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It's All Stuck - Full Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn Full Moon July 19 2016

I waited until AFTER the full moon peaked on Tuesday, so I could get a vibe on the deeper meaning of the current Astrology.

What seems to be showing up everywhere these past few days is the idea of having to let go, a current and on-going theme in life. Part of the rebirth process, transformation and "rising up" cannot be comfortably addressed nor completed if we are still holding on to the past. Obviously, the past is gone ad even our memories are fading away. I'm not sure people really understand or can comprehend the magnitude of what is happening within us and on the planet.

For all of the "information" floating around on the internet, I have yet to find anyone who has the truest meaning of this process. Not that it matters really, because every healer provides something necessary to meet a group of souls at the levels necessary. But when I talk to people who are providing this information, none of them are working on themselves, which I find to NOT bring them into alignment with the higher truth.

Anyway, the story this week with Capricorn, the mountain goat, starts off with energy waves stemming from the New Moon in Cancer two weeks ago. Since we are still moving around in the same water, the same planets are involved in the Full Moon. This means that within the past 2 weeks we have been give clear insight to those emotional challenges we still carry, hold onto and face in our lives. The Full Moon brings the hidden pieces into the light so we can fully address them. When we are working with this type of energy, we don't always need to dig deep and analyze ourselves, we just need to recognize the fear, pain, blocks and let it go. Just as the tide rises at each full moon, our emotional water rises as well, washing up the emotional debris on the shores of our awareness so we can clean it up.

We cannot look just at the astrology, or just at the shift or just one piece of the whole anymore. We were able to do this in the past and this process helped up understand who we are and what we are. Now, the natural course of evolution is taking us into the "oneness, the all-ness, the wholeness" and this means its time to let go of the chains from the past, from this life and any other, and surrender into the abyss of light so we can re-emerge whole and new. And, this my friends is the catch. FEAR will prevent or hold back the natural process of rebirth and so, the logical and only conclusion one can draw is the necessity of clearing the fear, collapsing and removing the information from our DNA. THIS will make space for the new light to emerge, taking us fully into rebirth mode

We cannot take the old into the new, and our process will be stuck or held back until we get the idea and do the work.

What types of things should you be letting go of:

Anything which causes you to feel fear or pain

Judgments you are still holding (against yourelf or others)




Fear of being visible: ie "If I allowed my uniqueness to show, people will label me insane" and therefore

An Outcast, abandoned and alone

Feeding into drama

You get the picture.

People really don't connect to the feeling body, and certainly most don't realize their BODY is the only true north. THE BODY will always alert you to danger, trouble, pain and fear, and then it is up to YOU to make that connection, assess the information and CHOOSE to be released from the fear. EVERY PATTERN is FEAR BASED, so take it to the level of fear and understand what it is about. FEAR is an illusion, it is NOT your body warning you of danger. WARNINGS are a distinctly different vibration. We can only be afraid of something we have already experienced. The Body would need to have a reference point for fear to be recognized as it connects to any other emotion or experience.

The medical community doesn't like e very much because I tell the truth about illness. But, luckily I do have some dear friends who are doctors and other health care professionals who are open minded and carry the Starborn Light. These are people who are trying to break down the old systems of "health care" and integrate the new (Ancient), creating true reform aligned with authenticity. In fact, people either love me or don't respect me because I tell the truth, not the way people want to hear it or think it is, but TRUTH as the language which creates healthy life. We all have our individual challenges as we work toward true change.

And yes, all of this is somehow connected to this Full Moon event, Mercury conjunct Venus in Leo trine Saturn in Sag, and Sun, Mars and Chiron making a beautiful Grand Water Trine, all provided for the inhabitants of earth meant to be used as insight for evolution. And, let's add Pluto and the Moon in Capricorn, a lovely pair of energies. Pluto is all about evolution, death and rebirth, and Capricorn, the goat likes to slowly climb a mountain and build on his life long beliefs and goals. Obviously, the feeling is of letting go and holding on at the same time, which does not work. We have REAL opportunity to be done with our old lives and bring in from the future the new and expanded aspects of ourselves. We don't have to wait for physical death and rebirth for this to happen, we can do it now and enjoy the advantages of our hard work and suffering.

In a nutshell, Love in all forms is now being awakened and truth is being restructured into Universal languages of healing, awakening, expansion and truth.. And, we are being given a clear opportunity to make the changes we need to make so we are closer to being aligned with the languages of authenticity. Disease happens when we are not vibrating at the natural, organic and healthy frequencies. WE HAVE ALL THAT WE NEED WITHIN US TO FIX THESE THINGS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE, AND WE ARE CONSUMED BY THE PTB AND THEIR AGENDA --- TO MAKE US ALL SICK AND UNHAPPY SO WE DIE. AND IT DOESN'T HAVE TO HAPPEN TO YOU OR YOUR LOVED ONES.

Change takes only a few small steps, a new awareness, open minded action and releasing your fear. It isn't rocket science folks, its our natural way. LOVE IS JUST A BREATH AWAY..............................

Stay tuned tonight, Wednesday July 20 for more insight on the world within and around us, 9 PM ET, on "Loveexpanded, The Show" And for a special interview, watch "Quite Frankly" also this evening at 7 PM on Ken and I will be guests of Frank Valbiro who has quite a knack for bringing up the issues people don't want to face.

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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