well the merits of bravery and courage.

What I have learned about Starborn through the teachings and client sessions will completely blow the lid off of the conservative and small minded world we seem to live in.. Oh I know, we have some who are totally ready and prepared for anything, no matter how radical or new it is. To know we may be hybrids is one thing, but for me to know it and possess the language of truth which uncovers it and seeds the new is something else. This knowledge is beyond any expectation we have ever had before.

I trademarked both the Starborn Awakening and Science of Truth work when the Sun was in Aquarius. I didn't know this until I received the trademark in the mail. You see, Aquarius is the symbol for Starborn, and the new human. We live now in the Age of Aquarius. Our ancient ancestors marked this time as the birthing of new man, the awakening of a greater, most expanded consciousness which would take us where we have never been before. The second coming.

In Astrology we have what's called Sabian Symbols. There is one symbol for each of 360 degrees of Astrology. I was born with the sun at 6* Aquarius, and the Sabian Symbol for that degree says "A new human born out of a cosmic egg". So, as it turns out, I was born as the representation of the New Human, bringing with me the information necessary for all others who wish to know their truth....the awakening, rebirth and expansion process for the New Human. It is here and it is time. This language of truth answers the WHY question and provides us with definitive information about our origin.

Through this work I have gone where no one has gone before. I have the complete language of truth. And, there is no religion or belief system higher or more authentic than truth. I came in as a bleep of awareness past the boundaries of universal information. And I am shy, introverted and uncomfortable talking about myself. And sometimes it is necessary so I can provide people with the background information needed to see the incredible information and opportunity we have been given. I have seeded this language over 20 long and difficult years, building integrity into each and every moment of it.

And what I have learned is simple, we are LoveExpanded. When we move away from fear and restrictive belief systems, when we open our hearts and minds to infinite truth, we become that which we innately are, LoveExpanded.

So through this portal, I (along with the Star Creator Guides and the Ascended Masters) will provide you with the truth in nature, the Science of Truth, the language of expansion which will bring all who are ready to the awakening of LoveExpanded. We are infinite and capable of so much more than we know, we have the knowledge and the power to live in the truth and leave behind all of the old lies which confuses and limits our life experience. But, obviously we don't know what we know until we know it. And, how do we know it if we have been blind to it or completely unaware, or if we never had the vibration we needed to awaken it inside of us? We need a language to guide us. And now we have it.

We also have the ability to heal ourselves of disease and prevent illness from happening in our bodies. I have been part of so much, miracles and transformations, manifestations, things most people don't even understand or believe. And yet, we have them, they are right in front of us. We just need to be worthy of them, believe they already exist and awaken to our greater birth.

Change is here, it is now, and you are a part of it. First you have to awaken the truth inside of you and let go of your fears. And I will help you with that. Stay connected to the portal, share it and give yourselves something of such magnitude you cannot imagine the joy......BE THE LOVE THAT YOU ARE....BE LOVEEXPANDED. No other can provide this, we must all give it to ourselves, along with the desire to be authentic.

I know most people don't understand ENERGY as a language. I will be writing the next post about this. I will teach you how to know our primal language, energy. We are energy in form, our energy has merged with our form. Stay tuned for more on Energy Language.

Thanks for being a part of the journey. Remember, we change the world by changing how we live internally. If we move away from rage, resentment, judgment and fear we create a new language of love which grows exponentially. Life is physics, energy seeks its own level, so what we possess inside appears in front of us outside. It just makes sense if we change our internal language, we change our lives. And, that information lives in our cells, our DNA. Let's get on with it.

Be sure to sign up below on the Blog Mailing list so you will always be notified of a new post. And. please share the information, its time for humanity to be empowered with truth.

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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