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Hi Friends

Wednesday is the weekly live broadcast for "Loveexpanded, The Show" , 9 PM ET, on

But tonight we have double exposure as my co-host Ken and I join our friend Frank Valbiro on his live broadcast of "Quite Frankly" at 7:30 PM. Frank has quite the knack for bringing sensitive issues to light, all of those topics people don't want to acknowledge. He has a rough, in your face attitude which makes the truth all the more real and valuable to his expansive viewer audience.

Tonight we will discuss the PTB agenda, including some revelations about Ancient Aliens. As you know, I am very much involved with our Star Creator languages, those light beings who have come once again to our world to help us awaken to our true identity, that of a Starborn, part of our Hybrid Ancestry. Starborn Awakening and The Science of Truth, my trademark languages for this work have come to the planet through channeling these Ancient Star Creator languages provided to us by our Creator Father's. This happened because it is time for us to know "the missing piece" in our history, our origin and our beliefs. We have lived with pain and suffering for so long because this authentic identity was hidden from us by those who wanted power and control.

Believe me, knowing your authentic identity as a Starborn is the DEFINITIVE answer to all of your deeper soul issues, questions, feelings of pain and abandonment, and the setbacks you experience in life are all because this piece of you was missing or not engaged. You need to know the truth.

Now in this final power struggle between dark and light, it is up to us to become the answer, the truth and the change we are looking for in the world.

On both shows tonight we will reveal and discuss this sensitive, radical and powerful truth as it relates to our humanity, and what it means for us now. And, remember, this information isn't speculation, it is the true language of Starborn, and it will resonate with you.

Please join us at 7:30 and 9 PM tonight on All previously broadcasts can be also be found on here. We will take calls and questions if time permits and welcome information on this topic from our viewers.

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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