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If you have read this morning's post, then you already know about "The Moving Parts", and how many are moving away from a natural way of thriving in life. Our mission on Loveepanded, the show, is to provide as much truth and natural healing as possible to our audience. I have been in Vibraitonal Medicine for over 20 years and I can tell you two things: The truth will astound you, and that same truth will set you free. Everyone strives to be unique, worthy and visible in a sea of normal. We can help you achieve that ideal of living from unconditional love. You just need to watch the show.

And, the moving parts, well, it is all about the Shift, which I will discuss on "LoveExpanded, The Show," Wednesday, July 13th at 9 PM ET on This week's show is a discussion and candid interview with Ketch and Melanie, who will go into their experiences as feminist and LGBT people over the past ten years: challenges and progress made in their personal and professional lives. This is another insightful show relative to all Starborn Souls, who come to Earth to create positive change, love and raise the vibration of the planet. All Starborns do not take the obvious role as healers, and most will struggle to bring about truth and change. Living in this world as Outcasts in some ways, and feeling abandoned and lost is a deeper challenge many will face on their journey to enlightenment and truth. And, those who Starborns come to help, and sometimes even other Starborns lack the awareness, heart opening and vision to see the new as love. Join us for a deeply moving and motivational interview with this young couple, who have lived lifetimes in a few short decades. Everyone will relate to the heaviness and difficulty they have lived through while trying to provide a new insight into humanity's plight of ego blindness, bringing about hatred and persecution toward those who are different than "social, political and religious dogma" YOU will benefit from the healing energies also part of LoveExpanded, The Show. Bring your friends too!

Watch us live, Wednesday, July 13th PM ET - .. Callers with questions and concerns welcome!

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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