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RED ALERT: Information Exposed on True dysfunction of Plaque Virus (Epstein-Barr)

The Guides wish to make known the TRUE cause of our illnesses and distress. The vaccinations we received as children contain a "predatory, plaque virus of reptilian origin. The purpose was to create dysfunction and physical illness. Including depression, cancer, brain tumors, glandular and organ dysfunction and breakdown, auto-immune diseases. In fact, from the Guides perspective, this predatory intelligence is responsible for ALL illness and ALL breakdowns of our bodies. And the virus will become symptomatic as never before. It is triggered by stress and environmental pressures. We are all at the video for full disclosure. (WE are not making any claims to heal YOU, this process is done through our intervention and YOUR willingness to transform).

OK, so I may remake this one, LOL...but seriously...please watch it anyway..and this is why we shouldn't make video in the wee hours of the morning......

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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