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Facing The Con of Man: Take off the rose colored glasses

Hi All

Of course I realize this message isn't for everyone. And, the truth is hard to deal with. Waking up from Species Coma is painful, difficult and for many, seems impossible. We all have layers and layers of time and experience between our reality and the truth. Those layers create confusion, and cause us to believe partial truths and get pulled into illusions, distortions and lies. And, we have all suffered because of them. Our DNA is a living library which carries memory from the beginning of time and our soul always knows the truth. We don't create here, we compensate, we deal with symptoms because we do not believe we can do anything else. We have not had access to the truth for so long, we have forgotten how to do it. Now, things are escalating on Earth, we are at the most critical turning point. We all need to take the blinders off and learn how to take responsibility for what we create, blaming anyone is not going to help anything except the lie. If you are tired of it all and are ready for change, the time is now. Read on from a Transmission I received today:

Regarding the Rebirth/Shift/Expansion happening in our Cosmic Home:

From the Ascended Masters:

"Harvesting energy from external sources has been a great challenge for all humanity. Under the guise of truth, the Darkness has infiltrated itself into every living cell, your DNA. The hybrid creations of these ones have been living, breathing entities for 50,000 years running. It is an urgent message for all humanity: Wake up the light languages of truth and empowerment in the DNA, the journey of which comes through DNA transformation. Feeding into ANY FEAR, VICTIMIZATION or BELIEF SYSTEM stemming from hardship, pain, abandonment or abuse will create weakness, vulnerability and the likelihood that any and all will be subjected to even greater hardship in the coming decade. These words do not take lightly. All humanity needs to awaken to a greater truth, now. All lies, deceit and languages of fear must be seen for what they are: tactical deployment of the worst kind, terrorism beyond what the mind can understand, process or disseminate. All who wish to know peace, truth and love would need to develop structures which eliminate these old ways of thinking, behaving and living on Earth.

We understand every human body carries within it 50,000 years worth of memory patterns, stemming from predatory and purposeful harmfulness which were your experiences. Ask yourself if your reality makes sense to you, if you truly believe any creator would be one of fear, punishment and abandonment, or if in any world of truth, love and light, people would suffer so much with poverty and anguish...if given the opportunity to awaken from these nightmarish conditions, would anyone NOT employ energy directives to overturn these old, outdated ways, and return to a life of truth where one would thrive? Even if one does not fully comprehend the origin of such things, simply for the sake of living a peaceful, healthy and abundant life would one not look to heal?

We say this not to create fear, rage or resentment, but to shine light on those emotions already within you. The injustice, struggles for normalcy and difficulty in maintaining a peaceful existence, whether through relationships, jobs or finances all come from this purposeful deceit which became life on Earth.

We show ourselves in this way to once again alert you with urgency of the necessity to awaken, let go, heal and rebirth into love. WE are here to assist you , to provide the insight, ENERGY and truth necessary for this to happen. Otherwise, humanity will live thousands more years in darkness, with increased suffering, pain and madness due to the terrorizing effects of poverty, drought and lack. YOU have a chance to save yourself and provide those same transformations into light for all humanity. Energy languages are potent, powerful and vibrationally effective. Once you carry the languages of truth, all that you see, touch and experience will be positively affected by those truths. THIS is how you can do your part to assist humanity and potentially change the way people relate and create on Earth.

We understand from where we are, most, have not awakened to the truth of how much change is needed at this time. Although people see the problems, very few see the TRUE solution. When you express resentment, rage, fear and hatred, the vibrations of those emotions find similar energy patterns in your world. Eventually, enough of these similar energy patterns come together to create "events" - fights, wars, earthquakes, drought, famine, and personal failures, relationship problems, lack, sadness, depression, physical illness, death, etc. All humanity needs to take responsibility for these emotions which are fear based, and begin learning how to heal them. Once this healing has begun, more light will emanate into the world, and, just as the fear will do, the light will produce even greater light until all humanity is effected by this trend.

We implore you to think deeply about what you feel, think, create and experience. And, ask yourself what is needed, what needs to be discarded and what changes would make your inner and outer world an oasis of peace and love. And, finally we ask you to take steps toward change, for yourselves and all future generations on Earth. For this we are eternally grateful and wish to offer our support and assistance.

Many ask for our assistance, information, truth. And, yet when we attempt to answer the call few will listen and trust the truth we bring. This is why so many do not ever truly evolve or change their lives. Humanity, because of their deeply rooted fears have a need to control all which comes into their space. If this is so, then we cannot force any truth to awaken. Your free will overrides our attempts to assist you. If you cannot fully trust us and let go, then we can only go as far as you are willing to go with us. Think on these words, and ask again of your heart, why it cannot truth what it knows to be truth? "

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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