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Defining The Language of Energy

I have referred to the Energy as a Language many times here on the bog and in classes, etc. Defining energy in language is hard enough, but trying to explain the all encompassing verbiage of energy language is near impossible. But here goes:

Within each of lies the infinite. All that is within our known universe and beyond lies within our cells. Much of this information, in the form of energy lies dormant until something awakens it. The source of the awakening could be a person, experience or a language of energy (of a similar or higher vibration) which connects to the dormant language and wakes it up. Once it is awakened, it begins to form, to replicate and exponentially "move" as a form of creation. All on its own.

Energy is intelligent and knows what it needs to be and how it organically becomes or acts.

For us, energy is invisible. It is the unconscious language which creates our reality. Internal language stems from the many diverse experiences of our ancestors, species and our own unique soul blueprint. This means the languages we carry can be love or fear and everything in between. Because we are unaware of these unconscious energy languages in our cells, we are often unable to live through empowerment and truth. These languages left unchecked can and do bring pain, suffering and chaos to our lives. We often live out the unconscious, untamed fear which lives within us. Why fear and not love? Because the primal need for our being is to survive. Anything which has ever threatened our survival becomes the prime focus of our ego, using the languages of the past (energy in our cells) as a guide for survival.

Instinctively, we will create over and over those fear based survival issues, bringing them into reality as experience until we learn to overcome the fear. Thus, releasing our ego from having to "work" the issue. But based on the age of our species and evolutionary trauma, we encounter layer after layer of survival fear, keeping us in the primal energy language of "the need to survive", often against the odds.

So, if we "learn" to speak and understand our primal, instinctive, internal languages of energy, we can connect, understand and "change" those fear based survival pieces simply by knowing they exist within us. Because energy is intelligent, it instinctively knows how to change or transform itself into something else.

Einstein is one of the Masters who comes into this work. His value is not only historic but incredibly and brilliantly scientific as well. He has discussed with us on several occasions his understandings of the "six levels". A brief explanation of his teaching defined in levels:

1) Non-relativistic understanding of life

2) Relativistic understanding of life

3) Quantum - this is where vibration can change all mass into energy, and the current investigative awareness of science

4) Multidimensional Energy - machines have the behaviors of energy

Creators do not have to leave their home in space to communicate with interferon technology or the brain in our bodies. In other words those who are open to being conduits already possess this ability. We use Energy Language for this purpose, such as The Science of Truth or Starborn Awakening languages.

5) The fifth order - Energy can seek out and collapse the highest probability - thereby granting access to infinite achievement, experience and outcome.

6) Divine, unlimited, all time is now.

So, in my work, we operate from the 5th and 6th levels - we work within the energy language of all time is now, bringing past, present and future together. In truth, energetically they are not separate. We live in a hyper universe where all expands and lives within one space.

And, we use higher vibrating energy to seek out and transform or collapse the old belief systems and patterns. So, if you have a "failed Initiate" pattern as a core belief, based on the information stored as energy language in your cells, the highest expected probability for your experiences would be failure. Now, using the language of truth, awakening and addressing the pattern, applying the highest frequency of energy your body can tolerate, will collapse the probable outcome of failure, AND, making a new choice suggests no probable outcome, BUT allows for the infinite language of truth to propel and expand you into NEW truth.

This is the functionality of energy as a language. Of course, there is much more, but now you have a simply understanding of how unconscious energy language controls your life, and the knowledge of what can be done to change it. And, this is NOT something you can or should do for someone else. Each person must have the awareness of conscious free will and choice. Otherwise, you would be working against someone else's free will, and this is not a supported truth in the universe. It is darkness and manipulation, power over.

Everything in nature is energy. What we see, sense. feel and also what we don't see. Energy needs a force to move it and for us, our fear is that force. We also move energy as creation and necessity. Music is a language of energy also.

Spirit card writing which is a form of medium-ship uses Ectoplasm (Energy of Spirit) from our loved ones in spirit to "write" on a blank card or sheet of paper. The medium works with the spirits and the people who are receiving the card writing to produce a manifestation of the energy in real form, in real time. See pictures below for example. The spirit card was facilitated by Reverend Hoyt Robinette on one of his recent visits to NJ, and it is my card. The picture is the image of one of my Star Being Creator Guides showing himself as golden.

Energy can produce many things. Electricity for our homes or information for our lives. Understanding energy as a language is a new concept for us humans. But the hybrid in us knows the truth already. Energy is the only true language.

Spirit Card Writing

Angela Nicastro - CEO 
The Science of Truth, LLC
Creator of Starborn Awakening™
Conscious Expansion Language
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