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Happy Summer

We are officially in the warmth of the Summer - The Cancer Solstice creating gently moving waves of warmth and promise of delightful days ahead. Take some time to sense and invite the deliciousness of life into your daily routine. The smells, sounds and beauty of summer color is all around us now, and of course, being so attuned to nature, we need to remember how much we need the connection to the Mother Earth.

Energy is not a one way street - we give and receive each moment of the day, so be mindful of the emotional and mental energy you are pulsating with and through, the signs and signals you are emanating toward the earth and those around you. Be the significant change you wish to see in the world, and remember it begins with a change in your energy. Changing your energy requires attention being paid to how you perceive your interactions with others, stepping away from blame, resentment and fear, moving into the idea "we are all the creators of our reality" and take responsibility for those interactions with others.

Take the wisdom from the experience and let go of it. If something isn't working for you, don't waste precious time arguing and blaming, address the core issue, and take action to remedy the situation.

Sometimes moving on is the answer. We cannot fix what appears to be broken in others, we can only assume responsibility for our piece of it.

Life is a cyclic adventure, ebbing and flowing, fast and slow, up and down. As sentient beings, it would serve us best to remember we are here to create and flow with the natural rhythms of nature, within us and outside of us. It is truly one space of timelessness. However, we are still living from the mental plane and the memories of the past.

.Change cannot happen unless we are willing to trust, take a risk and begin again. Our journey is life, death and rebirth continuously. The meaning is clear, if we choose to align we must let go and allow the "death" of the old, so the phoenix can rise again. The old thing, beliefs, ideas, habits, relationships, etc only hold us back and keep us locked in fear.

Moving on: I have rescheduled the Intensive for Sunday, June 26, and replaced it with an Intensive Follow Up - The fee is $125 and will be from 10 am - 12 PM Sunday. We limit the group to 4-6 ppl, so if interested, contact me asap.

Wednesday Web Class:

Following up on the Solstice and Astrology for this week, and diving more deeply into "Collapsing Relative Probability", which is taught through Master Einstein, Tesla, and the White Brotherhood. As we learn to become more fully what we organically are, we also need to learn how it "really" works, and start behaving and living from these truths. To sign up use the payments button above. Payments, web class $29.00 I will send you the sign on information before 8 PM.

Lastly, the Guides have asked me to give more time and attention to Mediumship and basic "here and now" energy readings for people. In order to assist those who are not yet ready for the advanced work and the new science, we will provide you with information to help you move away from fear, but also to give guidance about what is happening immediately in your lives. This is a difficult time of change and people are scared out of their wits. Many are having extreme difficulty navigating and also emotionally. FEAR is the problem. We can help you to be peaceful and grounded. Also give you the information you need to understand the next part of our journey, the new and what is waiting for you as a soul. Knowing what you are all about makes it much easier to choose, and allows one to feel SAFE during these crazy times.

Right now, these are 30 minute readings priced at only $75.00. To schedule, contact me. I began my journey with Spirit many years ago as a Psychic Medium. The Cancerian energy brings us all back to our Soul Roots, and I am happy to reconnect in this way. You may notice during this time "family" is front and center. Maybe happy memories or sad ones, depending on your connection with them. Connecting with your loved ones in Spirit can also provide healing and peace for your heart.

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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