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Honoring Your Spirit - Spring Equinox 2017

As we begin moving forward in to Spring in the Northern Hemisphere the landscape around us changes. All that was invisible, dormant, lying beneath the frozen ground will soon return to life in vibrant color. The time of rebirth and renewal, Spring reminds us that we too must rebirth and renew our Spirit as we continue our journey forward into the new.

This long awaited rebirth for humanity is about to become richer and more palpable for those who have chosen to live in the Ascended Reality, which is the new way on Earth. One must remember that all fear and unreasonable behaviors harbored by the body/mind must be transformed or otherwise eliminated from the DNA. Doing so allows the light within to expand, raising the vibration and lift us "above" fear. Fear cannot exist in an Ascended reality because it is not a natural emotion of our Spirit. Spirit knows only truth, and anything else is fabricated through trauma memories existing within the cellular memory.

Think of the rebirth as the eye of a needle. If you were passing through a small opening of this size nothing would move through it except energy, or light. Meaning only your Spirit is real, natural and able to rebirth, everything else is a consequence of trauma and must be let go of, surrendered and left behind. We cannot be attached to the physical now.

As Spring awakens life around us, so does the Light awaken the new within us. And for some, this renewal will mean a complete life change, for others leaving behind relationships, jobs, behaviors which are unable to survive this shift. Trying to hold onto anything which does not match your vibration will become increasingly difficult and painful, until finally your physical body will become worn down because of it. This is a time for release and renewal, honoring your Spirit as it cascades into Light, springing forth from beneath the darkness where it was hidden by fear.

Fear and Grief are the enemy of Light. Truth is a language unto itself, and truth contains only truth, nothing else. When one is immersed and expressing through the lens of truth all else fades away. Anger and resentment disappear, as clearer understanding of your journey becomes the natural way. Confusion and indecision are a trick of the ego, covering up fear as well. In our natural state, we live as nature does. Following the cycles of life, death and rebirth as we evolve into Mastery. Anything which causes us pain is not natural and needs to be transformed or released. Nature does not try, think or act. It just is, as it follows the instinctual process of renewal. So must we learn to become this as we once were.

Uranus is in Aries at the time of the Equinox. The natural ruler of Aquarius (the sign of forward thinking humanity and conscious evolution) Uranus reminds us that we are still in the throes of unprecedented change bringing up fears of losing control. Meanwhile, Pluto is deeply invested in Capricorn and will continue to bring the old ways down, allowing Uranus to replace them with new formulas for an evolved society. Don't be surprised at the form this will take and remember to ask yourself why you are afraid of these changes. Pluto in Capricorn is an old political regime, which creates a version of worthiness based on money, status, position and power. The have and the have-not class systems. Capricorn likes the old but Uranus calls for new, equality and justice for all as it returns power to the people.

We also started the Solar New Year with a formidable Grand Cross involving Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, Pluto and Vesta. This is likely to mean we are all holding on way too tightly to everything we have. Interesting alignment, as Uranus begs us to let go so we can be free from controlling it all, and learning how to live freely and without chains. A contradiction for sure, but the solution to this opposition lies within each individual. We must asses our lives and consider our past (Pluto in Capricorn) as the journey which brought us more deeply into fear. Grief and Loss are continuous emotions as the energy revs up showing us deeply hidden wounds from childhood and beyond. These old wounds set us up for disappointment, failure, inadequacy and poverty on every level if they are not understood and transformed. Light heals all wounds.

And then, on March 27, we had the first lunar event of the Solar New Year, the New Moon in Aries. Charging us all with the deep desire for freedom and change, we need to ask ourselves what are we fighting? With 5 planets running with the Ram during this event, we may be more impatient, but more confident and direct. Use this energy to KNOW, decide who and what needs to leave your life now. Then, choose to invite in the manifestation of your dreams, and acquiesce to the highest consciousness within you. Fight the urge to fight: this is only a reflection of the inner power struggle you are creating by ignoring your intuition and what your body is asking you to do...let go of the fight and holding onto what is not naturally living within your space. Pain is not natural, and if you have been trying to "fix" something or solve a problem for a long time and neither has worked, the obvious answer is letting go so a new and appropriate experience can come in now. Otherwise, whatever is holding you back will touch every part of your life. Energy expands like a fractal, no part is untouched by the other parts.

Our core values are up for reassessment and rebirth now also. This is a time of action and decision making. Our goals on all levels are fueled by passion and a need for new challenges. Remember old habits die hard so for those who like to hit the gas, then the break or both together, this will be a difficult event. My suggestion is to take your feet off the pedals and let your heart drive you forward. For here and only here you will find sanctuary and fulfillment.

NOW is the time for change, inside and outside. The first wave of souls who have prepared for the rebirth have gone through the eye. THIS alone is enough to bring up grief because it feels like a death. Nothing stands behind you (the past is truly gone) and the future (new) is not yet visible. It appears as if life is just an illusion, nothing is certain and it is difficult to walk on at this time. Remember you are not alone and the Universe is supporting this natural process of evolution and rebirth through Spirit and Science.

Honoring our Spirit is the genuine lens of truth now. Looking at how far we have come, how much we have learned, created, healed and loved gives us the extra push we need to continue on through the storm of emotions churning inside of us. Give yourself the time, energy and nurturing you need, as you would a beautiful Spring planting ready to take on a new life in the sun. All is as it should be, and if you continue to surrender to truth, your rebirth will become a natural outcome of your desires and choices to manifest all that remains in your life.

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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