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Not a Mind Thing

We have been doing so much these past few years and so many people have already transformed themselves and their lives, no longer living in a belief system of being powerless, but instead living in a knowing of being fully empowered. The journey of my work has taken me many places in hyper dimensional realities, meaning I have met with every single pattern, fear and distortion of reality which has ever existed in the hologram that is life. By doing so, I have amassed and seeded an entirely new language of truth, which is now available for everyone. I offer access to this language through the services which were created for that purpose.

Knowing all of this and having thousands of people receive the frequencies of transformation through this work, I still cannot understand why anyone would choose to live in fear and pain, instead of choosing to seek the truth, which ultimately sets us all free. I know how powerful an illusion fear really is, and I also know how amazing it is to find the answer to the "why" question. Why am I abused, addicted, unworthy, unloved, unable, powerless, afraid, abandoned, rejected...etc??

I can provide the insight, truth and remedy for these influences, the languages we all carry in the DNA. This information is outdated and only causes us to fail at many things, but most of all to walk the path of life struggling to find love, self love, happiness and success. And people judge themselves for the way they are treated by others. Remember, we emit a vibration based on what we believe ourselves to be inside, thus attracting people who will abuse or abandon us if we believe ourselves to be unworthy. It is an endless cycle of fear and confusion, a maze of illusions we cannot escape without a new vision and choosing to accept responsibility for all that we create.

This work is not a mind thing. It doesn't use intention, focus or any magic for manifestation or transformation. It is the premier service, THE language of AUTHENTICITY based in ancient truths which tell us exactly who and what we are, and give us the information, energy and truth we need to be who we are, without fear and to be fully empowered. For example, the Body Scan is based in future science technology, coming through at our level of origin. The origin of our soul, and how many people really understand or communicate from the soul level consciously? A service which allows for healing and restoration of disease and pain, even before the disease shows up in physical reality. So, it is a pro active approach which deals with reality and probability of a reality based on the amount of fear someone is holding in the cells. Disease is often caused by unhealed emotional or energetic trauma. Disease is lurking, waiting in the cells to manifest. All we need to do is feed the fear we carry and we can manifest physical illness. We no longer need to fear genetic information, we can now understand it and use it to our advantage.

So, in a world of radical change, fast moving experiences, and intuitive technology, why would we continue to live from old belief systems when we now have a New Evolutionary Science which can completely transform us into our organic and whole self, radically diminishing or eliminating health and emotional issues, and offering us a new way to live from love? The only thing that ever comes to mind is the idea that people still like to be led, they still follow the old paradigm of being dis empowered, victim-like - and really need to awaken to a new truth. Unfortunately so many do not seek to awaken until crisis or illness manifests, then they go crazy trying to find a cure, when the possibility of eliminating the manifestation already exists through a proactive approach to healing and transformation. There is nothing like the Science of Truth and Starborn Awakening anywhere on the planet. It is truly a unique opportunity for real and lasting change.

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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