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Survival Fear is a weapon of the past

The Reptilians are OUT

Hi All - This is a channeled body from the Light Beings

Welcome to the "Cosmic Looney Bin"(tm) where we are all living like Cosmic Orphans

. I have just returned from the Ancient Aliens convention in CA, where I had the pleasure of speaking with some of the top experts and peers in my field. The disclosure is astounding but what is even more astounding to me is the number of people who still choose to deny the existence of the truth, which means the LIES. And, of course deny the truth about change. Change is UNIVERSAL, it cannot touch this and leave that untouched. WE ARE ALL BEING TOUCHED BY THE CHANGES, THE NATURAL EVOLUTION AND EXPANSION IN THE UNIVERSE. We have always experienced natural changes on Earth. BUT THE CURRENT AND FUTURE CHANGES ARE TOTALLY DIFFERENT - THEY ARE AWAKENING A LANGUAGE OF TRUTH WHICH HAS NEVER BEFORE BEEN VISIBLE HERE, AND THIS IS THE GAME CHANGER. Everyone needs to acknowledge the expansion of these changes. All of the politics, financial and life issues are changing and being revealed in the languages of truth. This means exposing the lies, the con, the games and the TRUTH behind our struggles. We are being used as pawns in the game, and the game doesn't feed our heart, soul or desire for positive change in our lives. We need to get tough, wake up and claim our Divine Inheritance. We, as a humanity are constantly battling against invisibility - purposeful illusions and unseen enemies. We are unarmed, save for the abilities which come from the internal language of truth. This opportunity for change and love has nothing to do with religion.

Without intervention from those with the knowledge and the power to assist us, these changes will create more restriction, fear and difficulty in our lives. The Cosmic Looney Bin will become a manifested way of life here. What goes on behind our backs, behind closed doors is worse than most people have the ability to imagine or accept. And, these are not random creations, they are accumulating and moving toward a huge revelation... We all need help NOW before we sink deep into the darkness. If we do not rid ourselves of FEAR, they will continue to feed on those fears and destroy all we are trying to create from light. THIS is the game. "Authority" figures in our world are all in on the con. We do not elect or choose. THEY do. These are Draonians, you may recognize them through the legend of Dracula, who was a blood sucker. They feed on our fear, energy and pain.

For many years I have been presenting this truth, softly and gently to my clients. I have held back truth in ways so that people wouldn't be frightened to step forth and deal with the hidden meaning and messages behind their actions, thoughts and behaviors, which end up becoming life experiences. I have used past life information, species and genetic information to provide a comfortable, supportive and loving platform for awakening and transformation. These Patterns are painful experiences which repeat over and over again. And that means lifetime after lifetime with no way out. Whatever belief systems you have are based inside of these lies with no chance of change. Unless the truth is awakened. Because of the Starborn Awakening seed languages, the Star Gates have opened for those Starborn Souls who wish to return to Origin after their current incarnation is over. But, if you do not have connection to origin, you will not have the vibrations to meet this passage. So much knowledge surrounding death has been kept from us but now the door to that knowledge is open.

This entire structure of our Earth is greater and more expanded than anyone knows. And, when the realization of what this is truly about happens, many decide to leave instead of trying to transform, because the lie is just TOO huge to face. Until now.

All individuals who want FREEDOM must take action. The freedom which you believe you have is based inside of a belief system. It is not true freedom. It was born of a lie. Being free means something entirely different. And, THEY are taking more powerful action to keep the lies going. And, they will succeed if individuals do not acknowledge and take action to step into the truth. Truth is the highest form on energy which exists in the Universe. All else is limited, speculative, fear based and NOW must be addressed. If you think you have a lot of fear in the body and in your life NOW, just wait and see what is in store for us here.

I have spoken to many people "on the inside", including government and researchers who delve into the truth (or the lie). Again, we all agree it is time for a Cosmic uprising against the 50,000 year CON of humanity.

What most don't know or understand is how these lies are kept alive and fed. Why do we keep struggling and running into betrayal and fear based situations, limitations and authority issues which keep us imprisoned? I can tell you it comes from what has been put into our DNA, like a virus which touches everything and affects our natural ability to be who we are, and to live in the light. Everything is being diminished through this DNA.

And, it is passed on genetically through all generations, all people, etc, which is why it never dies. And, without the help of our Starborn Creators, who existed BEFORE the dawn of Earth's humanity, in no way will anyone have the ability to change what is.

I have been doing these unique transformations for over 25 years and brought into reality the Language of Truth. It is not a healing or spiritual modality, it is the Truth coming directly from the Light Beings who know the science behind the game, and understand the truth of energy. It is a process of RESTORATION TO ORIGIN. This is how it is done and where it happens. And, this is the natural way of it, the rebirth, the awakening, the new paradigms. Right here, right now. Speaking out against it, or imagining a "time" in the future where change will happen is a ghost. WE all need to take authentic action NOW if we want a new future. It starts and ends with the DNA. Many people say they can transform DNA, but no other can do it thoroughly and completely while awakening the Science of Truth, which is the necessary light languages for creation of the new. I know this for a fact, the essential elements are missing in the DNA. We are wasting precious time and energy, lifetimes trying to "solve" our problems. There is not a solution outside of us. All of the necessary elements are already inside, enough to transform and expand to a place where our vibration can meet the science of truth.

We are out of time. It is all about energy and truth. By the time science figures it all out, we, the souls who are here will be taken down in large numbers, unless we all take a stand. How much longer will you wait to lose more of what you have worked hard to gain? How many souls will become ill and face certain death because of purposeful predatory happenings within and around us? How many new diseases will "they" find as a result of these fear based initiatives taking place everywhere? This is not conspiracy theory, it is the truth of the game. And, you need to decide which side you will be playing on - the side of having all of these lies taking power over you, which leaves you empty, confused, incapable, abandoned, lonely, restricted, misunderstood, out of options or unable to find people and situations which match who you are - OR - one who decides to be fully empowered by awakening, opening and allowing the expansion into truth - truth is all powerful and cannot be diminished by the lie or its constituents.

My commitment is to empower individuals with life changing, life affirming truth. It is the weapon of our times, war is not. Lies are not, nor is being powerless against the "system". But, we cannot put it outside of us any longer. We must awaken to the truth of who we are, individually and collectively and PUT IT INTO ACTION.

As an aside to this and because the Science of Truth is an ever evolving process of expansion, we (The Ascended Ones and I) have reached the origin of what came before the reptilian illusions, cons and lies. THIS is the purposeful and predatory dysfunction existing in every body on Earth. You recognize this moment as "survival mode", and all humanity lives here to some degree. Most light workers suffer the most from deeply rooted survival fears, whether they can connect the dots or not. And, this is true for obvious reasons. NOW we can walk backward through this membrane and finally return home to origin, to the truth and wholeness of who and what we are. THIS IS A PROCESS OF WHOLENESS, RELEASING SOULS FROM 50,000 YEARS OF PAIN, FEAR AND HORROR. This session is NEW and available NOW. We created this session because we have run out of time to figure things out by living in fear and confusion.

As a result of "where we are" in Cosmic Evolution, many, many people are feeling the pressure, anxiety (fear) and heart ache associated with the heaviness of these vibrations ( purposeful and meant to keep survival fear alive). You freedom awaits you just a short vibrational journey away. Why would you live in fear if you can be free to know the truth of your origin, and your soul? Moving away from fear means leaving survival mode behind and capturing the energy of awakening, alignment and truth of origin. It is not a discussion or a theory, it is the actualization of your authentic self and the empowerment which comes from truth. Returning to Origin means obliterating the experiences built into the DNA from those 50,000 years of cons, lies and struggle. All of the languages of fear, which are symptomatic of this moment in time, will also be relieved.

If you know anything about Astrology, and can feel past the linear hype about the shift, then you will definitely know what the guides are talking about. If not, then all you need is a desire to transform the lies within into truth and take the first step. We will take care of the rest. 'A desire to leave behind all of the pain and free yourself.

These new sessions are done in person, telephonic-ally or absentee. We refer to them as the Remote Reptilian Scan, and we go directly to the 7th level to remove all traces of survival fear related to this hybrid DNA. I realize for some this is too unbelievable to be true, but it is. I have been doing this a very long time, and as you know, the work speaks for itself. The fee for this session is $225.00, and covers whatever is necessary for the languages of survival to be uncovered and dealt with. We waste so much of our resources on things which matter little or not at all. What matters is the awakening to the truth, because without it, life will never be what it has always been meant to be. When we first arrived here, Earth was a lush paradise ready for the light to expand. That privilege was taken from us. The world we live in became the result. War, pestilence, poverty, death, betrayal, hatred, resentment, grief - all terrible things, but in my opinion, the absolute worst thing is the fact that we were made to forget our authentic origin, our roots as souls, and have been living a torturous lie ever since. I have already moved through this membrane, and miracles are happening all around me. Not miracles at all really, just the truth of what love does as a language. Try it for yourself and see the difference.

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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