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Caution: Moving Parts

I was at the gym this morning, just doing my thing, observing people walking around exhausted, like zombies, going through the motions. It's hard lately to be in the body, and, it seems most people live so far out of the range of normal energy IN the body..its no wonder lots of people can't seem to feel anything, or see life for what it really is. Sad really, just to witness such emptiness in humanity. And, once again I wonder what will it really take for people to awaken from the exhaustion and emptiness they feel and connect to the truer, deeper meaning of healing their lives? The world of "things" has become the escape, technology makes buying opportunity available to us constantly, as we try to put band aids on our needs we become addicted to stuffing ourselves with things, food, alcohol and the newest addiction, being available for our jobs 24 hours a day. We are expected to answer emails, text messages and provide support for our jobs until we end each day exhausted. And, then we go to bed unable to sleep because we are on ENERGY overload. But, we are not using energy in the proper ways anymore. Energy has become a drain on us, instead of what allows us to be healthy, awake and powerful in the ways we live our lives.

On the way to the gym, my youngest son and I (we often work out together) who is now 25 had a discussion about how much the world has changed in the past 10 years. I tried to help him understand how it was for me when I was 25, before the age of technology. Evolution and change happened very slowly then, cars didn't change much, people didn't change much. And suddenly technology came along and we are on a rapidly moving roller coaster of constant change, the hurried pace of life leaves us little time to connect, hear our inner voice or really FEEL anything besides exhaustion. Its no wonder people choose to live on the surface of their truth, not really paying much attention to what lies within them. And the change they are looking for in the world and in their lives, already inside of them.

Relationships are another topic I would like to expand on, soon, but not today. Today is all about the moving parts of our lives, which somehow do not move in a synchronous way as they once did. Our lives today are dictated by what is required of us and by whom, unlike the days when WE would choose, make a plan and build a life based on that plan. We often did it with a partner, one we could enjoy for a lifetime. Yes, life certainly has changed. Question is, how far will we go, away from ourselves, out of our essence before we explode? Or implode for that matter?

Taking time out of our day to reconnect to ourselves seems like an unreasonable request, after all, we are on our phones all day and night, following people on Facebook and Twitter, more interested in what others are doing and less interested in become one with our inner truth and reality. But, when we ignore our NEEDS,, the must haves we need to be happy and healthy, the body begins to manifest those fears and distortions physically, until finally with no other options, the body deteriorates until nothing is left for us to use as survival, and we dies. All of this happens because we ignore the inner promptings, sucking up everything except a way of life which allows us to be naturally aligned with unconditional love. Yes, it is possible to live in love, but most people long for it or work for it but do not have the faith that it already exists within.

It is a sad time for humanity, with all that is happening in the world, and still we miss the underlying message of such times. We are moving away from our core, creating pieces of ourselves moving in different directions and away from the heart. LOVE doesn't seem to be important anymore. People settle for virtual love, or what they think is love. But, the heart always knows the real thing from a facsimile. Why do we commit to the wrong person and then spend decades of our lives trying to make something from nothing? Why can't we just "see" the truth before we dive into the wrong thing? Because we are not "choosing" based on our authentic needs and desires. We are so far away from the truth in ourselves and so fearful of our unworthiness or the idea that what we want will never be in reality, so we close our eyes, hearts and mind and we settle for whatever is in front of us. And, that won't change unless we commit to change within ourselves and our lives.

Time is running out for us here. We are being led astray by the shiny glitter of "things" which lure us away from ourselves. And, the PTB want it that way, so you can become more and more unhappy and they can shove their pills and plans down your throat, into your body, and eventually you become so numb to all else that you are completely brain washed into living "their" idea of life. And you will continue to do this until its too late. The idea of another Hitler is not so far off. If anyone took the time to back away from their addictions to all that glitters and actually observed what is happening in the world and to it, I believe people can and would make real changes which would benefit them personally and the children yet to come.

It still mystifies me how people spend money on fancy cars, the latest Iphone and designer handbags and shoes, expensive restaurants and wine, but will not see how important it is to invest that money and time into their health. Being proactive, addressing emotional and energetic dis-tortions can actually save your life and prevent cancer from taking you out at a young age, long before your natural time. And, if you are willing to succumb to the ideology of the current social language of drug commercials and illness you don't yet have but certainly will if you take those drugs instead of using natural languages of light and truth for your healing, then you certainly won't make it to your natural time to move on from here.

Isn't it curios, though, now that our population is growing at an amazingly rapid speed, suddenly, so many new forms of cancer and illnesses are showing up? And, in addition to that, the drug companies and the PTB are shoving new drugs down your throat to cure these illnesses, and of course create new health problems on their way to "curing" you? And, for a moment, would you ever consider an idea, perhaps, that the PTB are trying to rid the planet of as many people as possible to control the population? And, are you one of them? And, do you have any idea about the truth: What lies within your energy and emotional bodies are like a cancer waiting to happen, being fed by how you feel about yourself, your family, your life, and your struggles? There are secrets at work on this planet, information which will feed into your fears and destroy you. ALTERNATIVELY, there is information on this planet which can set you free and heal you. Its your choice.

I know plenty about Vibrational Medicine and the Light Languages, natural vibrational languages which are intelligent, and therefore, KNOW exactly what to do in our energy bodies. How to re-align, restore and cure what ails us. You may think things like this are mysteries, or secrets, or that you need special training to help yourself. Not true at all. All you need is a clear understanding of the process and how it can work in you body and your life. These are NATURAL cures, given to us by our creators so we could maintain our physical, emotional and mental health, all from the vibrations of unconditional love. Try it and see for yourself. Restore yourself to vitality, passion, truth and love. You will never take another drug again, or live outside of truth.

And, the moving parts, well, it is all about the Shift, which I will discuss on "LoveExpanded, The Show," Wednesday, July 13th at 9 PM ET on This week's show is a discussion and candid interview with Ketch and Melanie, who will go into their experiences as feminist and LGBT people over the past ten years: challenges and progress made in their personal and professional lives. This is another insightful show relative to all Starborn Souls, who come to Earth to create positive change, love and raise the vibration of the planet. All Starborns do not take the obvious role as healers, and most will struggle to bring about truth and change. Living in this world as Outcasts in some ways, and feeling abandoned and lost is a deeper challenge many will face on their journey to enlightenment and truth. And, those who Starborns come to help, and sometimes other Starborns lack the awareness, heart opening and vision to see the new as love. Join us for a deeply moving and motivational interview with this young couple, who have lived lifetimes in a few short decades. Everyone will relate to the heaviness and difficulty they have lived through while trying to provide a new insight into humanity's plight of ego blindness, bringing about hatred and persecution toward those who are different than "social, political and religious dogma" YOU will benefit from the healing energies also part of LoveExpanded, The Show. Bring your friends too!

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