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Another Kick in The A...The Guides are Watching Us ....

One of MY Starbeing Creator Guides Spirit Card

Hi All

Presently we are experiencing an "updraft" of cosmic lunacy. The energy is maddening, triggering fear which has not been completely transformed. For those who have been digging deeply into relevant truth, the pieces coming through will relate to the CORE TRAUMA patterning. The symptom of the experience is FEAR, which is crippling right now. We are still not out of the woods.

In September, the Guides put out a "call" for necessary preparation. They are now repeating that call - as the battle of light and dark increases in strength and movement. This battle takes place externally in the world, but also internally within us all, as we struggle to find or maintain a balance of truth and prosperity. IF we still have any shadow pieces, unconscious behaviors will emerge as fear based experiences. We stay too long in places and with people we no longer belong with. We are not heeding the representations of the NEW realities. We cannot create these realities in our mind, we must allow the ALL fear to be transformed before the languages of truth, creators of the new realities can emerge. It feels like a cocaine binge, as one client recently said. I believe this is true. The ups and downs, lucidity and confusion, awakening and sleeping, all at the same time. It is truly a maddening time for those who have been working on their patterns because our senses are heightened and everything is exponentially awakening to the million degree of sensitivity.

Maddening because we are still not fully awakened from the 50,000 year coma we have been operating from. Lunacy because we know and feel it, but cannot force the illusion to shatter. For this we need assistance.

Because, in this work we operate from organic cellular languages and zero gravity, we can effectually and powerfully enlighten and transform all which ails and diminishes your life. Just because the work has evolved into shattering the illusions of the Reptilian Agendas, et al, it doesn't mean those who are just awakening or just learning how to heal cannot benefit from what we offer. The guides want to remind you of this. Because of the extensive light languages we use, everyone, no matter where they are in their healing process or how old or young they are can and will benefit from session work or a body scan.

If you think about why you wouldn't schedule a session for assistance, relief actually, what is your reason? Too busy taking care of everyone else, maybe, leaving no time for you? Or perhaps you are just "too busy" to think about what needs to be done in your life to satisfy your inner desires - or, maybe you simply don't think it important enough or necessary to heal your pain, sadness, abandonment, or betrayal... Change is too much for you? Ignorance is bliss, until now.

Well, think again. Think about the possibilities of what could happen if you don't heal your trauma. What you do not address and heal can and will eventually become a physical illness and probably be your demise in the end. Or, you could end up taking multiple medications for multiple illness. Or just think about the level of happiness in your life - are you surviving or are you thriving? Are you yearning for more in life, and, perhaps after several failed attempts you want to give up? Yes, this is what they want us to believe: we are limited and incapable of achieving the success and happiness we truly desire and deserve. The old ways are finished, but those whose predatory ways have forced these old ways of pain and fear upon us are still hooking into people with fear. Fear is what they feed on, it gives them power. Love destroys them. Learning and supporting unconditional self-love is the lost power, and the one thing we all need right now.

Poverty is a starvation pattern. Many people are struggling because they don't understand the CORE of their struggle. They attempt to solve the problem where the problem currently lives. The problem can only be solved at the point of origin. With all of the confusion, chaos and pain people feel, it is impossible for them to identify the reason for their struggles in life. This is what we do here, we identify and transform those core issues and naturally the symptoms disappear. Poverty, just like failure and abandonment are purposeful predatory experiences, done to you. And, you not knowing how this works, still believe it is you causing the problems, or you're blaming someone else; your spouse, your boss, your family, you childhood, blah,blah,blah..

So if love is what you are, and what you desire, then ask yourself what is preventing LOVE from being the language of truth you live from.

Back to the Guides:

Imploring all of us to hear their words and realize we are in for a huge betrayal when the con is exposed. It will be too late at that point for anyone to do anything about it. You must be free now before the lid is blown off of the BS. As the crow flies in the evolutionary sense, we are running out of time. Skeptics who don't believe any preparation or change is necessary will soon find out otherwise. Why, in any universe would anyone decide living in pain, sadness and illness is natural or normal? Nature does not live this way. Nature aligns with the 528 Hz vibration and so do we when we are healthy. We are not a healthy humanity. Even our minds have become unhealthy..

So, you can choose to be one of the few, unique and radically awakened souls who understand, live and benefit from life in the new realities, or you can be shocked awake when the BS hits the fan shortly. It is you choice. IF you ask the question of "why don't my guides just do what I need to have done" realize they cannot ever override your free will. And, it is time for our humanity to wake up and grow up. But, I guarantee they have been showing you things in your life trying to get your attention. They do this so you can make new choices to love yourself. This means changing how you live. You cannot change how you live if you don't change the energy which creates that life. That energy emanates from ALL life trauma stored in the DNA. So, we are back to the beginning. Change your energy patterns, change your reality.

You don't have to explain what you need to the guides, they already know. And when you have any kind of session with them, it will be taken care of.

So, schedule you session or body scan asap. We don't know the exact date and time when this will all come to a head, but surely we can visibly see and feel the volcano rising. PS Be on the lookout for those old insanity patterns to rear their ugliness....don't get sucked into the trap.

Sometimes I feel like the Mother of the Cosmic Orphans, gently trying to nudge everyone along to a greater way of life. And sometimes I feel like I need to push hard to move people. Some move along and some don't I hope all of you take steps toward real change.

Stay tuned for more updates......

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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