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Our 30 Day Challenge for Change is Over

Just in time for us to herald in The New Times on Earth, we are at completion for the 30 day challenge for change. The Ascended Masters posed this challenge to help us move through deeply rooted issues which have caused us to remain stuck in the "old ways". We are now at the end of this energetic piece, and so, it is time for an honest assessment of what we accomplished.

In the beginning of this challenge, I received many e-mails from friends and clients promising to follow through with the necessary changes in their lives. As the weeks went on, I saw less from people, and it seems, follow through was the biggest challenge for everyone. Some folks managed to accomplish smaller goals than originally anticipated, still a good start for the future.. And, others, well, their best intentions fell by the wayside, as the old ways of control and fear remained powerful enough to create a "forgetfulness or blindness" about commitment to change.

I guess the most powerful change of all comes now, through the awareness of what we are lacking and what we need to balance. Change is a huge commitment and not always easy, especially when it is both internal and external, brought about by evolution and not through conscious choice.

We live on a planet governed by physics, so energy mandates how we live here. And, if we cannot understand that concept or release the fear blockages we carry from the past, we will find ourselves in struggle after struggle as the planet moves forward, taking no prisoners. Which means we are all going to shift EVENTUALLY, but maybe not all in this lifetime.

And this brings me to the next point - many who feel they cannot move forward will opt out instead. The rapid progression of the clearing process began in 1997 and will end on September 1 through the Annual Solar Eclipse in Virgo. Think of this event as marking time, pulling a new language through the universe and grounding it on earth. As this happens, the lines of separation will become painfully clear, those who chose not to heed the words of Master Teachers and their facilitators, those whose ego clearly controls their awareness or those who are simply not mature enough in soul energy will remain on the old side of earth. And, those who have chosen, who had the willingness and took responsibility for "their stuff" can be found on the ground of the new. These will be the new teachers, healers responsible for pioneering at ground zero as we build a new world.

So, get yourself ready and prepare for enlightenment as you have never seen it. If you still have work to do on yourself, meaning be rid of your negative attitudes, your resentment, fear, guilt, shame and blame; get out of your victim self, integrate your shadow and get with the program, do it NOW before September 7...when the access door for these healing languages will close for thousands of years.

It takes a powerful soul to walk through this type of regeneration and rebirth. No quitters make it all the way through. And yet, ask yourself what wouldn't you do for the love of your self? What wouldn't you do to put an end to pain, abuse, fear and unworthiness - ? These are tough times and we need to be tough to survive. Now we can do more than just survive if we release ourselves into true freedom - will will create realities in which we thrive.

If you need more, read the post on "Necessary Preparation for the September 1 event". if you are ready for deeper transformation and truth, we can offer you exactly that. Just show up and schedule a session.

One more thing - I know many people think about session work, but they are afraid of what they will hear of what will come through - in other words, they fear the TRUTH. But, tell me, what do fear and lies do for you? Everyone who lies to themselves knows they are doing it, and those who live behind illusions know the illusion is over - so in my opinion, trying to uphold the mask and the lies is WAY more painful and difficult than facing the truth, and allowing the necessary changes to come. Remember, letting go of what ails you is for your best and highest good, so why would you want anything else?

Merging and walking over the bridge is a celebration of sacred proportions. Remember to honor yourself and those who paved the way on September 1.

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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