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Spirit Wellness Pro is Here!

I am absolutely THRILLED to present the newest member of our healing estuary, Spirit Wellness Pro.

Spirit Wellness Sessions incorporate all of the individual processes of my work with The Universal Brotherhood of Light, The Kryon Group, The Starborn Creators, Ascended Masters, Angels, Faeries, YOUR guides and loved one into one very special session format.

Never before has there been a body of work like this. Your Spirit Wellness session allows access to WHATEVER is needed for your healing and your life RIGHT NOW and in the future. Coming through the abstract, all of the universal consciousness shows up to honor you and bring through all that is needed. Additionally, we can address illness before it becomes manifest, heal broken hearts through Spirit connection with loved ones, awaken talents and gifts and so much more!!

Spirit Wellness is like having everything you will ever need to awaken, heal, transform and rebirth all in one place. And, the Guides will also provide teaching or other important information during a session.

Each time we produce a new piece of the work it is mandated by the Universal Brotherhood because it is NEEDED by humanity. It is difficult for people to know what is needed or when it is needed. We solve the problem for you because WE know what you need and we provide it for you. Aligning one to the natural universal harmonic discharges negative energy, fear and its ilk, restoring one to a state of natural vibrancy, health and happiness. In other words, we provide restoration to LOVE. All else is unnatural and is the cause of our pain and dysfunction. Of course as with any type of healing process, free will plays a powerful part and each must choose to align with the healing provided. And, The Spirit Wellness session is an accelerated process for conscious evolution.

Take a look at the new Spirit Wellness Site and take advantage of a limited time $20 discount on the new session. You will be amazed at what we have created for you!!

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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