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Necessary Preparation for September 1 Event

We have been anticipating this Solar Eclipse for thousands of years

On September 1, 2016, we will experience The Annual Solar Eclipse in Virgo. in 1997 we had the same eclipse, so we are closing a 19 year cycle. But, this one is entirely different energetically. This one promises to be a whopper of a tale to tell as we move forward from this "stillpoint". Our philosophy, our beliefs and all of our "bodies" will change as a result of this one moment in time. Obviously, we have been working within and unfolding our expansion within this 19 year cycle. Now, we will see all that will be reaped from this great harvest. If we have not made the time, the space or the effort to clear, heal and transform during this past 19 years, certainly we will feel extra heavy and life could become too much to bear for many. This is a moment in time, a choice point, which connects us to the entire harmonic language of the universe, ushering in deep and expanded awareness of truth and lies. Where have we been hiding and what remains hidden in our shadow, in the darkness of our power essence, our unconscious self? We are going to find out immediately as the Eclipse energies hit the ground. The forward momentum will feel as if a damn broke, one which has served as a safety net for quite some time. We have been hiding for so long, chances are most don't realize it is true.

Our light has been bending within these universal parameters, follow the flow as our light makes a complete circle (cycle) and rebirths itself into a new form. If we have not done the work the new form will be painful and debased because we carry over the elements of denial which caused pain and fear in the first place. This is not a symbolic birth, or a psychological death and rebirth process. It is the new and real way of life on Earth now. Energy languages are intelligent, and each knows what it needs to become organically. Fear becomes expanded fear as love becomes expanded love. This is no joke as you will soon find out. In these high vibrations, we will immediately manifest that which lives in our shadow consciousness, no matter how far away we are from connecting the dots or having the awareness of truth. Its all coming to a head as this Lunar Eclipse approaches Earth. TRUTH is elevated into awareness, no matter how loving or painful it actually is.

This Eclipse will be stronger and more direct than those of our recent past. This one carries with it all of the substance of our evolution as a species, and our tribal marker energy languages as well. So for those who have awakened their Starborn Energy, it will prove to be a time where NO lie can survive, or our bodies can't survive the suppression of these lies. We have had nothing like this before. I have been teaching and writing about this for the past 19 years. Many people took seriously these words, as they come directly from the Ascended Masters and our Star Tribe Creators, who have been urging us to open our minds, get out of the box and away from standardized beliefs. If we allow the conditioning of the world and generations of ancestors to continue, we will not have the ability to awaken to our greatest truth, freedom and light. We are going into this place whether we prepared or not, and we will find out what lies in wait for us.

The Maya placed this momentous event into their history. If one looked at their calendar, it would show the end of the world on December 21, 2012. To those who lived in fear or who had not looked any deeper this would mean panic and the possibility of madness. But for those who were not in fear and sought the truth, looking deeper into the message, they would find on the flip side of this great stone calendar, another message. This message clearly showed 2 worlds, the one in which we were living filled with fear and ego satisfaction, and another, expanded and ascended world, leading those who took the difficult journey into truth to another place filled with light. And this eclipse marks the moment of separation of these two worlds. Which one did you choose? I can tell you one absolute thing - our lives and our world Will never be the same again, Life as we knew it will cease to exist and a new, powerful, expansion of life will take its place - for those who chose to awaken to their truth, deal with the shadow and face what has been buried, denied and stuffed in lies within.

We all needed to prepare, and we still have a short window to awaken and face our fears, grab our truth and choose how we will live, and in what world. Power lies within us, it always has. If we continue to rely on outside commissions and structures, we will surely crumble under the weight of these changes. Just take a real look at the world, where do you see it going> And, do you want to be part of such a world? On the other hand, a few simple steps into truth may be the answer you need. Claim your "inheritance" as a Galactic Being, move beyond the binding lies which cause financial, physical and emotional pain and long term illness, even death. Awaken to your greater birth.

Our window will last roughly until September 8, when Jupiter leaves Virgo and enters Libra. I won't go into the details here, but just know it is a sacred marker because this is a sacred birth, an advent so momentous, the "dark" forces have tried to keep this truth from us since before Atlantis was on Earth. You have all suffered for this moment, but it is the fear keeping you blind to the "un-self". Immediate action is required, once the door closes, it will not reopen for many thousands of years.

I am offering shadow readings, bringing up the "un-self" of the unconscious, the part of you which has kept you locked in fear for thousands of years. Your lives have met with peril, discord, failure and abandonment because of these shadow pieces. If you want to get directly and immediately to this truth, you are in the right place. If you schedule a session THIS WEEK, I will hold the space for you to pull this up and transform it immediately, providing relief from pain and fear. You may not even know you are holding onto these truths, which can show up in earth time as physical, mental illness and difficulty with relationships and success. Did you ever question "why" certain things come about in your life, especially if your every effort was directed in a different way - or do you just accept these things as karma, religious or part of life? Do you have any awareness at all of being the creator of your life or not? If so, why would you believe you can create some things but not all of them?

Creation is really expansion. It is an exponential and physical manifestation coming from your vibration, your belief systems and your cellular information, such as fear or abandonment. Because we live in gravity, physics dictates how we are able to create here, cause and effect, water seeks its own level, we attract a mirror of what we are..and so forth. So, if you want to be free then you must change these things. The problem is that you don't know about them until they show up in your physical world. Why take a chance or waste time with what you don't want, especially now when our highest call is to awaken to the truth of what we are and how we live in the new times.

I know many people are going through some very tense and difficult times. In fact, many are experiences such deep inner pain, unable to express what is happening inside of them. Some feel they are on the brink of insanity, others feel as if they will die shortly, others depression, sadness and deep apathy. Many face physical illness and painful symptoms, and having seen a doctor receive no diagnosis or relief for what ails them. And still others are at their breaking point financially or because of family dramas. The breaking apart of the old and weaker systems can be fearful, many determined to hold on to what they have no matter what. It is time to let go and be released. These are all symptoms of this rebirth process which is now imminent. You don't need to suffer, truly. I can help free you from all of these things and more.

Its not too late to help yourself. And, If you schedule a session this week, I will give you 75 minutes for the price of a 1 hour session. This offer is good only through September 7 so schedule your session now. I am not available for sessions this coming weekend, but do have some appointments still open this week.

I will also remind you about the Sacred Body Scan process as well. The scan provides one with everything, on every level, which is needed at this time. This process is done through the Star Beings and your personal guides along with the Ascended Masters. Because this is truly advanced physics, energy technology and the languages of our origin, it WILL address every part of your essence, including past and future aspects of you. We work outside of time, so all comes together during this process. And it belongs only to The Science of Truth and Starborn Awakening. This process of healing and restoration is brilliant, immeasurably powerful and provides awareness, enlightenment, expansion, awakening, organic alignment and much, much more. In fact it is SO expanded, we do not have full capability to express it in our language on Earth, but be assured, it WILL provide you with all that you need to rapidly re-align with your core organic self. These scans are only done absentee.

Beings of the Galactic Hierarchy and Masters of Light thank you for your service and urge you to heal for yourself now. They are here to serve and provide what is needed.

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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