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Emotional Weather July 4th

As you know, all of the information I channel is about truth and the unprecedented shift we are walking through as a humanity, and also as individual souls. We are reminded daily of these changes as we see and experience what is taking place in our lives. We no longer have a road map to follow or a blueprint directing us toward a specific outcome. Those of us who are here as the voice of the light are finding life most painful and difficult at this time.

What does it actually take to move through eons of time which has become our experiences of the past? To say we need faith, perseverance, patience and the strongest will dedicated to our greatest birth is an understatement. Our faith and strength has been tested numerous times since we first awakened to our path to truth.

Once we gained enough awareness and truth to "see" the truth of ourselves, the journey became one of such great importance, and now, no turning back. The guides have said numerous times "if you knew what it would be you would never have agreed to do it". This because of the sacrifice and difficulty of an enlightened teacher, changes which still cannot be spoken in language, and a connection to the center of life which cannot be changed or broken again. The sheer magnitude of this journey still cannot be articulated in language. And we are not finished yet.

The Astrology this week speaks volumes about where we are and where we can never be again.

The past is gone, forever. All that remains are the embers of what was once experience now only a vague memory etched in diluted time, slipping away into shadow, as the new takes hold. The new is somewhat empty and vague, not yet strong enough to stand alone and be seen or felt. Our connection is slight, evasive and distorted through the doors of change still happening in the world. The word which often comes to mind is nebulous - we can almost touch, feel and perceive the newness beginning to arise within us, then again, we cannot. Shadows of ourselves dance around us, bringing the question of insanity to the forefront over and over again. How can we know something is so real when we have no reference point for it in our "reality"?

Those old doorways are beckoning, trying to draw us back into the old ways, the pain, sadness and a way of life which just doesn't work anymore. Not because it doesn't want to work, but because the vibration of truth has begun and the lies cannot sustain themselves now. But WE have to walk the path of transformation, sometimes feeling like we don't have a choice, we feel forced or compelled to continue taking steps, painful or not. We feel the same way about letting go, no matter how much we want to hold on. We just cannot sustain ourselves the old ways any longer.

We are feeling the Cosmic abandonment which was birthed into our Origin Soul. We have lived with it through every single incarnation and thought we have ever had.

The pain of abandonment has been the language of fear, abuse, rejection and lack we have always known as Starborn Souls. WE are the tenants of galactic consciousness forced to repackage ourselves in human containers and spit out non-truths because we wanted to survive. We are the ones who suffered most in the dark times, being put to death and suffering unspeakable horrors because we were light, truth and of course different. We have hidden our truth, our extraordinary gifts, our light, our identities and faked our way through it all. We suffered relentlessly because we are unique. No one ever wanted to know the truth, except us. And accepting that truth means life is hard and love is non-existent. You will suffer in silence because to voice your truth would be the most dangerous thing you could do. All of this repressed memory stored away creating rage and resentment. Failure and the inability to express yourself, judgment and injustice take their place in your cells like a trophy on a shelf. Always there, covered with dust and a reminder of a journey which took everything form you, everything you had. And, now, you struggle with "what is wrong with me" and "why am I always the one suffering" .....

And why do you always feel tested? Many believe they are tested by God or the Guides - as in, if you fail the test, you are not worthy. As in the Failed initiate whose very life depended on whether or not he could sustain the most difficult hardships over a long period of time. Some succeeded and some did not. Some died on the journey, some forced to walk away. And, now those who are "awakening" are re-living their greatest fears, the nightmares which have lived in the shadows of their soul. The end result is a life creation born out of the spiritual initiate who needs to test himself on his worth. YOU are the one creating the fear and the challenges. Not the guides or anyone else.

This blog seems to have no point today, it just keeps moving in different directions, taking on small pieces of the current emotional weather. Everyone is feeling something, and most are not sure what.

The Astrology this week, beginning with July 4th New Moon in Cancer continuing through July 16th reignites the on-going Uranus/Pluto square, effective from 2012 through 2020, with 7 exact squares between 2012 and 2015. If that doesn't SCREAM change and shift nothing does. We have been in the churning water of this energy for 4 years now, as it came alive in January of 2013. We have survived it and found our way back to shore. But this week promises a little sea sickness, as The Sun, Mercury and Venus all come into the T-square and opposition of thee two giant and powerful planets, reminding us once again not to get comfortable just yet. We still have more rowing to do, keeping life balance with masculine and feminine awareness, addressing our deepest needs and desires, ensuring all is well on the balanced front of life. If we are not taking the time to hear our inner voice, listen to what we need to receive and what we need to discard, the rowing will become much more difficult. We are down to the most elemental pieces of this shift and dilligence, discipline and focused will guarantee safe passage. This of course, seeded in absolute trust, as we surrender all we have ever known in the new process of ascending (rebirthing) in our current bodies.

Additionally we have a friendly Grand Trine of lovely planets in water, including Chiron. Again, balancing the inner waters of what we receive against what holds us back, alerting our soul of the magnificent gift of love awaiting us if we agree to let it all go. The old stirs up again, passing through our minds and bodies, like a slow motion movie giving us one more look at how it was before we finally say good by to eons of evolutionary experiences which brought us to here. Say thank you, honor your journey, light a candle, hold a funeral if need be and close the damn door. Stop looking back at your "mistakes" failures and the like, realize the strength and wisdom you have gained through it all, hold your head up and strap on the back-pack, the new journey begins.

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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