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Summer Solstice 2016 6:34 PM ET June 20, 206

Chart for Cancer Solstice June 20, 2016

I wanted to spend a little time musing the Astrology around the Summer Solstice this year. The full moon event is an unusual one and definitely worth discussing. And, I will apologize now for the choppy information. It is a reflection of my brain activity right now.

Have to say, the past few weeks have been incredibly difficult emotionally, but since the full moon peaked this morning, the energy feels a bit lighter, something has shifted.

Normally, the energy and information just flow into the words, but today not so much. It is a complex emotional time and the words, emotions, thoughts, energy and reality seem to be flowing into and out of each other without any clear direction or intention. Not very easy to navigate right now. Although my perceptions seem to be happening in the moment, the truth is more like we are witnessing something ancient within ourselves which has never birthed in the light of day.

Once every two to thee years, two consecutive Full Moons occur in the same zodiacal polarity. In May, we had a Full Moon at 1' Sagittarius/Gemini, and this morning the Full Moon peaked at 29' Sagittarius/Gemini. This is like Cosmic reinforcement around a particular message. We need to pay extra attention right now to what is happening within us and around us. People in our lives are messengers and mirrors. Do not dismiss either because your greater truth is in front of you.

it is always easier to see what we don't want or like about our situations through the messages others bring us. Look closely in the next few days to see those messages. But, finding the deeper truth isn't about how we perceive others, it is how we hear and listen to the meaning behind the message. Such is the energy of this Full Moon event, showing us where we need to listen more, to others and to ourselves. We fight the great fight each day when we get out of bed, and continue to fight that fight day after day. But at the end of it all, we realize all along the only thing we have truly been fighting is ourselves. Why do we always want to control everything, and force ourselves to live a path which does not make us happy?

Gemini tells us where we live more on the surface, gathering lots of information but not much wisdom. In a society of information overload, we are risking moving further and further away from our deepest truth. We are all technological marvels, using the silent technology within us to compute the data we receive from all around us, all day , every day, and filing it away somewhere within our own black box. But, more information isn't necessarily a positive thing, especially if it takes away from our ability to become one within and create a life from truth.

Sagittarius leads us into our wisdom, ever expanding, learning, teaching and holding space for our truth. That is if we are disciplined enough to "see" that truth. Eliminating the dross and unnecessary elements of our lives free us up to experience the expansion of our soul. And, if we do not hold fast to those horizons of truth, we can fall into the other side of the Sagittarius experience becoming excessive in every way, living in a rut of boredom and entitlement. This is the low road and will not lead us to our life purpose. This is true self-indulgence, complaining about everything, being lazy, and not wanting to commit to making a real effort toward change.

Astrology is a language of Sacred Geometry. it has a path and a purpose. Just like we do. Nature also has a path and a purpose. We have a path and a purpose, but the difference is WE like to fight against the natural progression of who we are, always using the mind to assess and understand what isn't natural for us. Imagine what life would be like if nature did not follow its "natural" path, and decided to force change to happen. It would be devastating and disastrous to the world. And, so it is true for us as well. When we do not listen to our natural instincts, we force things to happen in our lives and spend most of our time trying to correct the damage.

The question is "are we walking our true path" ? If not, now is an ideal time to awaken and learn to become the embodiment of our deepest truth. If you have been paying attention, you won't have to look very far to see that truth. You probably already know what it is, or what it isn't. Sometimes the path opens up when we start eliminating people and situations from our lives which drain us and cause unhappiness. We aren't here to fix the broken things anymore. We are here to awaken and live from the language of Unconditional Love. If something causes you fear, then it is not natural in your life. Let it go and move on. Awaken to a greater truth in yourself.

Being honest with ourselves can be a painful path to walk. But, in my experience, it takes so much more from us in every way to live the lie than it does to face those things which have to change and actually take the steps to create that change. Trust comes easily to those who live by their truth.

We are in a time of great change on the planet and if we don't align with the higher path, we will fall short of our dreams, goals and desires in life. Although we believe our minds to be in control of and in line with our truth, in fact that is not true. We live in a Universe which is alive, constantly changing and moving, and the language of that process is Energy. We are all vibrating energy and our vibrations speak more truth than our minds can ever fathom. We cannot create from the mind, but we must learn how to hear and listen to our internal language of energy so we can always be conscious of where our choices will take us. We, part of the Universe, are always changing and growing. And yet, we seek to hold it all back that process of natural evolutionary change. Funny, isn't it?

This current path of upheaval has its roots in May/June of 1997. At that time we had a similar Full Moon Event, with consecutive Full Moons in Sag/Gemini, at 1' and 29' degrees. The message was a similar one, asking us to define our life purpose and begin the path toward a deeper truth. We were yet to experience the evolutionary shift of December 21, 2012, which turned out to be the biggest event in our Soul History. Those who were aware of the rebirth at the time experienced a catapult into truth unlike no other. A new precedent was formed and the awakening of the Galactic Soul happened. Since that time the course of transformation has been constant, deep, painful and something we could not escape from. Transformation came at us from everywhere, changing everything - and now, we cannot go back if we tried. Once truth is illumined, ignorance, denial and escapism no longer exist. If we try to pretend, hold back change or live in denial, we will suffer the consequences of pain and physical illness, eventually leading to death, the only escape mechanism left when we deny ourselves access to what makes us thrive.

Yet, we have moved mountains and found the wisdom of the ancient masters. It was within us all along, but we were unable to understand the truth behind it all. The Energy languages of the Starborn became the path to the illumined truth, awakening us to ideas and possibilities which never before existed in our awareness and on our planet.

And, now this Astrological event has taken us through a complete cycle, doors closing, people leaving our lives because they have to. Closure on the past has become the crisis point if we are not willing to let go. Our Ego is fighting hard and strong now, fearful of disappearing through these unprecedented changes. We have never been this before and we don't have a road map. Except to reconnect to the heart, learn to listen and hear the truth The doors for salvation will open wide, and we will emerge whole, healed and restored to our organic being, unfettered and ready to experience the new. Major shifts will occur now.

As for the Solstice, we experience the longest day of light today. We are exposed to much more than a mental stimulation from the sun. If we are living from within, our truth, then we will "see" a clear conscious understanding of where we need to go now. During a Solstice, we have a reduction in the magnetic fields around the earth, allowing a greater influx of Cosmic radiation to penetrate our atmosphere and our being. We must listen to what the Universe is telling us and hear the true inner voice which responds. We are still experiencing the on going Square of Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn and now Mercury has joined in. Again the message is we cannot get away from ourselves so stop trying, Instead stand still, sit down, write, learn to be without fear and hear the deepest truth of who you are. Stop running and hiding.

Other Notable Astrology this week:

June 23 - Uranus tells us our desires for freedom will awaken, furthering the course of letting go and aligning with our heart

June 24 - The Sun at 3' Cancer squares the March 2016 Lunar Eclipse. This is a major event, again, for those who are not loving in the mind, but in the heart and soul. Those who are listening will feel compelled to take the next big step on their path. Remember, 1997 till June 20 2016 - a cycle of evolution and truth, which is now finished A new path is beginning. Change the way you thing about life and the old ways, experience the freedom of true partnership and learn to live as a Divine Creator.

June 27 - Chiron stations Direct at 25' Pisces until December 1 - This is a whole thing, more to come on this event.

June 29 - Finally, Mars turns direct at 23' Scorpio, allowing the flow of healthy emotions, and new ideas to become finalized. Mars has been retrograde since April. Its been a tough few months. Mars is the planet of action, often acting impulsively and paying the price later. Mars gives us our impetus toward change, new things and efforts which take short term energy. But, we now need to think first and act only after we have decided our plan for action is a good, solid one. Otherwise we will burn out quickly and our plans will become embers floating away. If we have been paying attention since April, we would realize some great ideas for change have come to us. Now, we must asses those ideas in alignment with our deepest truth and create an inner call to action. Gather your plans and begin a new path forward. Time waits for no one.

And, in Scorpio, Mars can bring up underlying emotional trauma, betrayal, fear and the like. If you stuff those things which annoy you in your relationships, you may be in for a shock. Things come flying out when Mars changes direction, but the deeper issues need to be resolved. If you cannot resolve them after many attempts, it may be time to move on and free yourself. If we work hard to change, take responsibility for our "stuff" and our partner does not grow in sync with those changes, the path splits and moving on may be the best thing for both of you. We can only carry it for so long before it crushes our hearts, dreams and zaps our passion. FEAR keeps us bound, especially if finances are holding us in the relationship. The true issue isn't money, it is unworthiness entangled with a fear of not being powerful enough to survive. If you haven't been true to yourself emotionally, then you are not on the right path.

Lastly, go back to May/June of 1997 and think about significant events which showed up at that time. Maybe you met someone you had a deep connection with, but have not had opportunity to see the relationship through. At times like these people show back up because they are ready to pick up those pieces. The past 19 years has taught us so much. Let's take the time to savor the wisdom and use it for the next phase of our journey. We know our mistakes in hindsight, but experience teaches us what we need to know about the future, which start today.

Happy Solstice to all, may the Goddess emerge in great strength, light and fortitude, healing and guiding you forward into your deepest self. The Summer Solstice recognizes the wisdom, nurturing and creativity of the Sacred Feminine, as the Winter Solstice brings forth the God within. We are all both male/female our soul has no gender. We are guided by the God/Goddess, the light of our soul, the birth of our creator inside us all. Take time today to honor the Goddess within. Remember how our ancestors fought and died for our freedom. Honor the sacredness of your individual soul journey, all that it took to bring you to where you are. Instead of feeding into the darkness of fear, betrayal and victimization, charge your life with renewed energy which comes from seeing the path you have long traveled, and why you have come. When we look with new eyes, we perceive a reality long hidden from the light, one in which we thrive, free, aligned and divine.

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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