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A Few Thoughts on Truth from the Guides

We are moving at light speed, into an advanced state of being. The veils which have separated us from truth for 50,000 years have been dissolved. We need a new conscious language to connect us to higher vibrations and future aspects of light. We are the new creators, and must have the proper tools, tools which we have never had before. With anything new, a teaching is required, something to establish and create a structure to help with navigating and processing.

We are here, now.

Once truth has been awakened, the lie can no longer exist. And, this means no turning back, we must all finish what we started when we opened up the language of truth. We cannot stop half way, or return to denial, We must connect to and transform every lie within us. This, the greatest initiation of all time, is about to get real. The Ascended Ones and Starbeing Creators are here to help us. What we cannot do alone, they will help us with.

If you cannot make this class, please consider a private session. We are looking at open portals until December 21, and when these portals close, time will be marked with certainty. And, for those who wish to continue into the New Paradigm, new connections to these higher languages must be made. This process comes directly through the Guides. They are called Guides for a reason. They cannot do the work for us, they can shine the light on something important or provide us with teachings to help us move forward and understand what and why we are living how we are. They also provide a higher truth, universal wisdom as a reminder of our organic being. We are all expanding, some now, some in another life. But for those who are here now, and in the middle of this process, pay attention to your thoughts, belief systems and behaviors. Free yourself from the past and work on your fear. Fear is the mechanism of the lie and it can DESTROY everything.

This is a serious matter. Not a spiritual one. Energy knows what it is, and has its own understanding of how to behave. You cannot stop the movement of energy once it starts, and it has been moving for some time. It picks up speed as more light is gathered and a shift in momentum happens. We are all connected to this movement. IF we do not vibrate concurrently with the light, we will suffer and live in pain. It is like the eye of the hurricane and it cannot be avoided.

The best measure is to address your current blocks, restrictions and fears. Emotional patterning and symptoms are also language from the body mind, telling us things are not OK. Emotional trauma will lead to cancer and other illness. Be proactive and DEAL with it now. Don't buy into the illusion of karma, or religion punishment or the "that's just the way it is BS". It can all be changed.. Your future and the future of those you love can be altered through DNA transformation. I realize this is a new concept, one which was impossible just a short time ago. But, we have made the impossible possible, and we can heal all dis-ease if we get to the root of it.

2016 is coming to a close. We are in the midst of change and certain chaos, but it is what we need to shatter the illusions. Your body will react to these changes with fear. Do not let the fear take your power away. You must stand in your truth as we go through the changes. If you have too much fear or emotional behaviors which make you weak, you still have work to do. We are the premier opportunity for DNA transformation, and that one decision you make to have a session or even a body scan, will change the outcome of your life. We all want to be safe, empowered and secure. Fear destroys all love and leaves nothing in its wake except loss and grief. Please consider the seriousness and the importance of your life. If you could change one thing, what would that be? Start working on it today.

We don't know the plan, or the bigger picture for that matter. What we do know is that we are light forms in partnership with a higher energy, which is here to restore love. We must be open and willing in our partnership with Spirit, surrender our need to control, and realize fear is an illusion. And then we can step in and do our part, awaken, transform and heal. We can all be restored to pure love if we know how.

All of humanity is at risk; ignorance will be our downfall and fear will be our end. it is all in your DNA. We must stand up and not be afraid to get outside of the box. Those boxes were created here to prevent us all from knowing the truth. And, now more than ever we have access to that truth.

Infinite Blessings


Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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