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June Class Schedule

Here is the Class Schedule for the remainder of June. Hope you can make at least of of the events:

Wednesday Evening Web Series, 9:00 - 10:00 PM ET ($29.00)

Each Wednesday we bring a new, timely and relevant teaching from the Ascended Masters. Our topics vary depending on what is happening around us or what time it is in our Universal transformation.

The Dates and Topic:

Wednesday, June 8th: The Movement of Energy into Time - On the heels of the Gemini new moon and the importance of the recent Astrological Event, we need a new defining language for how we live in the New Times. Now is the perfect time to address these concerns.

Monday, June 13: This week only, our weekly class will be on Monday evening.

Following up with The Movement of Energy into Time, and the residual connective elements.

I have no idea what the heck they mean by this, but I'm sure we will know on Monday.

Wednesday, June 22: Collapsing Relative Probability - a deeper look with Master Einstein, et, al. as he walks us through the understanding and experience of learning about probable outcome and the opportunity for change. The Cancer Solstice and the Sagittarius Full Moon

Wednesday June 29: What Happens Now? After we collapse probable outcome, how do we know what to think and how to act? Based on all time is now language of energy, we will assimilate the necessary truth which aligns us with our Origin. Starborn Anyone? Hybrid?

Friday Advanced Soul Transformation Class:

June 17th, 7:30 PM, Little Falls NJ ($60.00)

The formation of a new skill set, based on the deeply advanced and expanded truth in awareness we have activated over the past 18 months. This is an on-going class of transformation,healing, awakening and rebirth. Astrological Discussion Cancer Solstice and Sagittarius Full Moon. All are welcome.

The BIG event this month is:

An Intensive on Sunday June 26th - 10 AM - 5 PM, Little Falls NJ

I would like to invite ALL WOMEN, powerful healers, leaders, individuals to this event. Take your rightful place in life, in leadership and in love. Success and happiness await you

Honoring the Sacred Feminine, the hardship, humiliation, abuse, abandonment, restriction, limitation and outright disgusting and horrible ways women have been forced to live with over time, our Ancestors, loved ones and those who are here to heal and bring the truth would like to facilitate a female only Intensive, providing a safe and sacred space for you to finally heal. During an Intensive, we do not limit expression, or radical transformation. We are here to help each other, support each other, and awaken the sacred power within.

Those who are tired, depressed, depleted, unworthy, ashamed, guilty, abused, abandoned and otherwise feeling dis-empowered, suffering injustice and tired of being dishonored, ignored and disrespected are invited to participate and witness their rebirth. Along with those who believe themselves to be "crazy" because they suffer from a knowing of a higher reality based in love. The lonely, outcast and unloved, all who mourn and grieve, are stuck and wish to thrive - to exemplify the new, to live in freedom and authenticity!

Coming into form will be truth and unconditional love, the last vapors of the past whisked away, breathing fresh, new life into each.

An Intensive is an all day event, includes 6 women, and promises to be the absolute most powerful, radical, rapid healing and awakening you will ever experience. All you bring is your willingness to take responsibility and face the truth. We will do the rest.

The participation fee is $395.00, and includes a deeply powerful channeled transmission belonging only to you. These transmissions are unparalleled healing opportunities, pulling energy and truth from your cells and often from the future. It is unto itself another form of Intensive healing. Participating in this event is life changing, altering your perception of yourself and reality through eternity.

When we change the language of energy we carry, those things we believe and uphold, life changes around us. People no longer need to react to our pain, abandonment and memories of being judged. Instead, they see us for who we are now, empowered equals. Stop struggling trying to understand WHY you are being mistreated. Take the path to higher truth, knowing the cause is within you and let us help you change it. Power and love are within reach. What we accomplish in 7 hours would otherwise take 10 lifetimes to change. Do you want to return to Earth again and again trying to figure it all out over and over? Change is eternal as is the Language of Truth.

Contact me asap to participate. We would love to have you join us


Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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